April 2021 Guardian Angels

Safe Life Defense - Bulletproof vest


Spring has sprung and we have gone through the many applications we received this month for our Guardian Angel Program. We get requests from so many amazing people and it is wonderful to read about all the good that is being done by you all on a daily basis.

Please join us in congratulating Mayra, Nicholas, Jordan and Jake!

All of our Guardian Angels this month will receive a  FREE Concealable Multi-threat Vest Level IIIA. This vest protects against all the most common handguns, shotguns, strikes and slashes, while still being comfortable and easy to wear.

Mayra Garza

Mayra Story:

“I am a single mother of 3 children, I volunteer as a reserved officer at a local agency and I am a full time student.

Owning body armor to me means being able to keep myself safe when being on the road and will bring a great peace to my children when they see I am taking great care of myself to come back to them every time.

By wearing safe life defense body armor, I will be able to protect the residents of my community in an emergency situation, as well as the community where I volunteer as a reserved officer.”



Nicholas Estes

Nicholas’s story:

“While growing up my father always said “use the proper tools to do the job and the job will be smooth and easy.”

I have medical training to help others, some basic personal protection skills to help myself and my partners.

Wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor would be another safety tool to help me do my job safer, smoother, and unencumbered. Body armor is another tool to allow me to do my job safer, smoother, and in comfort.

Wearing body armor wont change what I do and how I do it but it keep my mind at ease.

This will be a part of my every day work attire.”



Jordan Knight

Jordan’s Story:

“I was in the Army for 2 years, I did a combat tour to Afghanistan, I am currently in the US Coast Guard, and I am currently a volunteer firefighter.

Every day I am faced with dangerous/difficult situations and I have responded to calls where I have been shot at.

All my life I have put others before myself.

I have protected them from harm while putting myself in harms way.

By being selected as a recipient to receive body armor, I will be afforded the opportunity, equipment, and confidence to continue to save and protect others.”



Jake Fitch

Jake’s story:

Jake was nominated by his fiancé. This is what she had to say:

“When Trooper Chad Walker was shot and killed in our neighbor county, Limestone, Jake took the initiative to bring together a group of swat certified officers to start our own swat program in the area.

He is trying to enroll in swat school and is very passionate about being a police officer.

He is going to get his instructor license to teach gun safety and protocols for shootings and such.

He was an army medic and very knowledgeable in this.

He lives and breathes being an LEO.

As his future spouse, I want him to be protected with God and the latest and greatest body armor.

Him and myself rely on him having the latest and safest body armor. I want him to come home to me every night.”


Thank you to these Guardian Angels and everyone who applied! We enjoyed reading your submissions and are impressed by your bravery and resilience. As always, we are honored to protect you with our armor.

If YOU are interested in applying to be a Guardian Angel, click here.

All of our Guardian Angels will receive a free Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA Body Armor from Safe Life Defense in their size with our perfect fit guarantee! Click here to learn more!

86 thoughts on “April 2021 Guardian Angels

  1. Pablo Coca says:

    My name is Pablo Coca I work for West Las Vegas school night security I don’t work for much pain I do it because I need some kind of income and some kind of way to support my children I have a child with autism and recently there was a shootout at night with police and bad guy and I was kind of in the middle of the whole thing I have a vest but I have no armor plate for it at this point I can’t afford to get it but I love my job I wish I could afford to buy my plates back to the meantime I keep looking to see how I could afford to get me my armor plates for my vest and I keep on doing my work as a night security for West Las Vegas schools in Las Vegas New Mexico

  2. Dwight Abernathy says:

    Hi my name is desheria Carter ~ suttle my brother is dwight he have always talk to me about getting a armor vest but he always have to take care of home first so he never do anything for his self thanks very much

  3. Mark baker says:

    My name is Mark baker I’m a armed security officer and volunteer at times to help during storms I’ve never tried your product I’m 5”2 208 lbs

  4. Charles orsburn jr. says:

    Just wanted to enter. I carry everyday, licensed and insured. It would be awesome to receive a vest.

  5. Steven Black says:

    I’m an EMT , veteran 8 years, and retired from Community service,. I just celebrated my 70th birthday March 15. I seriously care about my family and Community. Lebanon, Indiana is a small town but full of people who are good hearted folks who have one goal, to be friends and neighbors to all and help each other.

  6. Kevin King says:

    This is a wonderful program. Congratulations to all the winners.
    I just purchased a concealed level iiia+. I’ve been volunteering as an EMR and working for an ambulance service for over 35 years.
    The world that I volunteer and work in is changing. I am beginning to feel that I have been lucky thus far to avoid injury at the hands of our troubled individuals and their families.
    I decided that it was time to begin wearing body armor. My Wife, Daughter, and Son In law urged me to take the step since I frequently work side by side with my Son In law in his role in law enforcement. Word gets back about those calls when things don’t go smoothly. The final straw was the Firefighter Paramedic who was killed in a nearby community while administering narcan. I want to increase my chances of going home at the end of my shift or my volunteer call.

