April Guardian Angel Winners

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This month we’ve decided to honor EMS and the contribution they have made during this pandemic.

Thank you to our three new Guardian Angels!

1. Matthew Poore

Matthew’s Story:

“I’ve been an ER Registered Nurse for 17 years. Never in my career did I think I’d need body armor in order to feel comfortable at work.

Unfortunately, society today is leaving civility behind and ER’s are one of the few areas where you can cause chaos and violence, and most hospitals are afraid to prosecute or even have security defend the staff/other patients.

We’ve had many incidents in our ER with knives and guns found on patients due to our security being unable to search them per hospital policy. Us nurses feel unsafe in our department.”

We felt drawn to Matthew’s testimony about the ER because in these uncertain times all our First Responders, nurses, doctors, LEOs, and so many others front liners need all the support they can get.  Thank you Matthew.

2. Mike O’Connor

Mike’s Story:

“Currently I am active duty military, but as I am not deployed I spend every minute of my off duty time volunteering at Texas Recreational Safety and Land Management, known locally as Texas Rescue Patrol (TRP).

We provide critical life-saving care to the rural and off-road areas on the outskirts of the city when there is an off-roading accident as traditional Fire/EMS can’t reach most off-road areas. We serve to augment the city agencies.

As a nonprofit and rural agency we also encounter people hunting and recreational shooting. Many times I have been on patrol in our Jeep or Razor and hear rounds snap by my head.

We have had civilians out riding suffer gunshot wounds due to people shooting in an unsafe manner. We do our best to contact these individuals and educate them on safe shooting practices. However, the threat is still there of not knowing we’re downrange, when we are downrange of someone, or making contact with someone who does not want us talking to them. In such a case we apologize and retreat to a safe distance and involve the local Sheriff’s office.

Some form of body armor would give me and my partner some peace of mind.

I also spend off duty time working for an ambulance agency out of Sierra Blanca, TX. Northern Hudspeth County EMS. Many times I receive calls to roll out with border patrol.

On my first call with them it was an immigrant who had been murdered and my partner and I had to confirm that the individual was deceased.

I remember being behind BP as the constant threat on those calls is that it is an ambush.

After that call I started wearing my personal plate carrier with my Army issue plates, but should anything happen to those plates, I would be financially responsible for them, which I can not afford.

Body armor that would be mine would allow me peace of mind and allow me to run those calls safely as a medic.”

Mike’s story really highlights how some people put everything aside to help others. Mike explains to us that even when he’s in danger he prioritizes others, but that doesn’t mean he should be reckless while he does it. He asks for body armor so that he can better perform his job.

Thank you for your service Mike, and stay safe.

3. James Jenkins

James’s Story:

“James is a firefighter/first responder EMT for the Boone County Fire Protection District.

He is also a full-time EMS/ambulance crewman for Boone Hospital Center, Columbia, MO and recently got cut back to part-time from full-time at the University of Missouri Emergency Department level one trauma center/psychiatric intake center.

These all relate to a NUMBER of higher rise patient contacts with the associated increase in potential violent encounters. All public safety personnel in Boone County train for active shooter response across disciplines.

The consistent wearing of comfortable, effective body armor is a great safeguard for protection and continued effective service of first responders.

I am James’s father and have been in law enforcement since 1975 and know the benefit to all emergency service personnel of proper personal protective gear for them to remain effective.

Owning body armor is a vast benefit to the wearer and the community that they serve.

Body armor is a proven, effective method of life saving. It is a responsibility to protect and maintain this important piece of equipment. This investment in first responders is great!”

James, you sound like you have a real dedication to your community and we appreciate that. Make sure you stay safe in this uncertain time while you help others to remain healthy.

Thank you to everyone who has applied for Body Armor. Safe Life Defense is proud to support First Responders and essential workers during this time. Everyone, please stay safe!

If you or someone you know needs body armor, apply here to Guardian Angel and you may be selected to receive a IIIA concealable vest donation.

3 thoughts on “April Guardian Angel Winners

  1. Deborah Cieslewski says:

    What Safe Line does for people in need of armour is awesome! not many companys would do what Mike Groat does to help those on the front lines, Mr. Groat deserves alot of credit for what he does, he is the true Hero in my book. Thank You and your staff for your kindness! Being shot is no fun, it still hurts like hell.

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