Guardian Angel Winners – March 2020

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About two weeks ago, we had 5 people picked to receive body armor this month.

Well, that wasn’t good enough. Safe Life Defense wants  to support the people who are keeping America safe during the COVID-19 pandemic… so we doubled our body armor donation to 10 people.

Below are 10 wonderful humans who are working hard to help America during this time.

Please remember, we are all in this together. To our new Guardian Angels, welcome to the Safe Life Defense family and THANK YOU for all that you do. Stay safe!

​​​​Vincent Fiorica  

EMS with wife

Vincent, Safe Life Defense has your back in those extra minutes it sometimes takes for the police to respond.

This is Vincent’s Story:

“I have been in EMS for almost ten years. I work in a rural area of northeast Pennsylvania. Around here we do not have city police, we have state police. With such a wide coverage area it can take a long time for police assistance to arrive.

 Working in a rural area sometimes in very secluded parts of our coverage area all we have is our partner to help if something goes bad. With the opioid epidemic affecting people all over the country we have had a significant increase in overdoses in our area. With drugs comes crime, walking into an unknown situation unarmed when anything can happen is not a good feeling.

 A call can go from 0-100 quick. Especially dealing with drug overdoses, domestics, suicidal patients, shootings, and stabbings. There has been an increase in violent assaults against paramedics.

 Our job of being there to help people sometimes turns into us needing help.  

 We don’t get into this job for money. We do this job to help people in some of the worst situations with very little help. I believe I should be selected for this body armor because I work long nights in a job that at any second your life can be taken from you.

 When focusing on patient care you never know who’s behind you or what’s behind that door. It can very easily turn into a life or death situation. Having a set of body armor would give me more peace of mind knowing that if something happens, I am protected and can live another day to help more people in need.”

Brittney Swisher

Brittney dressed in her uniform

Brittney, we believe security guards are under appreciated. Thank you for being there for people who really need you.

This is Brittney’s Story:

“During my course of day at work as an unarmed public safety officer, I regularly encounter patrons of the mall who are bringing weapons into a weapon free zone. Occasionally a fight or disturbance will break out and I will be one of the first on scene.

My company will not provide armor, and I risk my life as well as the lives of the patrons of the mall when I respond to these events. I have no way to know until I arrive, or usually sometime later, if weapons will be involved. I will use this armor to protect the lives of my community and my fellow officers.”

Danny Hurd

Danny doing his job with a black poodle

Danny, your commitment to your department and community is commendable! The world needs more people like you,  who are looking out for others.

Here is Danny’s Story:

“As the lead Animal Control Officer for my town, I am responsible for handling EVERYTHING animal related. By wearing Safe Life Defense body armor, I will be able to put myself into situations where sometimes help is needed, but I am unable to engage due to a safety threat.

Animal Control Officers come across truly harrowing situations, and we all know how defensive we can be when it comes to our animals. By wearing proper protection, I will be able to be that first-on-the-scene responder and able to help immediately, rather than wait for my local police to secure a scene.

These situations can look like an animal abuse case, a citizen being attacked by a bear, (it’s happened) or an individual who has barricaded himself in his room, armed with a knife, threatening to hurt himself and his dog (again, it’s happened.)

By being able to put my personal safety aside, I will be able to provide my community and the animals of my community the attention they deserve.

While we work collaboratively with my local police department, I fear that sometimes the danger to Animal Control Officers is not fully understood. Our calls can range from routine, like helping a cat stuck in a tree; to more critical; like convincing the shotgun-armed farmer that his animals need better care.

No law enforcement officer should have to second-guess their safety, and unfortunately our Animal Control department does not have a very large budget.

I have no doubt that my local police department would do anything they could do provide security on a scene, however as an officer who is constantly responding to animal-related calls on my own, it can sometimes take minutes for them to arrive.

Routinely, I will be the “go-to” officer if there’s anything involving an animal. Animals, both domestic and wild, can cause serious threats to bodily harm to both the public and arriving officers.

However, the animal itself is only one possible danger. The owners of an animal will routinely become defensive, and while I do not carry any weapons, I am still looked at as a law enforcement officer, and therefore, a threat.

We are doing our best to build this department from the ground up. Most Animal Control Departments are completely subjective to the officers in the department.

