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Next-Gen Protection: Experience the FRAS® Difference for Yourself

Next-Gen Protection: Experience the FRAS® Difference for Yourself

Posted by Morgan Hallenbeck on 30th Jul 2021

Hard armor plates
used to be king, but they aren’t necessarily the best form of rifle protection anymore. Many have been waiting patiently and now truly flexible, high-protection armor is here! FRAS® is a flexible rifle armor system that we developed in-house to bridge the gap between level III and level IIIA. And we’re excited to say that there’s nothing like it (that we know of) on the market!

In the Making

At Safe Life Defense, we use a blend of ceramic and pressed Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) in our hard rifle plates. A blend of these materials (and others) is used in distinct layers of our FRAS® Vest in a ratio that helps combat the degradation possibilities in extreme conditions (like those found in your car trunk on a hot day). UHMWPE is one of the more prevalent options on the market and it helps to reduce the overall weight of body armor significantly. It’s rated as the most durable thermoplastic coming in at 5 times the strength of steel! UHMWPE is also proven to be 15 times more abrasion-resistant than carbon steel. Often found in cost-effective body armor, it is generally much cheaper than other ballistic materials to produce, but is still more expensive than ceramic and steel plates.

Articulated Alumina Oxide Ceramic Tiles (AL203)

The proprietary AL203 ceramic elements in FRAS® armor are made up of small, hexagonal tiles that don’t overlap. They are arranged into a mosaic pattern with a circular drop base that allows for an extremely wide range of multi-directional flexibility. AL203 discs are far less brittle than other ceramic options like silicon boride and silicon carbide and they are superior for impact resistance and safety when compared to traditional rifle plates. When hit by multiple rounds, only individual tiles are compromised, rather than large sections of the plate. Our FRAS® has even passed the NIJ drop tests with ease, resulting in zero fractured tiles.

Each disc has beveled edges that direct rounds toward their center and rounds cannot penetrate at the seams even when flexed. This is because the seams quickly close in on one another creating a depressible substrate that tears the round apart (even at extreme and unrealistic angles). AL203 discs will not fall apart as adhesion makes full contact. You can expect unbelievable multi-hit protection and significantly reduced weight, comfort, and flexibility.

Quality Counts

Safe Life Defense’s FRAS® feels and conceals just like soft armor plates and it works great to replace uncomfortable hard body armor, like rifle plates. It provides full center mass protection from rifle threats with a phenomenal balance of protection, weight and coverage. If you’re looking for rear and side coverage as well, you’ve found a great option, and there are other ways you can utilize this life-saving resource as well. FRAS® plates are both ICW and SA, which means you can use them solo or stack them with additional body armor for a greater level of protection. All of this is possible while still being lighter than most traditional rifle plates.

Exceptional Stopping Power

A FRAS® plate will stop projectiles that present a threat level greater than handgun and shotgun ammunition. It’s rated to defend against the most common rifle threats someone may encounter on duty, including .223, 5.56, ss109, m193 and 7.62x39 — predominantly AR-15 and AK-47 rounds.

Just like soft armor, our Flexible Rifle Armor is truly innovative and maintains excellent back-face signature ratings. That means when testing, it meets the NIJ standard for 44mm deformation after impact. For maximum protection, you can pair a 10×12 FRAS® plate in conjunction with a IIIA or IIIA+ Vest in your plate pocket to achieve level III+ rifle protection against threats up to .308 and 7.62x54R! That means being handgun, shotgun, strike, slash, stab and Taser resistant is all very attainable. Want to see what our FRAS® plates can do? Check out the video below to see them in action.

A No-Brainer for Safety

When all is said and done, Safe Life Defense's revolutionary FRAS® body armor stands tall as the most versatile, comfortable and protective option for anyone who may find themselves in harm's way. Whether you’re a first responder, recreational shooter, career professional or a frequent traveler, this state-of-the-art option is perfect in all situations. It’s quite literally unmatched — and that’s safety at its finest.

We get that if you purchase body armor from us, it’s to protect yourself or your loved ones from deadly threats such as shootings, slashings and strikes. That’s why on top of an incredible product, we also offer equally amazing guarantees and warranties. Being able to buy with confidence and know you’re covered is huge! We’re proud to stand by our products and the people using them. After all, body armor saves lives.