August 2020 Guardian Angels

Safe Life Defense - Bulletproof vest

For our August 2020 Guardian Angels, we selected three people to receive our concealable IIIA to help them stay safe. From Texas to Tanzania, our body armor is protecting Americans far and wide. Join us in welcoming our new Guardian Angels into the Safe Life Defense family!

Nathan Koranda

Nathan started a non-profit based out of Minnesota with the mission to help the first responders of Arusha, Tanzania build their first aid skillset.

Nathan’s Story:

“I am a registered nurse and a paramedic. In 2019 I started a non-governmental organization (NGO) based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our organization is working in Arusha, Tanzania. Arusha does not have a functioning prehospital emergency medical system (EMS). They do have an established police force. Koranda O’Tool Paramedics Incoporated (KOPI) has created an education program to teach police officers first aid. To date we have trained 25% of the Arusha Regional Police Department (APD). They serve a population larger than the twin cities. We are returning in 2021 to train another 25% of APD. This next mission will include field work with these officers. While I have owned body armor in the past, I no longer have a vest. I will be wearing this while responding to emergency medical calls in Tanzania. This is an inherently dangerous, but important part of our education. The environment out there is unpredictable and we will be on our own with limited support. Your body armor will allow me to provide medical care to individuals in need. It will provide me with an important sense of security so that I can think clearly while I meet my patient’s needs. Lastly, it will help me help others and ensure that I can return to the field the next day to continue my work.”

Click this link to see Nathan’s nonprofit.

Jonathan Gutierrez

Jonathan is a certified K-9 security officer in the state of Texas.  He works for his local school district and is fully committed to his community and keeping kids safe!


Jonathan’s Story:

“I am a civilian certified, Security K-9 Officer for a local small city and rural school district.

I work alongside the School Resource Officer program at my school district. I”ve been told where and how to access the tools needed to assist and be of good use to those deputies.

And I have the desire and drive to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect the students & staff, my schools and myself.”

Lee Sampson

Lee is a reserve police officer in Fresno, California.  His Police Department has responded to a 71% increase in shootings and a 64% increase in stabbings since April. 


Lee’s Story:

“I just started as a Reserve Police Officer with a small department, and I have my own body armor but it’s worn out (the layers are peeling) and past expired date. But… I still wear it. I tell myself, unfortunately some body armor is better than none.”

Thank you to these three good people! Nathan, Jonathan, and Lee  – than you for working hard to make our world a better place.

We hope you use your IIIA body armor and that it helps protect you in your life and career.

Once a month Safe Life Defense awards IIIA body armor for FREE to people who strive to protect their community and make the world a better place.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying to our Guardian Angel program, click this link here!

48 thoughts on “August 2020 Guardian Angels

  1. Wade Bigelow says:

    Thank You for your program and want you are doing to keep people safe. This is something you choose to do and not something you have to do and this sets a bar above others and deserves recognition for your support of these braves men and woman who are the sheepdogs ready and now prepared to protect and defend the flock.

    • Phillip J Filides says:

      Thanks to all that sev and serve if it wasn’t for them we would be in a mess we need more of them out there ..

  2. Donna Lee says:

    What an amazing program. Recognizing a few of many who put their lives on the line to protect us and our children.
    God Bless you and all our First Responders and K9. God Bless America

    • Saundra m Grayson says:

      Being blessed with this armor would give me piece of mind. I am 44 yrs young and help my parents take care of my grandfather. If anything was to happen here at home my father (65) and I would be the only line of defense. My aunt lives behind us and also my 21 yr old daughter who is oblivious to what’s going on. She’s mostly at work. I run different scenarios in my mind, “what would I do if!”
      Good luck to everyone. Thank you so much for helping people in these strange times we now live. God bless you and yours.

  3. David E. Napier says:

    I’m in need of body armor I’m on a fix income raising two grandchildren one is 16 the other one is 10 I’m very active in my community we have community watch program trying to take care of each other.

  4. Paul Poe says:

    I think it’s awesome you guys do this and every single person obviously deserves it but was crazy to me is they all could’ve afforded it would be nice if you looked at the little guy who isn’t getting body armor because they can’t afford it

  5. Joe Watts says:

    Thank you so much for making the what I call my vest of Life. It give me the the confidence and security to come home safely after and during every shift the comfort second to none I pray someday I can afford the rifle vest it’s on my prayer wish Godbless Safelife Defencw

  6. Harry Clark says:

    Are you only eligible to receive concealable body armor if you are affiliated with law enforcement ? That’s really showing biases against regular people, I am a Elder in my church and because I’m not in some affiliation with law enforcement I don’t qualify, it shouldn’t be that way !!!!