Myself and my fellow ACO have been advocating for some type of protective vests for quite a while now, and unfortunately our requests have fallen on (mostly) deaf ears.

Sometimes I fear the only thing that would change the current mindset is for an accident to happen, something I will not allow myself or my fellow ACO to be subject to.

Cases of Animal Control Officers being shot or stabbed in the line of duty is not a new development, and fortunately we’re starting to see more and more departments around the country starting to take this seriously.  

With that said, most towns and cities do not truly realize the threat that their ACO’s are facing every day. We would also like to provide a certain presence in our town. We are not police, and we do not wish to be viewed as police, however we do wish to provide a professional image to our citizens, and we feel that proper equipment such as protective vests is an important step in that direction.”

Traci Morris

Traci smiling for the camera

Traci, being a private investigator isn’t all fun and games. It’s a profession as serious as any other. Thank you for all you do.

Here is Traci’s Story:

“The general public’s perception of a private investigator is “that is pretty cool”! But the reality is that it is EXTREMELY dangerous. Most of the time we are solo with no back-up or precinct to call for help. One day I am sitting on surveillance of a cheating spouse (could get violent if I’m caught), the next I’m serving Personal Protection papers to a violent spouse.”

Parker Marsh

Parker standing by his police car in uniform

Parker, we love seeing new police officers just starting their career ready to change the world! We think you can make a difference.

Here is Parker’s Story:

“I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by the department to be employed by them and the equipment they give us to protect us. However, I feel like there is better equipment out there that can assist in protecting me and protecting others.

I cannot count the times I have shielded victims on scene, with my gun drawn, when the suspect comes back and is possibly armed. 

I am no hero by any means and do not want to be viewed as such. I just feel that when something terrible is happening, I am always going to protect those who can’t protect themselves and run toward the scary things life throws at us.”

Tyler Ross

Tyler in military uniform taking a family photo.

Tyler, we appreciate that it is important for police and security to work together. Thank you for all you do!

Here is Tyler’s Story:

“I am an armed security guard in the state of Vermont. However, we’re in a state where the cost to live is extremely high. Our security company covers down on a lot of functions the police don’t have the manpower to. I’ve been in the VTARNG for four years. I cover down on most school events.

 I am passionate about security because it’s not just watching an empty lot. I’m interacting with students, keeping them safe and giving them life advice, I wish I had.

I can put my uniform on and know I make a difference.

I know it takes the stress off the local police department because they are down on manpower. If I can help, I will.”

Johnathan Walker

Johnathan receiving an award for his work

Johnathan, we commend you for wanting to make your community a better place. That is what Safe Life Defense is all about and that’s why you’re being awarded armor.

Here is Johnathan’s Story:

“I’ve always wanted to help my community in some way so when I was 27 I joined the fire Dept that I’m still with today (12 years) and unfortunately as time goes on more and more it’s responders who are being attacked just for wearing a uniform.

And the cost of armor usually doesn’t fit the budget of most first responders as we would have to purchase our own. Our department doesn’t have the budget to outfit us as we are a volunteer unit.”

Zebulun Evridge

Zebulun giving his two-year old son a piggy back ride

Zebulun, we respect your desire to help your community grow stronger. Thank you.

Here is Zebulun’s Story:

“I work as a Police Officer in the city of Santa Fe. I am very attentive to my community and am a strong believer in community policing. I currently work weekends and I spend most of my time out of my patrol vehicle and inside businesses making community contacts.

Doing the best job possible also means using the best equipment possible and that is what Safe Life Defense is when it comes to body armor. If selected this body armor would play a role in my community policing initiative and would make me feel more confident in dangerous situations.”

Timothy Gratz

Timothy in police uniform with his two little girls

Timothy, your hard work is appreciated! We see you sacrificing time with your family to protect your community. Thank you.

Here is Timothy’s Story:

“In the fall of 2018, the small community where I am employed as their only officer and carry the title Chief of Police, suffered the worst flood on record. Fast forward to winter 2020 and that small community is still struggling to recover. We lost 11 homes in this horrific tragedy and fortunately, no lives.

Over the coming week, I worked over 150 hours, sleeping for about 4 hours over the first 5 days, on the floor of my office.  

 I never once left the community and my family understood completely, in fact they helped to organize food drives and were instrumental in getting clean drinking water to the community, fast.”

