Free Field Training’s Tommy Motl Puts Safe Life Defense Vests to The Test

Safe Life Defense - Bulletproof vest

Have you heard about the police officer behind Free Field Training?

Tommy Motl started Free Field Training as an experimental hobby and has exploded into an influencer for cops.

He creates training videos for law enforcement, police gear, and more.

He is passionate about his job as a Field Training Officer and educates new probationary officers on topics that the police academy does not necessarily teach.

His day job is a municipal police officer working in Chicago and a freelance security guard, so he likes to stay busy!

Tommy’s robust YouTube content, blog, podcast, Instagram, and Facebook have entertainment and educational value for all things law enforcement and police gear.

His content includes tips and tricks regarding police work, security and EMS workers.

He is highly knowledgeable about personal protection and has tested various Safe Life Defenses body armor and accessories against a variety of ballistic threats.

If you are looking for inspiration and knowledge as a police officer, Free Field Training is a great resource.

Testing Ballistics Vests

In this video below, he tests Safe Life Defense’s body armor against .357 magnum, 9mm, .40, .45, .22lr, and 12ga slugs.

It is a Kevlar-based full coverage soft body armor that meets NIJ standards for level IIIA performance.

He fires at it over 45 times and was satisfied with the protection the body armor provided.

In the next video, Tommy tests rifle bullets with Safe Life Defense’s Flexible Rifle Armor System, FRAS®!

Testing Tasers

Will soft body armor stop a taser?

With many brands, the answer is no.

Tommy tested the level IIIA+ with a taser m26 and TWO different types of taser cartridges:

Ways to Follow Free Field Training

If you are looking for inspiration and knowledge as a police officer, Free Field Training is a great resource.

His Instagram handle is tommy_freefieldtraining.

He has a promo code you can use to discount your purchase for Safe Life Defense.

Use coupon code FFT10 for 10% off all Safe Life Defense body armor, duty belts, and other products.

Be sure to check out his social media below.






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