January 2021 Guardian Angels

Safe Life Defense - Police dog

Happy New Year Everyone! It is our pleasure to announce the FIRST Guardian Angels of 2021!

One of our GA recipients this month is a Las Vegas local, AND we were able to award his armor in person!  Watch the video below to see his reaction!

All of our Guardian Angels this month will receive a  FREE Concealable Multi-threat Vest Level IIIA. This vest protects against all the most common handguns and shotguns, while still being comfortable and easy to wear.

Please join us in congratulating Anthony, Alex, and William!

Anthony Powell

Anthony’s In-Person Q&A:

How would you describe a Guardian Angel?

Selfless and putting others first. That’s why you need body armor. It’s in order to defend yourself and others around you.

How has 2020 been for you?

This past year, our past year, has been a steep decline. Not only for the nation but for my family. Cancer has attacked my father for the second time. There have been a lot of difficulties that have come with that.

Why do you need body armor?

I need that sense of security in my workplace. I need to know that I can go home at night to my family.

Alex Menges

Alex Menges with beagle puppy.

Alex’s Story:

“Working in a fire-based EMS system, I respond to a variety of higher threat level calls.

For example, domestic violence, drug related calls, fights and altercations are becoming way too common. In the past three years, I have responded to two confirmed active shootings.

Firefighters/paramedics owning body armor is just another layer of necessary protection.

I wouldn’t expect a firefighter to respond to a fire without turnout gear on. Nor would I expect an EMS provider to give care without gloves. I view body armor as another standard piece of personal protective equipment.”

William Carr

William Carr with his German shepherd

William’s Story:

“I volunteer for a community of about 4000 people with an area of 36 square miles. My department is staffed by part time officers and volunteers. Funds are very limited and we receive a lot of hand me downs from bigger agencies.

As a volunteer police officer for my community, I work with my K9 partner several days a week. Together we work to remove drugs off the streets, apprehend violent offenders, and to bridge the gap between the police and our community.

Being a volunteer I pay for everything out of my own pocket, to include my complete uniform, weapons and body gear. I feel so strongly about giving back that I purchased my own K9 and pay for all the maintenance for her.

With your help this vest will be one thing to ease my mind every time I put on my uniform and leave my house.”

Thank you to these Guardian Angels and everyone who applied! We enjoyed reading your submissions and are impressed by your bravery and resilience. As always, we are honored to protect you with our armor.

If YOU are interested in applying to be a Guardian Angel, click here.

All of our Guardian Angels will receive a free Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA Body Armor from Safe Life Defense in their size with our perfect fit guarantee! Click here to learn more!

93 thoughts on “January 2021 Guardian Angels

    • Jean-Claude Tabb says:

      I’m a drug &alcohol counselor in the inner city ‘trenches’ of Baltimore City and i help take care of the homeless. The city is extremely dangerous. A vest would allow me to help out later in the day and more often.

  1. ballinger says:

    I run a security company. I tend to buy armor for my men if they want it. I instead wish to donate to the program. Where or how can I do that?

  2. Brisco Williams says:

    I am former army military police and currently an armed security officer I usually buy armor that’s going to serve several purposes so I usually tend to go more for the plate carriers for any type of field work

  3. Marco Boxley says:

    I work in a very dangerous neighborhood , where 223 rifle rounds fly at any given time of day . I’m a father of 5 and just going to work is and making an honest buck is life threatening . I wish that I could show you pictures of my psa .

  4. Gary King says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!! I’m also a volunteer police officer and buying all your own equipment is very expensive! I’m hoping i can qualify for a vest in the future.

  5. Noel ayala says:

    Love it new to law enforcement
    And yes in needing a vest but I can’t afford it right now.hopefully for my birthday day feb 2 2021 god bless have a blessing day (noel)

  6. Corey T Hendrix says:

    Thank you, Safe life defence,your guardian angel program provides HEROES the ability to be HEROES to all all of us!!!,God bless you, and God bless America!!!

  7. Brandon Curtis says:

    I did apply.
    I am a Over the Road Trucker. On three occasions I have been caught between Protestors on Freeway and Police controlling the Chaos.