    • Jonathan Gutierrez says:

      Hello Mr. Clark! I noticed no one replied/responded to you. As one of the August 2020 recipients let me tell you I never expected to have been selected. As a church Elder, you know the unexpected blessings that can come from one action. This program is the company’s way to give back to those who cannot afford this lifesaving armor. That being said they try to be non-biased by making it open and available to ANYONE who is willing to take the time to write a compelling essay as to why they feel they should be selected. If you choose to make an attempt, I wish you MANY blessings.

  7. Rob Hadeka says:

    That’s excellent. I’m a security officer and also have a K9. The different thing is I do local security for churches during Saturday’s and Sunday’s. With all this craziness going one and the mass ahoting a vest like this own be a shield from the Lord.

  8. John Davidson says:

    I Commend you on providing body armor protection for individuals. I was a Town Marshal in 1994 in a town with roughly 500-600 residents. Was no budget for body armor and nothing provided except a couple uniform shirts and marked tshirts. Thankfully a Town Marshall from my class had someone in his dept replacing theirs. So that’s how I got my armor. I wish I had known about your company 25 years ago. Great job taking care of the first responders.

  9. Aaron Ballesteros says:

    I would like to thank everyone company wide. What you do on a daily basis helps keep good people safe and return to their love ones .

    Thank you,
    SCBPO A. Ballesteros

  10. Melanie B Jackson says:

    How nice it is to have a program that helps the Human Race Stay safe. As a Sister in Christ I thank you for helping to Serve and Protect Us… We LVE you for it!! We love You too… XOasis P. S. Stay safe… Peace ☮ to All!!

  11. Jay Allen Hills says:

    I’ve been a Cook county sherrifs deputy for 22 yrs and was a c/o for Illinois for 9yrs and my life and those i protect wheather there a co worker or a civilian this product by safe life by far has been truly one for the rest of my career and future endeavors.

  12. Kevin B Johnson says:

    Thank you for your support of these and other men and women with very good and reliable body armor. I have your IIIA+ vest. If an officer would prefer the + version I would be honored to pay the difference. Just let me know. God bless your company and all those you help.

  13. Dee Dee says:

    Wow, way to go Guardian angels for an uplifting story and so need oriented what a great fulfillment! Keep the bar high that’s just where we like it. Best Regards

  14. D Francis Healy says:

    Fantastic and congrats to the three individuals. :
    I’m a ex-green beret and could be called back to serve due to my Middle East qual and knowledge. But for now, I sometimes help with my sons’ business in their security needs. I am interested in the vests with safelife concealable iii-A + along with rifle plates front and back and possibly sides as well. For now, I’m saving for that purchase or looking into a credit multi payment plan. My A detachment team Acts are advising such purchase but they also tell me that the armor protection won’t assist with a Chicom sniper weapon round. My immediate response is that I doubt to be exposed in LA with such a high power round. Overseas deployment would be different. In any event, I’ve got to get your iiiA+ and the level IV rifle plates for the security requirement needed for my sons’ business as a dutiful dad well qualified to help. Thks

  15. David E. Napier says:

    I ready like the program I send my request to join I hope everything goes good I’m part of a neighborhood watch group very active in it I need some body armor. No protest here yet but it’s coming

  16. Charles Blackwell says:

    It’s a blessing to see those that have protection they need to stay safe and all PR, citizens , Security officers and police officers. Congratulations and be safe.

  17. ROBERT FINCH says:


  18. SAMPSON LEE says:

    Thank you so much! I still in disbelief I won. The only error I see on this post is the Department. I’m went Firebaugh PD.

  19. Cody Howard says:

    I am a sargent with animal control in a Arizona. While we are not required to wear body armor, most of us do. because of the bad neighborhoods we often have to go into. While I still have my old vest from when I was with the PD. It is long past it’s expiration date and is wore out. But something is better than nothing.

  20. Minister Vicki Bailey Johnson says:

    I need your products to keep my family safe . God has granted be to have His Holy everlasting Armor, and Word, then God led me to your protecting armament to complete my agility to serve,. Righteous.
    My birthdayl is today I have realized to hate then
    My income I s low and I need to
    need to win your products to keep the
    The children of God safe. As much as God has touch you . ThAnk you go winners

  21. Mario Chavez says:

    I wander if you sell use ones May be a return bici se I Ben unemployed and now I got new job as a security at a clinic and boy is a diff area I always thinking wat is going to happen I will get pay every 2 weeks but to me to safe money to buy the armor is going to take me months

  22. David E Stratton says:

    You guys know that there are some just regular Americans that would join the fight to protect the Inocint people of this country but cant afford body armor to protect their own lives. Just saying

  23. Cal Chan says:

    This is such a great program! Thank you for providing a great product and great support to all those in need… and thank you to all who serve and protect us!

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