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Should I Buy Backpack Armor For My School-Aged Kid?

Should I Buy Backpack Armor For My School-Aged Kid?

Posted by Katherine Myers on 26th Jul 2021

Should you get a Bullet-Proof Backpack for yourself or your kids? Armored Backpacks (commonly known as bullet-proof backpacks) are perfect for discreet on-the-go protection. And, for better or worse, they are not just for adults with tactical backpacks anymore…

As we approach September, parents are looking to get backpack armor for their kids for back-to-school, community and sports events, as well as concerts and travel. Are these parents just being paranoid? Will backpack body armor actually save anyone’s life? YES – if it is used properly. And it is up to you (the responsible parent) to teach your kids what to do with their armored backpack in case of an emergency.

Here are 12 Things PARENTS MUST KNOW About Backpack Armor:

  1. Make sure your child’s school allows backpack armor inserts. If it does, then you are all set. If it doesn’t, you could follow the rules (or at least make sure your child will never take it out and show it to anyone.)
  2. Coach your kid on what “wear-face” means. All backpack armor has a side that MUST face the body. That means if your kid takes out the armor, turns it around, and puts it back in their bag facing the wrong way – they could hurt the ballistic panel's ability to protect them.
  3. Backpack armor should be hugged to your body. Yes, we have seen the weird videos where people hold out their backpack armor like it is a shield in some medieval jousting tournament. Don’t expect your kid to do that. Their ballistic backpack insert should be hugged to their chest or on their back.
  4. Know your school’s active shooter situation game plan. Don’t make your kid vulnerable by telling them to do something that their teacher will not allow. For example, it may make sense in certain high-threat situations to leave the children’s backpacks behind. You do not want a teacher to struggle evacuating a classroom because your kid insists on grabbing their bag, no matter the situation.
  5. Tell the truth. This is an opinion and inevitably the individual choice of every parent; but it is usually best to tell your child what backpack armor is and what it is meant to do. You will not want to leave them scared but giving them the facts about personal protection should help your peace of mind and theirs.
  6. Choose something lightweight and flexible! As a parent, you want the best backpack armor possible for your kid. BUT the best bulletproof backpack is not ALWAYS the most protective, because more protection equals more weight. If your child has a small frame or is younger, they might not be able to easily carry a rifle rated plate that weighs 5.8 pounds. It is always better to have ballistic panels that are comfortable for daily use like this Hyperline™ Backpack Armor that weighs just about 1lbs.
  7. Make checking your kid’s backpack armor a habit. If you pack your kid’s lunch for school, take a moment and check the backpack armor in their bag. Are there any rips and tears? Is it facing the right way? Is it warped or are there any puncture marks? All these things MAY compromise the ballistic protection of even the most elite backpack armor and it is better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Keep your choice to use backpack armor at school private. It is not something your kid should advertise or brag about – and it may keep them safer if their classmates do not know they are protected with a bulletproof bag.
  9. Model the behavior you want! If you buy your kid a backpack panel to bulletproof their bag, try to get one for yourself too. SHOW your kid that backpack armor isn’t a toy – it is a tool that adults use to stay safe, just like a seatbelt in a car or a helmet when riding their bike.
  10. Built in Backpack Armor is not better. For proper care and cleaning, you do not necessarily want armor that is built into a bulletproof backpack. You should have a way to remove the ballistic panel or replace it if needed. (For backpack armor cleaning solution, click here.)
  11. Know what your bullet-proof backpack protects against! You need at least a Level IIIA bulletproof backpack to stop all the most common handguns and shotguns. If you want rifle protection that is easy to carry, there is nothing better than Flexible Rifle Backpack Armor because it will stop .223 and 5.56.
  12. Don’t wait until September to order one (and a spare)! Bulletproof backpack armor sales are at an all-time high. If you wait to order yours until September or even August, you may be stuck with a low-quality brand or you may find they are sold out.

Choosing to carry a Bulletproof Backpack or asking your child to carry one is a HARD CHOICE for many parents. However, for the price of $150 you can equip your kid with some of the best backpack armor on the planet that stops ALL the most common handguns and shotguns in addition to stabs from knives and needles plus protection against tasers. It is worth your peace of mind to have protection you can rely on and that has been tested & trusted by professionals like the bulletproof backpack panels from Safe Life Defense. Known as the gold standard in the body armor industry, their quality, customer service, and customer care cannot be beat.

Finally, the choice to give your kid a bulletproof backpack insert is on you! It is not going to be easy, but it is something that could really make a difference when your kids need protection most. Don’t ignore the issue because it’s hard to talk about – be proactive and stay safe. Your family deserves it.

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