  8. Eric A. Ramos Sr. says:

    This is a wonderful thing! First responders security officers law-enforcement homeland security even EMTs need to have this type of security because of the world that we live in now. I work for a company that is contracted to work for the federal government and having a vest like this definitely gives you security you need to be able to protect the ones that you work for and work with…

  9. Rick Dwarshuis says:

    I am aFirefighter , EMT,security guard and a public works employee.I have been hit hard financially do to two hip replacements and 2020 COVID cut backs . I have been looking at safe life defense as a way to get myself a little more protection on the jobs so I can go home at the end of each shift.

    • Michael Polite says:

      Hi my name is Michael polite yes I did apply for the armor I’m getting emails about it but I don’t know if it was confirmed that I will receive it how do I check to see if I will get the product

  10. tdea8 says:

    It is good to see and hear people that use their vest for the good of the people and not for illegal use. During this time of in rest it is a survival tool that some may need for self defence against theobbs as an exple we in our neighborhood have experienced 3 shootings in the last 6 months with one person being shot.

    • Marquis Kirkpatrick says:

      I here my Army buddies talk about safe life defense body armor and I here nothing but great reviews and that their armor is very reliable.

  11. Steven Hull says:

    I’m a correctional officer for the state of Arizona have purchased 2 tactical belts absolutely love them have one in black for my everyday duty where have 1 Coyote for when I’m on the range They are my far the best duty belt I’ve ever owned Looking Ford to buying a stab proof tactical vest to wear at work.

  12. Andrew Ready says:

    Congrats!! This is such a great program. I hope to receive one soon. I applied because I work as a security guard and there has been in increase in armed robberies in the area and I need to get home safely to my family each night.

  13. Lou Stefanou says:

    My name is Lou Stefanou, and I’m a security officer in the state of California. Body armor is very important and somewhat out of reach for me at this time. I have to work in some really rough places.

  14. tdea8 says:

    With time ofornations unrest and people divided. The need for self defense is greater than ever. In my neighborhood we have already had 3 shootings with one casualty

  15. Michael Polite says:

    Hi my name is Michael polite yes I did apply for the armor I’m getting emails about it but I don’t know if it was confirmed that I will receive it how do I check to see if I will get the product

  16. Corey Brown says:

    I’m an armed guard for a university in a not so great area. Gun fire is seen and heard on daily basis & it’s multiple times a day. This vest would allow my wife and daughters rest easier at night.

  17. Corey Brown says:

    I’m an armed guard for a university in a not so great area. Gun fire is seen and heard on daily basis & it’s multiple times a day. This vest would allow my wife and daughters rest easier at night.

  18. Michael Henderson says:

    Really just want one for the wife. She has to be alone at the house a lot and not comfortable with the current atmosphere.

  19. Carl Cutrer says:

    I like to get one for my son Bret Cutrer so he can go home to his family his is a deputy in our home town of Kentwood La sometimes he works by his self at night

  20. S J Miller says:

    I work in a busy downtown restaurant and bar. We have a wide variety of customers. From families with children to young people looking to have fun. Our security team is unarmed and part time. Working only at higher risk times of the day.
    I work in the background, inconspicuously as the only full time armed and trained security person. I never involve myself in any run of the mill, bouncer, situations.
    My purpose is for absolute worst case scenario protection of our staff and patrons when the threat of serious injury or death is involved.
    If, God forbid, such a case ensues, and the perpetrator puts me out of the battle, the next line of defense is the 3-5 minute response of Police Officers that will still be tasked with situational analysis upon arrival.
    The ability to conceal body armor could then become the difference between my ability to stay in the fight and save lives… or not.

  21. James Byczek says:

    Hey I’m a full time security guard and volunteer fire police and firefighter and prior service ,and could really use this just can’t afford it right now

  22. L Williams says:

    I’ve applied every month and with no avail nothing, I’m gonna just save the money and buy one I refuse to keep begging and wasting my energy on a hope and prayer my life and safety are more paramount then to keep asking every month

  23. Chris says:

    This would be so nice I work in Security and struggle as is and can never get anything like this to secure myself because I pay for everything in my household and never have anything left one kind heart

  24. Bonnie says:

    I really would love to have a vest,
    I work in realy shady locations ,
    I have 5 beautiful children at home who delevd on me for everything!
    If not for me then for my boyfriend Daniel Garibay ,who also works in a rough part of town .
    His vest is heavy and hurts him !
    I hate seeing him hurting after a long shift .
    I want to get us these vest instead someday soon !!!

