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The Future of Body Armor: Safe Life Defense Creates an Innovative STRIKE Resistant Vest!

The Future of Body Armor: Safe Life Defense Creates an Innovative STRIKE Resistant Vest!

Posted by Safe Life Defense on 15th Nov 2016

Body armor manufacturer, Safe Life Defense, is doing something really exciting. They have taken a hard look at how body armor is used, and have developed a Multi-Threat Vest feature actually important to our everyday lives.

President Nick Groat happily shares with us his product design process, and well as his adventures testing the vest.

We asked Safe Life Defense President, Nick Groat a few questions about strike resistance and here is what he had to say.

Does it hurt to get hit with a baseball bat while wearing armor?Most body armor? Absolutely. However, the body armor Safe Life Defense has developed allows a person to get hit with a baseball bat and maintain a smile on their face. In the making of a recent test video, I was hit over 30 times and did not experience any bruising or soreness and, as you can see, I'm still smiling.

What makes Safe Life Defense vests strike resistant?The strike resistance comes from the unique manufacturing process of our Self Structured™ ballistic material; we construct our own aramid sheets that incorporate strike resistance using custom fibers.

What was the greatest development challenge your team faced?

It was a victory for us to make a strike resistant vest that is also extremely comfortable. Most other companies engineer their vests to be as thin as possible, but during our competitive product analysis, we discovered that thinner is not always better. Extremely thin Kevlar doesn't provide much protection against back face deformation and it retains a lot of body heat. Many of our customers are happily surprised to learn that our vets require no additional trauma pads and avoid that sticky saran-wrap feeling that occurs when ultra-thin Kevlar meets sweat.

Is there a rating for Strike Resistance?

Currently, there is no rating system for strike resistance comparable to NIJ's rating for ballistic and stab resistance. In the future, I believe that strike-resistant will become so popular that a formal government rating system will be developed. In the meantime, I am mostly happy about being punched and kicked by my colleagues in the name of product testing. (I've learned hitting me is very therapeutic for some people.)

What else have you been hit with?Would you believe that the Safe Life Defense team is always extremely creative?

While wearing our strike-resistant vest, I have survived blunt trauma from 2x4s, 4x4s, golf clubs, punches, tire irons, kicks, and a samurai sword! Helpful as always, my girlfriend very enthusiastically tried to stab me with a stiletto. Needless to say, I personally feel very safe from any threat while wearing my vest.

Is the vest flexible and comfortable to wear?

Absolutely! As I mentioned before, incorporating strike resistance with exceptional comfort was very important to us. Our vests are designed with the maneuverability and flexibility needed for a custom-fit feel. Our ten point adjustable vests complement our custom ballistic panels, making Safe Life Defense a top choice for professionals who wear their vest daily.

Last question Mr. Groat, when I hit you with a bat, was that a fake smile?

Honestly, I enjoy having new people test my product and I really do feel very confident wearing Safe Life Defense body armor. But I really wouldn't recommended smiling while defending yourself. If you watch my product test video, I think my smile is mostly one of relief since it took over 30 times to get the video the way I liked. But, overall, I am smiling when I feel comfortable and when i get to share Safe Life Defense with real people who need protection.

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