Brian Balchunas

Brian sitting in an emergency vehicle taking a serious selfie.

Brian, we know that being a first responder can be dangerous and that you all need armor. Thank you for your hard work,

Here is Brian’s Story:

“I work for a private ambulance service as a paramedic and am also a volunteer firefighter. Our area is becoming increasingly more violent and drug infested.

Body armor would help me get to some folks a bit quicker as I would be able to enter a scene to render aid or evaluate scene safety sooner and safer, especially if our police are tied up on other incidents.

Sometimes in large groups it is hard to keep an eye on everyone and if they are trying to hurt you…  

We have been having more and more gun related runs and stand by at police standoff situations. Our employer is not able to purchase body armor for everyone due to cost, so it is up to individual employees to purchase their own.

The cost of armor is not currently feasible for me due to bills and being a single parent.”

Thanks to everyone who applied this month! It is an honor to award you armor.  You have earned it.

Remember, we are all in this together. Let’s help all of America’s first responders by practicing social distancing during this time.

If you or anyone you know needs body armor please go here to apply to Guardian Angel program for a vest donation. You can also check out our payment plan, Zip, to divide your armor into payments if needed.

You can click here to see our body armor shop and to learn more and to start prioritizing your safety.

58 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Winners – March 2020

  1. Regienal Chatters says:

    I work security six days a week and need a vest I work apartment a lot and a lot of time I’m by myself and would like to have body armor that is bulletproof and cut proof. I have a son and would like to come coming home to him and my soon to be wife.

  2. Richard Andrew castillo says:

    Well I see allot of peaple who
    Proubley get body armor as part of thair job how about us regular folks??

  3. Brenda Rider says:

    Thanks for helping all of us. With everyone allowed to carry a weapon, my chance as well as others become greater in being shot on the job. I’m an outside service bailiff, I conduct evictions, replevins and subpoenas. We have no budget for vest. The boss said I have to negotiate quicker.

  4. John swogger says:

    Congrats to the winner’s. I am wanting to get it for my self started working armed security just have not been paid yet and what I have seen you have the best out there!

  5. James Gibbs says:

    I wood like to have the body Armor for me and my family: The Reason Y is that we live in NYC: and I wood like for myself and my family to be very safe: when day going out to work: (( Think You Very Much:

  6. ERICK GOMEZ says:

    I’m a reserve Deputy Sheriff since 1998. My agency only compensated me for a certain amount because I’m not paid, I’m a reserve. I get a uniform allowance but I have to pay for my own gear. Very expensive, I would really be happy if I could win a new vest. Doesn’t need to be fancy, I’d be happy with whatever option.

    • Richard says:

      I work bank security in the worst parts of town . I work 7 days a week. N still don’t make enough money for my bills or my family. I have IRS payments and child support that comes out of my check. Not enough for me. I am afraid every day I go to work. Company will not provide any thing that I need. I would be blessed to have this gift from you….

  7. Patrick E Davis says:

    I’m a public safety officer in Florida and so is my wife NICOLE Cunningham Davis our company do not provide us with safety equipment we have to find for ourselves much like ms Britney working in unsafe conditions

  8. Edgar Ramirez says:

    Hi I’m a NYPD officer which I think your product is much better then department assigned to us. I would love to be one of the lucky people that have won one. Having one would give me the opportunity to try show my department how your having a vest capable to resist almost all type of bullet.

  9. Roberto Cancel Jr says:

    I am an armed guard and could really use extra protection while I’m on duty. I’m retired Military and need help acquiring more equipment to accomplish my duties ! Thanks for the opportunity !

  10. Maurice says:

    Thankful for all those that are helping during our country time in need. There’s alot of ppl helping at this time and we are all truly blessed and thankful to have them. But why no black faces was chosen as an Guardian Angel Winner?

  11. Demetrius Carter says:

    Hello My name is Don Carter I’m a full time security now do to this time Im wondering how can in get in the program for a vest for protection at these tuff sights I’m working the company gave me a vest but it has no plates can someone help me please

    • Timothy Gladden says:

      I like all of the post for the body armor great people doing great thing we all need these body armor with so much going on now. All first responders need them. I am a first responder with the fire department in tobaccoville n.c. love what i do also to help my community.


