Guardian Angel Recipients – January 2020

Safe Life Defense - Bulletproof vest

Safe Life Defense has some ambitious goals for 2020! What is on the top of our list? We want to refresh our Guardian Angel Program and award more body armor than ever. That is why we are so excited to start out this year with 4 NEW Guardian Angel Recipients.

These 4 people are making the world a better place and we want to thank them! It is our pleasure to send each of these heroes their own Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat Body Armor completely free. We believe everyone has a right to feel safe and should have access to great Body Armor. (That is why we will always offer body armor donations and payment plans for our gear.)

Please join us in thanking these 4 individuals for keeping their communities safe!

1.Andrew Ventura: Security Officer

Andrew, we appreciate your commitment to protecting others! Thank you.

“I work alongside some of the greatest individuals in my department daily. Working for the largest entertainment company in the world “the Walt Disney Company” and interacting with the thousands of guests each day, you often come across many different personalities. Throughout the past months we have heard time and time again about unfortunate situations regarding mass shootings/innocent victims. While I may just be one officer in a larger pool, I believe that as our primary goal “safety” could not be better emphasized than preparing ourselves for potential future occurrences. I place my job on a higher level than most. Whereas many may have the mindset to take cover in situations such as those mentioned, my focus continues to be on the safety and security of those that I work with and those I provide support to such as the guests who visit our park. While I wouldn’t compare myself nor wish to be labeled as a “hero” or “vigilante”, and where running into the middle of an active situation wouldn’t be ideal, my focus along with the support of wearing Safe Life Defense body armor, would be to help those in need get to safety vs hiding out awaiting help that could be minutes away. Every second counts.”

2.Tim Moore: Deputy Probation Officer

Tim, thank you for helping the young adults in your community and please stay safe.

“I cooperate with other agencies and/or participate in activities that prevent or decrease juvenile delinquency including recreational, health, and other conditions in the community affecting juvenile welfare. I work with county-wide governmental and nongovernmental organizations engaged in activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency. I offer direct and indirect services to youth in the community and cooperate with any other agency or government in carrying out its purposes. All to help our youth be a better person and a meaningful part of society.”

3.Brandon Shotter: Physical Therapist, Volunteer Fire Fighter

Brandon, you are a brave individual who deserves the protection that a Safe Life Defense vest can provide.

“My profession is physical therapy, but outside of my career I am a volunteer firefighter in an area where we run mutual aid to towns that have a history of high crime rate including shootings. Having body armor under my gear will help provide some protection in the event I was caught in these situations. I’m not only concerned about running calls, but I’m also concerned about the increase in active shooters in schools and high populated public settings across the nation. We have 4 schools and 4 preschools in our own school district and a continuously growing shopping destination and mall. We have preplanned for these scenarios but lack the funding for proper protection for first responders since we are only volunteers. Receiving body armor would be a start in the right direction for preparation to aid the public in these scenarios. I have a high response rate for my department and am one of the individuals usually called upon for events that escalate to violence in order to diffuse the situation.”

4.Blake Dobbins: Security, Peace Officer Trainee

Blake, we’re here for you. We want your son to grow up to be a brave and honest person just like you.

“I work as an armed security officer in San Francisco CA. I’m the head security officer and work directly for the CEO of Amazon. I run a 7-man team which are all armed as well. I just started this job a week ago and I really love it. I’m currently going through training to become a certified Peace Officer. I work in a bad neighborhood/city and on the daily we get active shooter threats and bomb threats. And when I say on the daily, I really mean almost every single day. Since I’ve started working there, we (as in my team and I) have already dealt with 2 cases of someone coming in our building with a gun. Wearing body armor is not a requirement but highly recommended. Right now, I’m not able to afford good body armor that will let me do my job to the fullest and protect me from harm. I’m married and I have a 4-month-old baby boy who needs a father and a dad. Because anybody can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad. My wife needs her husband to come home every day and my son needs his daddy to come home every day. Right now, I’m in need of a guardian angel to help me do this. I need your help Safe Life Defense.”

Safe Life Defense is happy to provide these people body armor as they continue to serve their country and communities. If you or someone you know should become a Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Recipient, you can help them apply at:

41 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Recipients – January 2020

  1. Billy England says:

    I am on a department in industry and would think they would make us more safe from combative and people got fired.

  2. Brian Burr says:

    I work for Ochsner health system as a security officer I just purchased my safe life vest I work in the emergency room a lot of the time and I am so glad that I purchased this vest Thank you safe life for such a great product

  3. Mike Blumenthal says:

    Hello my name is mike I just got my guard card and don’t have any equipment I would appreciate A lot if you can send me some stuff?

  4. Chuck Lansdell says:

    Rural Paramedic. With extended LEO response times. I really appreciate your drawings for those of us that don’t have body armor and can’t afford it.

  5. Supervising officer Plancon says:

    I am very disappointed! Some of the people you have chosen do not need a vest more than I do especially the fire fighter! I am Assigned in a high crime area, with a lot of shootings and gang activity, now I have to find a way to come up with $600 for a level III a vest? I also volunteer my time at a Catholic school as their security.

  6. Tom says:

    I’m 81 years old, and I have been accosted once before, and luckily he wasn’t armed, but I have since gotten a concealed weapon permit (November 1999) and carry everytime I leave my house, but I also worry about an assailant having a gun, and so I am going to get body armor (just in case he fires the first round), but I have to wait until the middle of February, for financial reasons, so you will be getting an order from me about the 15th of next month. So I definitely will appreciate wearing your body armor, talk to you next month.

