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Safe Life Defense Donates Body Armor to John Spatafora

Safe Life Defense Donates Body Armor to John Spatafora

Posted by Nick on 13th Dec 2016


John Spatafora,

Congratulations!You are the final recipient during our first, annual Guardian Angel Week. You, and the other recipients who came before you, are truly guardian angels. Your application was moving - this is no there word for it. The work you are doing is pure altruism, and we are honored to support your cause with a body armor donation.

John Spatafora Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Program

“Hello, my name is John Spatafora and I run an emergency Animal Abuse Rescue called SAVE-A-DOG STREET RESCUE. What I do is I save and rescue dogs from abusive homes and dog fighting rings and crack houses. I bring them to vets (paid for by me), get them all fixed up, then I train them and find them new safe homes. I save on average 20 dogs a week… I do work alongside the police as well as the SPCA… And even though I know I could get shot or stabbed on any on my next rescues, I HAVE TO KEEP FIGHTING AND SAVING THESE DOGS! This is a FREE service I offer and I am in the middle of BECOMING A NONPOFIT CHARITY. If I am able to save to just a few lives and find them new safe homes, then I have done my job.”

John, thank you so much for your service to your community. Safe Life Defense is so happy to hear that you are working towards making SAVE-A-DOG STREET RESCUE a non-profit and we hope that we can help bring awareness to your mission. We believe in you, and your brave and selfless canine crusade.

Sincerely,Nick Groat President

John Spatafora Save-A-Dog Canine Street Rescue 1 John Spatafora Save-A-Dog Canine Street Rescue 2

Safe Life Defense is proud to announce Guardian Angel week! From December 19th to 23rd we will be donating a vest a day to Guardian Angel Applicants.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Safe Life Defense! Since day one, I knew that through your support we would turn this company into something special. I'm honored to be able to give back to those in need. I could not be more proud of the community that all of you have helped build.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

-Nick Groat

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