    I’m a Celebrity Bodyguard protecting some of America’s most famous artists, actors, and actresses. I’m in need of a new vest

  13. John Figueroa says:

    Currently assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit of the Cook County Sheriffs Department in Chicago Illinois.
    Love your product and am looking forward to getting a Rifle Rated Vest one day.

  14. Archie Advincula says:

    To be honest I would like to win it just to my personal used and just to have I’m former Marines and now I work as Firefighter oil and Gas Industry

  15. Ronald Pennington says:

    Remember Security Guards, the Pre -responder that calls the first responders when an emergency occurs.
    Check the number of guards are shot each month.

  16. KOMUNATEH E . BAYEH says:


  17. Jose E. Hernandez says:

    It is a wonderful thing that you have done to donate those bullet proof vest if you have an extra one available it would be appreciated and retired Iraqi war veteran pulling security at my church with these hard times they need some type of protection I am on a strict budget and I cannot afford to have a bulletproof vest a good one but I am willing to to pay a fee if there is one available. Times are hard now you even now with this virus going around ,so I am make the best of it.

  18. Giovanni S. says:

    As a public safety officer we cover areas that PD don’t. The city I work for is contracted by the sheriffs because, that city doesn’t have their own police department. There are 2 sheriffs per shift.
    So response time is critical and sometimes can take longer if no one is in the area.
    I have level 2 armor that is already past its prime and, especially because of this pandemic we’re in I can barely afford new armor.
    I applied for the guardian angel as well I still hope to hear from Them one day because I want to feel confident that I’m going to come home to my wife and kids.

  19. Mike says:

    Been saving up for over 2 years finally got close and with all that is going on and being over 60 and COPD seemed like there was no better time.So I just purchased the Enhanced IIIa.Can’t wait until they get here.Thanks,Mike

  20. Samuel says:

    Would love to see more civilians then military and law enforcement receive body amor. No disrespect. There’s thousands of us who has served also.

  21. Ryan Sharrer says:

    Great work Safe Life Defence, it is very noble for you to provide these vests to people who need it. It is great to have companies who care about their community.

    Ryan Sharrer
    Graham Police Department
    Graham North Carolina

  22. Michael J Judd says:

    You guys over at safe life are amazing. Helping out those who put their lives on the line is such a good thing. When I get into a better situation in life and things are back to normal I am planning to organize cookouts for my local police and a separate one for the firefighters and EMS. Keep you all have my gratitude and respect.

  23. DScott says:

    It is awesome that you guys are doing this, so thanks first and foremost. I’m a retired USAF vet that decided there’s more work to do. I joined the Sheriff’s Department a year ago starting as a Corrections Officer. About a month ago I was offered a position as a Sheriff Deputy. We are a small dept. The are we are hurting the most in is Vests. No disrespect to our dept, but most are outdated. Having a proper size and current vest would mean the world me. Right now it’s not in my budget so the next time you are looking for candidates to gift a vest to, I’d be honored and grateful.

  24. Kyle Green says:

    Hello, my name is Kyle G. I am a public safety officer for a historic black college in the middle of a not so good neighborhood. I am also a volunteer firefighter/emt where our district is known for the amount of mentally unstable residents. I want to first thank you for everything that you do to help all military and first responders. I currently have a vest that has had its fair share of use and has plates that are 6 years expired. The average gun shots in my work’s surroundings is 123 a week and I myself have been shot at on several occasions. Even as a firefighter we have had addicts and mentally unsound individuals pull guns on us. Money is tight as I am a single father, but I work each day sometimes 16+ hours so our department runs smoothly and so I can provide for my kids. It would be a true blessing if I could be a part of your guardian program. But until that blessing arrives I am saving up so I can purchase one of your vest and feel safer each night that I will come home to my daughter. God Bless those who previously won the vest and all my brothers and sisters in arms. Thanks again for all that you do and God Bless.

  25. Andrew Martinez says:

    I respond to burglary alarms and after reading about safe life defense I made a purchase of their uniform vest and every time I go into work I feel secured and safe while responding to a call.

  26. Bill Mertz says:

    I think it’s fantastic that you have this program because some of these people go into pretty scary situations before there is back up
    I would still like to keep my name in the hat for a vest
    But you goes show what a Patriot company is you walk the the talk

  27. Abraham eagle says:

    I’m a security officer who can’t afford to pay my vest or body protection. I really I appreciate you if you could help.
    Thank you in advance.