  7. Jack Barrett says:

    As a retired Orlando Police sergeant I know the importance of having body armor to keep my troops safe. I applaud all those who received a vest under the Guardian Angel’s program

  8. jamesrboss says:

    I’m in McLennan County (Waco),Tx. Awesome idea and great job Jake. And all of the other Guardian Angels this month. IGY6,

  9. Ruben Martinez says:

    I appreciate this email.
    My name is Ruben A. Martinez, and I’m the proud owner of Southern Defense Security. A private security firm that’s licensed for the State of Arizona. I believe in giving back to our community and have been providing bottom to top uniform and gear to my employees. Equipment is not cheap, it’s hard for anyone to purchase proper safety equipment including law enforcement. This is why I do what I do from spending a good 500$ to equip my staff just in uniform and duty gear, the essentials to start. I recently started to buy your bullet proof vest to cater to my patrol staff. I have 10 patrolman and have asked them to order them while I provide their payments under QuadPay. I believe in safety and this is extremely important to keep them safe.

    I’m also the proud owner of Southern Defense Training Academy and am an NRA certify instructor. This year I have decided to promote gun safety and protection.

    If I were to be granted a gift like this, I would definitely give it to the next employee of ours. We’re an active Agency and my guys are extremely proactive out in the field.

    We work well next to law enforcement amd respect our 1st responders.

  10. John Schnapp says:

    I want to thank all the hard working men and women who put their lives on the line each and everyday to protect the citizens of our great Nation . I work 6 nights a week in a hospital as an armed security officer , the covid has hit pretty hard in our areas . I’m also thankful for all the hard working Drs , nurses , CNAs that work so hard saving lives each and everyday , again thank you

  11. Christopher Clagg says:

    As a volunteer victim advocate going in the field and currently recovering from Post COVID19 syndrome after having to assist a officer who had her gun grabbed during a domestic violence case. Realized I need to start with a vest on always. Currently I was offered a 25 year old TWARON as the agency had a few that had been laying around and issued at least 4 different times. With medical bills coming from surgery from a neck fracture. Food is becoming a luxury. As my Son is currently home with both COVID19 and a back injury requiring surgery in addition to mine.

  12. Christopher Tegel says:

    Incredible to see this program.
    So grateful to have supported Safelife in my recent purchase to keep safe.
    I encourage everyone I take with about armor to make the investment.
    Safelife and the USCCA are two of my favorite companies to promote.

  13. Charles sloan says:

    I would love to have one but I couldn’t afford it right but I would love to have this because bullets had no eyes so I would love to be protected from yall ❤

  14. Chris odiorne says:

    All great stities from true americzns. I too like you go out ed everyday and stand watch over the parkinh lot. Cars. Acess Access doors. Our staff. Wtc. In the back allet we get all kinds

  15. Thomas J Metz says:

    Congratulations I hope the need never arises, but if it does, I hope the added protection brings you home to your loved ones. Enjoy the additional safety

  16. John Voltz says:

    I teach conceal and carry. I am a certified NRA instructor and a certified USCCA instructor and in charge of our Church security and have been trained by Strategis Int

  17. Earl Gwen Terry says:

    Guardian Angels is a wonderful program. I’ve been in Law Enforcement 50 yrs. Since 1971. I’ve been patrol for city. Chief twice for city. Moved to County Sheriff’s Department. Several yrs. Moved to State of Alabama Corrections.. Moved to contractor for Department of Homeland Security. Then Contract Extradition Agent with DOJ. Retired 2016. Reseve for Colbert County Sheriff’s Department . Tuscumbia Al. Now. Keep up the good work guys God Bless.

  18. Christopher Mann says:

    Congratulations to you all for doing what you do to hold the line.
    We all have to what we can to protect our communities. Be safe and God bless

  19. Jannetta Brodie says:

    This is a great thing you are doing for people, may God bless you and your company. Stay safe God bless you

  20. Jay Holley says:

    Thank God your doing the right thing now instead of wasting good body armor to you tube gun enthusiast don’t get me wrong your armor is impressive and it’s nice to see how effective it is to destroy so many just seems wrong . The whole time am saying to myself wow
    I would love to have one and feel safe wearing it so many other could use this armor doing there daily job .Safe light defence now is doing the right thing keeping americans safe that otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy even with your spread out payments. I love the tactical armor you supply, in the Future I will be saving for one myself thanks safelight for doing what a great company does for it’s people keeping americans safe one vest at a time .

