Four for the 4th – Guardian Angel Program

Safe Life Defense - Fire department

Happy 4th of July! This year the United States of America is turning 244 years old!

To celebrate our amazing country, we are awarding 4 first responders BRAND NEW body armor.

We wouldn’t be the country we are today without community-oriented people like the ones below, putting others before themselves in the pursuit of a better life for all of us.

Keep scrolling to meet and congratulate our 4 for the 4th Guardian Angels!

Sean Provencio

“Working in EMS, you are called to enter a scene you have never been to before in your life. Regardless of familiarity, the expectation is that we rush to the side of whoever needs us most, despite of any other environmental factors.

While police and fire often wait for backup or request each others presence, life saving measures are expected to take place on the spot no questions asked.

When working in parts of town that pose additional threats, the added security of wearing body armor would allow me to be less concerned about my own safety and more concerned about the ones who need it most.

Body armor was a luxury I never used to consider. But after being fired upon while rushing to the scene one day and physically attacked by patients on multiple calls, it made me completely change my perspective on what future measures I should consider prior to coming to work.

We focus so much on the patient in front of us as health care providers that we often neglect our own health and safety.

Ultimately, if we as professionals are not taking measures to ensure we are safe and healthy, then how much good are we actually doing for the community we protect and care for.

Body armor has become one of the tools I see necessary across all prehospital responders in order to perform our duties to the best we can.”

Devin Hudson

“I have served in the Navy for thirteen years as a Navy Hospital Corpsman working everywhere from small clinics to combat in Afghanistan and seven other countries providing medical aid to Marines and local nationals.

Recently I got out of the military to get a “normal” job that would keep me home and close to my wife and two children.

This is when things got difficult. I found it very hard adjusting to civilian life since I’ve been in the military since eighteen. I found myself not being able to hold jobs and suffering from worsening PTSD and not being able to support my family. Things have been tough and we hit rock bottom, but with the help of medication and therapy, I finally found a spot I fit in and enjoy doing.

My family and I are moving to North Carolina after receiving an unarmed security job after almost losing our house. I will be working security and medical in low income housing with only a taser as protection and no body armor.

My family understands with my prior field I feel at home where I can protect, serve and help injured people but they are worried about my safety.

With or without Safe Life Defense body armor I’ll still do my job to the best of my ability and run through the gates of hell to help someone injured.

But I know if my family saw me putting on body armor before my shifts they would sleep better at night.”

Zachary Larimore

“I’m a hard working and passionate father engaged to an amazing woman. We are a blended family sharing SIX amazing children.

I work road patrol for a small rural police department with a very small budget. I am responsible for providing my own uniforms, my own equipment, and my own gear.

The one piece of equipment the department does issue is an old soft body armor that was ordered in generic sizes.

I was issued a used external carrier that had previously been issued to an officer smaller than me and ballistic panels that were issued to an officer bigger than me which are crammed into the smaller carrier.

The combination is awful and if I bend down, the Velcro fasteners on the sides will come loose. There is also about a six-inch gap between the front panel and the back panel leaving my sides completely exposed.

To me, owning body armor means owning peace of mind. It means owning an insurance policy. Most importantly, it means owning a greater opportunity to make it home to my family.

The outdated, improperly fitted body armor I am issued has a definite impact on how I approach a situation. I’m constantly aware of the weak spots in my armor due to gaps and fit and I find myself unable to stand still.

Owning armor that I am confident in and fully trust will allow me to maintain a reasonable level of comfort on the job.”

Demetrius Castillo

“My company doesn’t provide us with this type of equipment and more often than not I am asked to respond to situations where other responders are geared up and protected while I am asked to make due with what I have.

I make minimum wage to respond to the exact same calls and respond in the exact same way as my fellow EMS providers (I am an EMT on an ambulance). So, I can’t afford to get these critical pieces of equipment on my own.

A lot of times there will be situations where other resources aren’t readily available and my partner and I are first on scene.

With Safe Life Defense body armor this gives us the opportunity to do life saving emergency measures in safer conditions.”

To Sean, Devin, Demetrius, and Zachary,

Thank you for continuing our country’s legacy of selfless people helping others.

Safe Life Defense wants to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! We also encourage you to stay safe and make good choices while celebrating our country’s birthday.

If you’re interested in checking out the vest that our recipients received today check out the link below!

Concealable Enhanced Multi-Threat™ Vest Level IIIA+

We offer free shipping on all orders over $500.

If you or someone you know would like to become an August Guardian Angel feel free to apply here.

If you’re interested in further helping our first responder brothers and sisters click here to see some charities that directly support them!

4 thoughts on “Four for the 4th – Guardian Angel Program

  1. Brian Meeker says:

    In need of body armor I am a fugitive recovery agent problem is we don’t get paid unless we catch the fugitive so I’ve been doing a few bounties without body armor are there any deals I could get on my meek budget?

  2. Jamie D. Miller says:

    i think your guardian angle program is awesome and truly a life savor . Thank you for doing what you do to help those who help others GOD BLESS !!!

  3. Jacob Gonzalez says:

    Out of Work Vet, soon expecting. Looking for something inexpensive that I use to help me protect my family whether I throw it in a bag or plate carrier and to train with so I can get into better shape to reenlist in the Armed Forces.

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