  7. Lexi Hoepner says:

    My dad needs one he is working in a Federal Prison and comes in contact with inmates daily. I would love to give him one for Valentines Day but I am a student and can’t afford it. Please help if you can.

    Sincerely Lexi

  8. Todd says:

    Congrats to all the winners of 2019. I”m a disabled Veteran and a Security Officer. I do security for large events in the area ;concerts,festivals and such also work I’m a Port Security Officer. We deal with alot of riffraff types on a daily basis. Having some form of protection would be beneficial . Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Michael Domke says:

    This is what service is all about. Way to go! I have live a simple life because I too choose to serve others. I’m proud of this company and the service it provides. This is what “looking out for your brother “ means. Beautiful to witness and acknowledge.

  10. Tim Frisbie says:

    I purchased one and it should be here in a couple of weeks. I am part of a 12 person men and women team of our church that carry.
    I will be the only one wearing a vest. Hopefully I will never have to use it.

  11. Daniel Lafontaine says:

    Great bonus gift will deserved
    I m an active P.P.O on the transit system usually I wear a blauer armorskin vest … using the vest really has no concealment I may look to bulky safelife defense may have 1 which may conceal layers may also be comfortable … I yet haven’t wore it

  12. Marvin A.Stickel says:

    I really need a guardian angel I’ve been doing private security for over 30 years in different settings I am now working at a hospital and it’s a little different than anything I’ve ever done I’m former Military Police and Berkeley County Animal Control as well so any help would be greatly appreciated

  13. Zach Sanders says:

    We could use them at our department we don’t have the budget for them. We work in animal control and come into contact with a lot of people. We are provided with some things for protection but not body armor. Having body armor would help keep us safe in our day to day duties.

  14. Donald Wanner says:

    I play multiple rolls in my community. I am a corporate officer in the mining industry. We mine Antimony (Sb). Sb is actually used in armor. United States Depat of Defense consumes 36% of the worlds antimony. Having children on a Indian reservation I recently had a individual put a .38 caliber to my chest, pulled the trigger and it misfired. I am not law enforcement however, I have put myself between the law and bad people 3 times in my life. All which could have ended in certain death but did not. I engage many walks of life every day and corporate or not, until the market gets better, I need to ensure my safety for my children’s future. Thank you

  15. Sean Clagg says:

    Both myself and Son have been forced to take jobs in private security. As the area we live in they are the only jobs either part or full time we’ve been able too get starting pay at $8.00 we are both armed in an area of high tourism that we must purchase all equipment including paying for training that is only good for the one company. Drug dealing all night in the area. The police due to private property and limited resources do 1 run through if possible. We have been shot at and assaulted by meth dealers. We have even had them wearing body armor. The property owners want vests under our uniforms and, we are walking the 30 acres on foot and now are putting in a distillery for whiskey to go along with a winery. Currently body armor is worn by one day person is a retired officer from MD & his 20 y/o vest is the only one. The rest of us simply can’t afford even used vests, drug dealers make thousands nightly to our $60 before taxes which in this area is considered high pay. Even after basic guard card & pepper spray training it costs us $300 a year for our cards

    I’m not intimidating size wise and my father works this to cover insurance and co-pay in addition to basic of food and shelter for us. His previous employer took taxes etc… from his employees to pay gambling debts and 10 years later the IRS is still trying to track the money owed.

  16. Mike Smith says:

    I am a 69 year old Bail Bondsman and when someone does not show up for court have to hunt then down enter into very bad places any help gladly appreciated

  17. Carey Quisenberry says:

    Congratulations to all recipients! Thank you for your service diligence. I am a disabled, retired, veteran living in Virginia. You know, the State where the Governor is actively working to infringe the 2A rights of all law-abiding, patriotic Americans. Tensions are very high, militias are forming, and Citizens Defense Leagues are gearing up to oppose any new ‘laws’ that subvert the Constitution. We are conducting ourselves professionally and using legal means to address these issues, but the fight has just begun and it likely will turn ugly if our legislators continue to push their nefarious agendas. A huge Lobby Day event is scheduled for the 20th of January in Richmond VA, our Capitol. Thousands of patriots will be in attendance and we have already been informed that we are not allowed to carry weapons. This is a ‘new rule’ and goes against open and concealed carry privileges that, heretofore, were authorized. Everyone should own body armor, especially in this day and age where our rights and way of life are being threatened so brazenly. I appreciate that Safe Life Defense recognizes this and has devoted themselves to this program. I am a veteran and my oath of service does not expire. I am actively involved in the opposition to what our State ‘leadership’ is proposing. I will again be in harm’s way. I thank SLD for their consideration of me as a potential recipient of their product. God bless America!

  18. Dailan Jovon Hardiman says:

    I’m security officer at my church we are definitely in a high crime area a man was killed behind are church bye the back door and down the street less then 72 hours. I really was hoping and praying you guys would of considered me. And thank you and to those who won I’m praying for your protection and safe returns home everyday ble blessed winners!!!

  19. Brandon Chaille says:

    I’m a police officer at two departments in a very rural area in the south. We rarely get equipped with anything from our department. Much less a vest. At one of my departments I am unable to wear a vest due to the department not issuing one. A new vest would literally be a life saver for me.

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