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Bulletproof Vests for Women: A Guide

Bulletproof Vests for Women: A Guide

Posted by Safe Life Defense on 17th Jan 2023

Bulletproof Vests for Women: A Guide

As more and more women enter public safety fields, they are also looking for ways to stay protected. Safe Life Defense is a premier body armor manufacturer in the United States. We equip EMS, police, security and more with body armor to keep them safe.

Everyone deserves the best protection possible. Everyone needs body armor that will provide comfortable protection without compromising safety.

Do women in law enforcement need something different than men in body armor? Not always! Female officers deserve the same amount of protection as their male counterparts. While the female body has a few physical differences compared to the male body, they have all their vital organs in the same places. Safe Life offers five levels of protection so you can get what you need. Just like men, ladies need the best quality body armor.

Armor Type and Threat Levels

Body armor comes in several threat or protection levels. With several styles and carriers to choose from, you can get the level IIIA that fits your needs. You need assault-proof vests to cover the threats you may encounter.

Safe Life starts at multi-threat Level IIIA. This armor will stop handgun rounds up to .44 magnum, shotguns up to 12 gauge slugs and well as strikes and slashes.

Our Hyperline Level IIIA first defense armor brings the same level of protection as multi-threat IIIA but adds colors to the vests. The bright yellow, red, and navy blue allow first responders to stand out when heading into a situation. Others on the scene can quickly identify the rescue when it arrives. Some places want their security guards to be high visibility as well.

Hyperline also comes in panels.

We believe level IIIA protection is the minimum everyone should have. The 9mm is the most common handgun round in use today. You need armor that can stop a bullet from one of these guns.

Some in this series also come with extra-large Velcro patches for the huge tags that identify the wearer as a paramedic, firefighter, or other first responders.

When you need more, Safe Life has hard body armor and our proprietary Flexible Rifle Armor System (FRAS).

Our hard armor plates combine with the Level IIIA body armor to stop .30-06 steel-core armor-piercing or lesser power rifle rounds! Simply slide the plates into the carrier vest and suit up. The anti-spall coating catches bullet fragments. The plates are shooter-cut to give you as much flexibility as possible without compromising on the level of protection.

We developed FRAS because hard body armor does not give. Our FRAS gives you the freedom to bend or twist as needed without giving up the protection you must have. You can wear the FRAS without the Level IIIA armor. We also have FRAS ballistic panels you can add to your existing armor. FRAS combines the protection of hard plates with the comfort of soft armor. More and more people are moving to the FRAS bullet proof vest system because of the comfort and the protection level.

Safe Life Defense Body Armor: Sizing

Women, on average, are smaller than men. Safe Life's line of body armor is unisex. We also carry the usual sizes. Still not sure? See our size guarantee size guarantee video explaining how the guarantee works.

At the same time, our armor is adjustable with Velcro straps so you can fit it to your size. You can even change the positions of the straps to make the armor fit over or under clothes.

Some body armor is made strictly for men, which can be an issue for ladies with larger chests. Because Safe Life's armor is built for everyone, getting the right fit is easy. Ballistic protection for the whole department or staff has never been easier.

This is especially helpful with large departments. The purchasing department can place a bulk order for ballistic vests and be confident the armor will fit everyone. If you need help learning how to put on the armor, check out our blog, which also has a size chart to help you get the body armor size that is right for you.

Bounty Hunter Boot Camp bought Safe Life armor for Lydia, who is a good bit smaller than Scott. In this video, he explains how to use the armor and get suited up. Since Scott and Lydia are bail enforcement agents, they must have the best body armor when they head out to take someone into custody. They trust their life to Safe Life and so can you.

We are working on armor for K-9s. When we get it ready, we will make a big announcement. Visit any page on our website and scroll to the bottom to sign up for the newsletter and special offers for subscribers. Some nonprofits have a bulletproof vest partnership grant program to put vests on the four-legged officers.

Safe Life Defense: Tactical Accessories

Safe Life Defense also offers plenty of accessories beyond the side panels mentioned above. All of the resistant vests come in the traditional black, while others can be bought as high visibility yellow, red, or blue. Sheriff and police departments prefer black. Fire and EMS departments want to have something that lets people on the ground immediately recognize those crews are there for support and rescue.

Our vest pouches come in even more colors to make sure you get plenty of contrast when you need to be quickly identified.

We also stock gloves, belts, and hard sided magazine pouches to fit the most common mag sizes. Our shooting gloves are designed by handgun experts and marksmen for fit, form and feel. We guarantee these are the best-fitting shooting gloves you have ever worn.

In a nod to the evolving state of law enforcement, many of our external wear carriers come with a body cam/mic attachment loop. Protection these days means more than just a vest. It means having a recorded backup of what took place.

These vests also come with extra Velcro patches to attach name, rank, or unit. Various pockets keep needed equipment handy.

Safe Life Defense Guarantees

Safe Life Defense has two different guarantees.

First is our regular warranty, two years on the carrier and five years on the armor. If anything happens to it during that time, let us know.

Second is our incident warranty. We certainly hope you never have to use your armor. If you do use it to fend off an attack and it is within the 5-year warranty period, send it to use with a report from a police officer and we will replace it for free. We put that much value on your life. The warranty covers all the armor, including the plate and FRAS.

Why is this warranty so important? You are trusting your life to your new vest. You need to know you are buying from a reputable company that makes the technology and research investments to bring the very best defensive armor to you.

In addition to this, we offer two other guarantees:

  • Fit - Buy your set of armor. If it does not fit, let us know and we will swap it for the correct size. Our support page explains how to get a free return shipping label and the information we need from you to swap it out.
  • Satisfaction - You must be happy with your armor. If something is wrong, let us know. We will work it out with you. Again, our support page has the information to help with this.

Safe Life Defense Buyers Guide

Not sure what to buy? We understand that. Read our buyer's guide to get help understanding what type of armor is best for you. On our website we cover bullet-proof vests and how to use a plate carrier.

When you buy from Safe Life Defense, you are not just buying armor vests, you are buying all the support and technology that goes into the best bulletproof vest on the market today.

Anytime you need help or more information about our products, please reach out to us. Our contact information is at the bottom of every page on our website.

We sell to public service agencies and the general public. Safe Life Defense believes everyone has the right to be protected and be safe.

Concerned about the cost? How about splitting your order into four interest-free payments? That is how much we believe in our products and how much we support you and the people who depend on you.

Safe Life Defense. The first and last word in personal defensive armor.