  21. Michael Rininger says:

    Would love to have some body armor,just can’t afford it right now.
    Congratulations to those that won the armor,use it well

  22. Vic Brandt says:

    As a mature older gentleman I’ve worked and continue to work in some ruff areas of Chicago. I certainly appreciate these hero’s receiving protective body armor to keep them safe. Congratulations!

  23. Marsha Green says:

    I’ve always looked up to the Guardian Angles z.If you are helping them then I Will look up to you. I think it’s a great thing to support. I really wish more people would think this way the world would be a better place. Thank All of you for what you do I wish everyone could get on The Love Train . It’s what we need more than anything.

  24. Donald Armstrong says:

    Amen to you, Safelife! I own several of your products! It’s AWESOME that you GAVE THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE your best defence products! Gongratulations! All the best to you that have received them! Commander, US NAVY-Retired, SEAL TEAM 4

  25. Charles Edwards says:

    Have you never heard OF BOLO I PATROL the streets 4 nights a week and a Ordained streets minister and yes I spent 10 years Tennessee state guard MP police Chaplin retired I do this on my dine.

  26. Davey T. says:

    Great, Awesome, Fabulous Real True Life Stories! It Truly Does Not, get any Better, than these above and, how about his Love, putting on for Him and then, HE WON?!! God Bless You Each & ALL and, Hoping One Day to Join Y’all too! God Bless You, Your Family & America & Always take yer Toy Too✌❤

  27. Levi erickson says:

    Congratulations everyone, you deserve it! Keep up the amazing work. And thank you to the founders of this amazing program!

  28. Keylon W Napper says:

    This is truly a blessing to all those who have been victimized and who have served in any public or private organization. Thank you Safe Life Defense for making our lives easier, safer, but most importantly reminding us that our lives Matter. My Name is Keylon Napper and I am a Level 3 Security officer for Smith Protective Services. I truly thank all of the men & women who serve and all of the men & women at Safe Life. Thank You!

  29. david tiburcio says:

    My name is David . I worked for a nursing home for three years as a maintenance director. I always love to help those in need .I also work in a community.maintaining homes. I really would love to have body armor to help me protect my two kids that I’m home schooling right now .Victor and Isaiah.

  30. Alberto Benitez says:

    I was shot 4 times in back, 3 in chest & abdomen on August 9, 2003 @ 6:55an Kingsville, Texas. I was a US Border Patrol agent that was injured in duty, and was teaching criminal justice classes online while going through surgeries for my incident in Laredo, Texas USBP, and unbeknownst to me the Mexican cartel had a 50K hit on me & 50K on my Government K-9, I was never advised & I was ambushed on 08/08/2003 in Kingsville, Texas & even though I was also a Texas Peace Officer Instructor & Texas Peace Officer since 1984, I was in my family’s farm house preparing to drive to Laredo, Texas to turn in some documents, when I was shot at the back door. I wasn’t wearing a vest & had left my credentials & 45 Sig Sauer in my unmarked government sedan Crowne Vic, after leaving me there for dead, they were not captured because they stole my unmarked Police sedan and drove with wig wad headlights red & blue led grill & deck lights & dual tone 200 watt FEDERAL SIGNAL siren. When I was shot on 11/11/1994 Laredo, Texas 40 miles South hey 83 South, I had my issued threat level 3 vest under my uniform & it stopped 8 rounds, nothing made it through, but in 2003 I spent 3 weeks short of a year in the hospital & went through 11 surgeries died 16 times.

  31. L B Bullard Jr says:

    It’s not about being a Hero. In all you do, stay focused and always realize that anything can happen at any time. Be prepared.
    2nd &9th inf. V-nam.

  32. Kevin Holmes says:

    Hi, my name is Kevin Holmes. I was looking at something and ran across this site. I do really need to get a vest! I travel to Chicago, Illinois and my wife gets so scared that I might get hurt. So yes, this is a must!

  33. John Voltz says:

    I’m saving up for my vest now and am excited to get one. I am a certified NRA and USCCA instructor and in charge of our Church security. I would really like one of the vests.

  34. Rodney w fields says:

    I am a veteran and own my own security company. Are you guys still giving free body armor away? I have ordered 4 body armor sets already. Indiana Enforcement Agency. I can use an extra vest. We are all disabled Veterans here at my company.

  35. Jay says:

    Thank you Safe Life Defense for treating these heroes with respect giving us a forum to thank them. Supplying them with free armor – what a special thank you from Safe Life to all these wonderful people. I am ordering my armor very soon! The payment plan makes it affordable for me. Thank you Safe Life for being a company that truly cares for there consumers.

  36. Joshua TAFT says:

    Congratulations everyone. I don’t have such a politically correct story. I’m not in the service and am just a guy on disability from getting hit by a vehicle…better luck next time. It’s a great thing safe life is trying to do though I commend them!

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