    • John Cox says:

      Bonnie II hope and pray that used a safe. I could really use this body armour to I work in real estate management and I go to many different properties in some very very bad areas I also volunteer with my local fire department for EMS. Sometimes we are called to help other departments. I really can’t afford it right now.

  25. Angel says:

    I’m a father of 4 and volunteer as a security guard for my church. All of our guys have their vests but I haven’t been able to get mine due to living paycheck to paycheck. This would be awesome to get one donated hopefully some day soon.

  26. ANNETTE RESTO says:

    Hello, How are you and your family doing today, bless , yes, amen , Happy Holyghost New years to all 2021 , i work for the skating rink Millennium skate rink Camden, Nj 08105, i am a security officer there on wednesday adult night and saturday Teen and young adult night and i work for a liquor store and saturday and sunday Cherry Hill, nj , i am the only child to , just me and my mother in new jersey, so my safety and my life is important to me, i take care if my mother , this is a dangerest world we live in right now, Prayer warrior, pray i love all my jobs that work in or use to work for them, battleship new jersey bb-62 , so i need this vest , my life is on the line everyday, everynight , be bless, be encourge , god bless, jesus #1 Both of my bosses are retired police officers , Awesome, fantastic, excellent , outstanding , nice I call them chief, i dont make alot of money to buy one, i have alot of bills to paid , and short of money , Thank you very very much Love you guys ,

  27. Bryant says:

    For nearly 15 years I have worked to hold the state of Florida accountable for the brutality perpetrated against children, especially in the city of Marianna. I helped exposed this brutality and the 183 missing children from the Florida School for Boys, this abuse has endured for more than 115 years. Because of my work and numerous times of testifying before the state of Florida’s Senate and Legislature and calling out the corruption and those that perpetrated these crimes against innocent children, I have been threatened and stalked because I wanted accountable for the missing and the 500+ survivors. I am a retired Army Ranger and a disabled Vietnam LRRP veteran and I still move to the sound of the fighting and will leave no man or child behind . I believe that a vest would provide me a sense of security as I continue working for accountability for the missing children and the survivors of Dozier. Sua Sponte

  28. Ezra Olomon says:

    I could really use this armor, I’m on disability and there is no way that I can afford any armor, with the way thing’s are headed I am the first and last defense for my family.

    • Steven Fitzgerald says:

      I am a veteran and I live in a very dangerous area. I’m out late escorting my wife to and from work. We’ve been discussing purchasing body armor but cant afford it. Another reason for body armor is just being safe because you never no when something could happen with this world in such a crazy place at the moment.

  29. Tavares carlow says:

    I currently live in miami in bad neighborhood to live hear you need a vest do to the fact that there’s more killings here than usual

  30. Florin Filipescu says:

    It would be a pleasure to have one of your body armor vests ..I’m and private Security guard that’s stationed at one of the worst Cleveland locations East Bank of the Cuyahoga river I stay in my truck as much as possible and use high power surefire flash lights to keep me safe ..please help it would be a lifesaver for me.

  31. Mark A Burford says:

    I have purchased your bundle package, and love it.I would love to g ed t one for my Son, but can’t afford it. As after just spending 1300.on mine. I really like your product.

  32. Steve Martin says:

    I am a principal in a very rural school with a high level of poverty and meth dealing and abuse. We have had several incidents that required law enforcement, but with our location the fastest response time has been 20 minutes. I shutter to think what kind of damage could be done in those 20 minutes. This vest would allow us one more layer of protection between a perp and our school children. Thank you for the generosity of this program and your consideration.

  33. Robert Hall says:

    My Son in law is an Active Fire and Emergency Worker in Hubert North Carolina and I worry about his Safety every day! He also works full-time @ Camp Lejeune as a Loss Control Officer ( Theft Protection) Carton G. Beall retired from the Navy were among other things he taught Field Wound Care, did tours in the Sandbox with both Marine and Army units as a Medic. I would like to see Him considered for your Program He IMHO certainly deserves some Protection!