  28. Tim Carson says:

    I am a Sheriff volunteer in Yuma County AZ by the border. We pay for our own gear an as you know, the uniform can be a bullet magnet! I would love to have your product and talk it up with the rest of the guys!

  29. Tina Young says:

    My name is Tina , I am a manager at the United States Postals Service for 23 years . I am also taking first responder training with the Fire Department in Dallas . I plan in moving to law enforcement once I retire in two years I serve the homeless often . I am the youngest resident on my street , I monitor my elders daily , as well as I check on them when there are anything out the norm in the neighborhood.
    Because of my mission to help and serve people , cause me to be on the street from great to violence.
    It wools bless my heart .

  30. Joe Freitas says:

    I would like to buy one but I can’t afford one maybe in the future Joe Freitas. Commander for Marshall’s Patrol and Security Services keep me informed send me a catalog to 20306 Amethyst Dr Hilmar Ca 95324
    Thank you and God Bless you all Joe

  31. Robb j getts says:

    Please consider me for the free armor program I’m on disability and food stamps so money is tight I recently was able to get my handgun permit and my service dog is pushing euthanasia so the extra help would be a nice piece of mind

  32. Mike Nocella says:

    Sometimes we might forget that God is watching and interacting in our lives. These guardian angels are His most trusted and important tools. We SHOULD do everything we can to protect these amazing humans. Thank you all for the things that you do to make life better, and safer for the rest of us.

  33. Vernon D German Jr. says:

    I’m a Retired US Marine, Former Security Guard! I’m my Neighborhoods 911 , they call me, then call the Police.

  34. Danny Hurd says:

    I woke up this morning and saw my name on this list. I can’t thank you enough. I’m in absolute awe. I look forward to representing your organization everyday on the job.

  35. Jason Reitz says:

    Just wanted to say to SAFE LIFE. Thank you for helping those that need it. I know you know you are saving lives everyday and those of us out here thank you for that!!! To the fellow VETS and Fellow first responders A HUGE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU SACRIFICE!!!

  36. Kevin Scaife says:

    I am a Pennsylvania State Constable. I work daily serving warrants . As a Constable in Pennsylvania we must provide our own equipment. There are days out there where it can be very dangerous.

  37. Rickey Howard says:

    My Wife, works at night and is out there on the front lines cleaning sites trying to stop the spread of Coronavirus in medical facilities, I worry about her being out there at night. She needs a vest.

  38. Chuck says:

    Hi, my name is Chuck. I am a volunteer firefighter and am currently in EMT school. We run a lot of medical calls in same pretty shady areas were there are a lot of drugs and people who needless to say, don’t really like us! Fortunately for me, I was able to purchase my own Safe Life Defense body armor and it is a wonderful product. I am very happy to see that they are helping people out who need some protection to be able to help others! Keep up the great work Safe Life Defense!!!!!

  39. Steve A McKean says:

    Congratulations to all the winners this month! Hoping you all stay safe in the fight out there! A lot of craziness going on right now, keep your head on a swivel!

  40. Santos Toro says:

    Congrats to the winners … I’m due to purchase a new one, mine has seen it’s time…
    Don’t know how I missed the give away … I’m an SRO at an Alternative school, which is a students last stop before juvenile detention, jail or out of school for good … so I have challenges everyday, yes I have found mild weapons, no guns or actual knifes … and the students have taken to me so I have a good repore with them … thank you for what you do, giving to where and who needs it …

  41. Steven JETER says:

    Congratulations to all the winners this go round. Thank you for your service as a security professional myself, although we don’t hear it a whole lot you are appreciated.

  42. Steve Bechtel says:

    I see that most of the people that won free vest are mostly all police officers. I have the upmost respect for our law enforcement and first responders. But all police departments issue their officers vest. After retiring from the Marine Corps I have worked 20+ years in Armed Security from working contracts overseas to Executive Protection to K9. To this day I still work Armed Security. But as we all know just like police officers we are very much under paid. I am out there providing security for ATM techs that have to open up the ATM to fix them exposing tens of thousands of dollars making us prime targets for getting robbed by someone with a gun. But since the job does not pay well I can’t afford to buy s vest I would very much like to have one but I go out there night after night Naked praying nothing happens. Thank you!

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