Guardian Angel Recipients – February 2020

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It’s that time again! We just selected THREE new Guardian Angel Recipients. The individuals below have 100% earned some body armor because of their commitment to helping others and making the world a better place.

Safe Life Defense is honored to help keep them safe while they continue to serve their communities. Thank you for everything you do! Please scroll to the bottom of this article to learn more about becoming a Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel. (We select new body armor recipients every month.)

1.  Sean Mccolgan

Sean, thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us. Keep up the great work! We are excited to get you some brand-new body armor.

“In 2010 I graduated from Delaware military academy and enlisted into the United States Air Force. I became a fire protection specialist/ crash fire rescue fireman. I graduated at the top of my class and ended up being stationed on the border of Mexico.

Throughout my time in the Air Force I served my country honorably and ran on numerous calls at the busiest Air Force base in the world (Laughlin AFB TX). While stationed in Del Rio I joined Val Verde county volunteer fire department.

While in active duty and volunteering for the county, I sustained a serious ankle injury which inevitably led to me being discharged from active duty. After being unexpectedly discharged due to my injury I used my GI bill to go to school to get my paramedic while volunteering at South Hays county just south of Austin TX as a firefighter.

While going to school in San Marcos TX, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident – which resulted in a month and a half long coma, 7 cardiac arrests, 3 strokes, a full frontal craniotomy, and an amputation of my right foot below the knee. This occurred September 26, 2014. By August 2015 I was riding ambulances again as an EMT.

The following year, January 2016, I was again riding fire trucks as a firefighter/ crew leader and ended up being the top responder of my fire department for responding to more emergency calls than any other person in my department.

For the last two years I’ve been working in high level protection and starting January of 2020 I will be returning to school to achieve my paramedic certification.

While doing high level protection and working for The Colorado coalition for the homeless, I saved an individual’s life who was in cardiac arrest by myself, and received an award from the president of the United States of America as well as a certificate of merit for selfless and humane actions while saving another’s life.

To this day. I am the only person with an amputation and a frontal replacement of a forehead that has received this award. 

I truly believe that is a testament to my motivation to serve my community and my country at whatever the cost. If selected as a recipient I could perform my duties with the peace of mind that I stand a better chance against an individual wanting to cause me harm by being equipped with a ballistic vest.”

2. Angel Bowens

Angel, we believe that everyone (especially police officers) deserve great body armor. It can be frustrating especially for women to find body armor that fits well. It is our pleasure to outfit you in some of our body armor that will fit you!

“I once was a Deputy Sheriff and after suffering from a torn rotator cuff while working the road that required surgery to repair and extensive physical therapy I then found out I was pregnant with my daughter.

After taking some time off my certifications had expired. Currently in the academy again and will go back to working the road.

But after my first experience with the vest I had as a Deputy.. I will be going back to the street with my own vest.

The vest I was issued was too big, bulky and was really good at restricting my movements.

Not that this was the fault of the S.O. Unfortunately the funds just weren’t in place.

But, realistically times are not the same as they were and to have an ill fitting vest a second time… I just can’t afford to justify my safety for myself or Ella.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for this. What you are doing is one the most amazing and selfless things I’ve seen done in a long time.

Thank you from those of us in Blue!”

3. Malcolm Belton

Malcolm, we love that you want to be an example for others! Thank you for your service and keep up the good work!

“I should be selected as a recipient because in the Air Force I was always taught to be the example people look up to. I was always taught to always apply the 3 core values- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all you do.

With this opportunity I could fulfill those core values even more by helping my community, giving back, and being that example to people who need someone to look up to.

Also being in the military I have lost close friends in the past from deployments and I have always made a promise to their loved ones to always carry their legacy with me with me by always trying to better myself.

Hopefully by being selected, I can continue that promise to them.

I have been to local areas where good law binding citizens were not equipped with the correct tools to defend themselves and harm was done to them.

Living in the Tacoma/Seatac area of Washington state, there is always news of people being shot, stabbed, OD on drugs, and robberies to name the least.

With Safe Life Defense Body Armor I can have the extra fight against situations through extra protection to protect others using the skills I have learned being in the military.

The Air Force has trained me in situations wearing body armor so it would be second nature to me when hostile situations occur.”

It is an honor to have these new Guardian Angels join the Safe Life Defense family. Thank you for the service you provide to America and our communities!

If you know someone who needs a body armor donation you can learn more by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about Safe Life Defense Body Armor and get some for yourself – you can visit our body armor shop!

Thank you to everyone who applied to our Guardian Angel Program. We will be back next month to award more body armor. Be smart and stay safe out there.

17 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Recipients – February 2020

  1. Richie Iannuzzo JR says:

    Wow all 3 incredible people who put there life on the line to save others, while going thru your own Situations, Glad you are all safe And thank you For Your Service and Congratulations on your Body Armor !

  2. Russell House says:

    Where is my donation vest I am a veteran and can use any help getting a LV III or better I am doing it on my own as I am working as an armed guard and I know the area I am working in has that reputation of bullets flying around with unknown targets and I don’t want to be the one that gets hit by accident

  3. Will Underwood says:

    Enjoy reading everyone’s story and happy to know these folks are protected by high quality protective vests. Many thanks to all my first responder brothers and sisters.

  4. Tim Eshoo says:

    They all deserve it !! As I have two cousins in the fire department and As I was going to become a sheriff I found out I had stage 4 cancer two different types, Sean that was super inspirational thank you for all your service and showing others never to give up…

  5. Peter says:

    It’s fantastic that you offer Level IV soft body armor. As a military advisor in Afghanistan who wore hard plates this new type must be the bees knees. I would love to try and advertise such body armor here in Alaska . This might come in handy for a new security job. Thanks, God Bless

  6. Eddie White says:

    My name is Eddie and own and a security team how do I get involved in the guardian angel program. I would like to get me and my team involved

  7. Kc says:

    I’m hoping that one day. They’ll let us Safefty and security wear body armor in the schools. At least something under our uniforms. If you do we have to buy it ourselves. Which is not In Our budget. Sadly to say. But enough about me. Congratulations to everyone!

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