  34. Gordon Pitcher says:

    I need to win it so I can give the vest to my brother in-law that can’t afford to buy one so he can Protect his self at work doing security

  35. Edward Person says:

    Hello My name is Edward Person, I am a Security Officer for a company in Florida called High Risk Enforcement LLC. Like the name says we do a lot not high risk areas. We are an armed company so having a vest like this would be great

  36. Dave Demontigny says:

    Around where I live people get shot right on the street or get knife cuts,all of that for most of the time street fighting for looking at people a wired face. I’ll buy one of these shorly.

  37. Diego Sanchez says:

    I work for a security agency that is in charge of a water processing plant,we are level 3 security officers,I own my own level 2 vest but do not feel safe 100%,but something is better than nothing but having a better vest is on the back burner for now,I am the only bread winner at the moment and work 2 jobs,getting home safe is a blessing for anyone in the field,God Bless everyone,stay safe.

  38. Maleeka Rushing says:

    I would love to sign up for the program I have a close friend that’s starting with nothing he deserves a vest he’s a single dad and doing everything he can with getting his company going

  39. Kevin Sharwarko says:

    As a single father of 2 boy’s and a retired NCO from the Army, everyone comes first.

    One of the toughest lessons I learned in the military was to take care of myself first before others. Naturally you want to help those in need but you can’t if you’re not healthy or injured.

    Safe life can put those natural leaders back into the game to help others knowing safe life has our back (and front)

  40. Alejandra Chuc rivera says:

    Xs belt thight fit please do n t like loose and would like to spend a little bit in the morning with wife today so if it could be training later evening awesome

  41. TRACIE DADE says:

    yes I could really use this armor, I work for DISD police & security and last yr there was a shooting at one of our stadium our security officers did not have a vest so this would be greatly appreciated item I need to protect myself.

  42. Carlos says:

    hello safe life defense,

    my name is Carlos and I am an animal control officer in North Carolina and I was wondering how I can apply for the guardian sponsorship for our officers. animal control is not often looked at as first responders but I know that we are just as important. we would love to promote this great company and also keep us safe at the same time

  43. Terry Brubaker says:

    So people have been hopping my fence and breaking into my home and I need armor so I can defend myself and my family.

  44. Callen Gilbert says:

    I am a very outspoken Blogger and Social Media poster. I tell it like it is, no matter which side of the political fence is doing wrong. I accept no ads since they would make me beholden to someone. I use my true name as I feel that using a fake name would lessen the impact of what I say. My wife is very afraid when I leave the house for any reason because of this.

  45. Joe Griffin says:

    My name is Joe. I am the only person in my family that has to protect my family. I’m on disability and I cannot afford to buy body armor. If possible can your company help me. Thank you for your time an consideration.

  46. Larry Rasmuson says:

    I am a first responder in an urban area where there’s been an increase in drug trafficking there is also been a couple of murders in this area recently I fear my for myself and my coworkers every time we go on a call because we never know what we may be faced with I sure could use a vest to keep them me safe and to make sure that I go home every night to my family thank you

  47. Ervin Streater says:

    This armor would be very useful for me because i just launched my private armed security company STREATER’S EXECUTIVE PROTECTION and the way the world is in these times that armor would be very helpful… I serve America and the good citizens within and we must protect ourselves at all times from people who wanna do harm or crime ….. USA MY COUNTRY

  48. Odell Oestereich says:

    I could use this being a private security guard and I can’t get a vest that will protect yes I have one but has dummy plates in it and I some times don’t want to go to work knowing I don’t have the armor so hope it changes could really use it sence I don’t have funds to purchase

  49. Donna says:

    I’m a security officer , with a degree in private Investigations. I have to work directly under an investor for 1000 hours, according to the state of North Dakota licensing division. I’d love to own some of your body armor; but it just doesn’t fit in my budget.

  50. tony velasquez says:

    We are working to be the best and go above and off more to our existing and new clients . But some are asking about our ability . I could do more with having more protection . For my self and my officers . Greatly appreciate and help . And good luck to those who have asked as well . We all want to be a part of the solution and serve .

  51. Robert says:

    I bought a bundle for myself and was wondering if I can apply for a G. A. ?

    I have several great friends that are Sheriff’s and Detectives i would love to see them have a vest outside of their day to day kits they wear.

  52. Randall Hitchcock says:

    I am a Security Officer in Chicago Illinois and ever since all the civil unrest and other shenanigans of the past year I have been trying desperately to get some body armor to wear both during my public transportation commute to and from work as well as while on duty. I have had to deal with armed individuals on multiple occasions with nothing but a flashlight and a phone. Needless to say some body armor would greatly increase my sense of safety while protecting this building with some 450 residents.
    Sadly I have not been able to afford to get any due to the cost of living here in the city and bills that are slowly piling up due to the extra expenses the past year have dumped on us all.

  53. John says:

    In these unfortunate times in our country it’s been very weird to have to go to the grocery store where body armor to buy milk my family and I have experienced twice in the last 6 months someone brandishing a firearm and a public setting have no idea why it’s gone so loopy around here we did buy one set of your body armor and we have split it so we can use it to protect ourselves great products thank you so very much

  54. Todd Cafferty says:

    hello; there are probably people that need a vest more than me. I am badly disabled and on disability income. I cant afford a nice protective vest. its a little scary for me because I cant run from trouble. so I will have to stand and fight. I do have a CCW license so I do carry my gun witch helps because I am a pretty good shot. I think I would be more help to myself and the people around me if I was better protected. Thanks for letting me bend your ear. have a blessed day

  55. Felicia McDaniel says:

    I just wanna know how to get a free vest. I applied last year. Do I need to apply every month? I live in a war zone…5 to 10 ppl shot everyday here now.

  56. Hans Schaffron says:

    Do you make vests for K9’s. I am a retired K9 officer who trained and operated with K9’s and feel terrible when one of the K9’s gets killed in the line of duty. If you do please let me know how much they are and how I can help with providing some to officers with their dogs. Oh, by the way, in these uncertain times I wouldn’t mind having my vest back from my working days! 🙂

  57. Stevie MJ Stewart says:

    I am local in Nevada- AEMT, Firefighter, NLV Burn Foundation Events, Volunteer when available. I just started school for my Paramedic License on top of working. I have entered the G. A. program twice. This is such an incredible program, I did not realize they are open world wide for this program. Big Thank you to all who are behind this give away. I truly am hoping one day soon I get the good news ( you are now in Armor ) We are in extremely radical times and never know how we will be approached by patients.

  58. Stephanie a. Taylor says:

    I would be so grateful appreciative to have This vest I am a female public safety officer for hospital & campus & the Only one I deal with a lot different adversities & the vest would be of great protection & safety for myself in keeping the students, employees,Visitors & patients safe & well protected… during these changing times…

  59. Willie Lockett says:

    I will be willing to part a portion of the cost to get a body armor I work for Monroe County Sheriff Dept. They have a small budget it would really help to me to have this body armor thanks

  60. David Sullivan says:

    Hello I am a towing operator for a company were we do private property removal it can get unnerving alone would love to get one of these vest so with that little extra help of making it ho.e after every call

  61. Richard Ingram says:

    I am a State of Florida Security officer and have been for some 13 years. I would love to have the Armor. I had a liver transplant 13 years ago and would love to have extra protection. My wife has been unemployed for the last year and the armor would be one less thing for her to worry about. Thank you for the chance to win one. God Bless

  62. Jason Hanson says:

    I’m a security supervisor for a company and Hemet California we’re almost like a small police force I’ve been trying to acquire body armor but with the rising cost of everything I’m not been able to obtain the supplies I need to keep myself safe in the field within the last two days I’ve almost been stabbed twice within the last few months I have been several arrests with other officers on my shift I would like to see how I could get details on free body armor I really needed I have two kids and a very sick wife I like to keep coming home too

  63. DAVID IBARRA says:

    Im a security officer in Dallas TX, our city became a war zone. I assigned to the night shift. I patrol multiple apartments, I conduct foot patrols, walk between vehicles, and breezeways, never knowing, Where the threat its coming from. I have been in several shooting, where thankfully. My military training has pay off. But its always good to have a reliable tool on your side.

  64. Van-Ainsley says:

    I’m a police explorer and I want a safe life defense vest to start my ride along and because it’s one of the only companies I trust with my life.

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