January Guardian Angel Recipients 2019

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1. Eric Wood, Firefighter

What does owning body armor mean to you?

“Pride, respect, honor, and self-awareness. These words explain how I would feel. I would wear the Safe Life Defense Body Armor with pride knowing I was chosen. I will respect the product by not allowing people to abuse the body armor. Self-awareness in not trying to feel indestructible.”

2. Ryan Johnson, Campus Security

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“I will better be able to protect myself while protecting others while working for campus security. We are always the ones going into unknown scenarios where anything could happen. I take it as my responsibility to take make sure in any emergency to assist others and make sure everyone gets out safe even though sometimes it can put me in more danger. I also volunteer in areas with high crime rates even though it’s a little bit more dangerous I see so much good coming from the program I volunteer with.”

3. Yoni Canales, Law Enforcement

Why should you be selected as a recipient?

“I am a young Police Officer, I started my career at 19 years old working in corrections in my local parish prison. I am now 22 years old and have recently received to opportunity to join our proactive policing and community policing teams with our office. I love working with kids and love doing what I do, I love my City and want to make a huge difference/ impact in my communities.”

4. Kevin Angelilli, Law Enforcement

Why should you be selected as a recipient?

“With my diverse background in Police, Fire and EMS, I am able to serve a larger portion of the community on a daily basis. By choosing me, you do not have to choose between police, fire and EMS, because I do all 3.If you could help me, I can help be on the front line here in the epicenter of the opioid crisis. I work on the outskirts of Charleston West Virginia, and there is a significant amount of drugs, crime and violence that goes along with it.”

5. Jerome Armstead, Professional Security

Why should you be selected as a recipient?

“I know there are many other applications received however I consider myself to be a security officer who goes above and beyond for his contracts and for his clients. I pride myself on protecting those I am tasked with protecting and no life should ever be taking for granted even those of opposing force. I want to continue to move forward in my career field from security officer to police officer and then chief of police. This body armor would be the start of a new beginning in my life. Even if I am not the best applicant, I will ensure that I make the best of the opportunity.”

6. Robert Palanco, Law Enforcement

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“I will feel more confident on patrol knowing that I have protection. Although there should never be hesitation on the part of Law Enforcement it is obviously in the back of your mind that you don’t have adequate protection. Having your body armor will put my mind at ease allowing me to serve my community.”

7. Dustin Wills, Humane Officer

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“Currently I am the Humane Agent (Humane Officer, depending on where you live). My day consists of running the day to day operations at our No Kill Nonprofit Humane Society. Which I am very proud of. We have came a long way in the 6+ years I have been in charge. During this time I take phone calls from residents and passerby’s alerting me to possible abuse/neglect situations. I also receive calls from other Law Enforcement agencies in the county. I go out every day and investigate these calls. Some instances, I take their animal immediately, others I have to keep doing follow ups. When I say I take their animals, I really mean it. Its now a felony for the severe cases of animal abuse in Ohio. That means I am taking their Horses, Dogs, and Cats. I then file charges on the owners. I stay busy all week long. I am the only one currently in the county doing these investigations and prosecutions.”

8. Brandon Krajni, Pilot and Volunteer Law Enforcement

Why should you be selected as a recipient?

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity that you give to men and women out there doing their part. I am trying to do my part as a volunteer with the sheriff department as a fully qualified, uniformed deputy. The training program is 16 weeks and is paid out of pocket, all gear (uniform, duty belt, firearm, ammunition) are additionally paid for out of pocket. The position does not pay anything as it is 100% volunteer. It’s hard for People to understand why I would volunteer in times like these where law enforcement has a mixed image in certain populations. I just want to to be part of the difference. To help those in need in ways that I am capable.”

9. Chad Burroughs, Security, National Guard

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“I will be able to protect myself while helping facilitate the rescue of human trafficking victims with Rescue1Global, while partnering with local state and federal LEO.

While being the volunteer Head of Security for my inner city church One Stone Nashville i will be able to reach out to the lost and the broken while having the peace of mind that I’ve got body armor backing me up while I’m the first aid and security response for my church.”

10. Timothy Schwartzer, Security, Paramedic and Firefighter

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“I live in a rural part of Pennsylvania, and work as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Do not let the word Rural fool you, we are busier than many of the cities that surround us. Our coverage area is the side of Rhode Island. There are numerous times were we receive 911 calls and the scene is deemed “unsafe.” Us as first responders have to stage out of the area until the state police are on the scene and determine the scene is safe.

Going back to the sizeof our coverage area, police are normally far away up to 45min-1hr. My service does not have the money to buy vests for it’s employees and the vests we have now are only stab resistant. By having body armor I would be better protected and able to go into scene and not fear for my safety as much. I wold be much more comfortable going to aide with an incident knowing I had a quality vest on. My county dispatch recommends EMS and Fire to stage for overdoses, assaults, shootings, stabbings, suicidal patients. There are many times that I have went into “Unsafe” scene because there was a severely injured patient. I can say at least on a weekly basis I am on an incident where Id feel better having body armor on, weather it be an agitated individual or an assault.”

11. James Smith, US Army and EMT

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“I was an army medic/instructor, and am a civilian EMT. After i got out, I saw a need to help others with problems other than physical! So i spent 4 years at a Buddhist seminary to become a mindfulness teacher. i received my masters, and now i travel around helping my brother and sister vets to overcome their suffering. i also belong to a stress team in our area. i often get called to confront people in crisis, and i have gotten into quite a few tight spots. Being a Buddhist, I’m somewhat of a minimalist and do not have very much extra money because many of my services are free of charge.. my family, (son especially) would feel much better if i had some kind of protection… thank you..”

12. Tim Victorella, Social Worker

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“I think being a social worker requesting a vest is unique. I work in an environment that is unpredictable and hazardous. I am also a lead crisis de-escalation clinician not only in the emergency department but the entire hospital during grave yard shifts. I have an amazing wife and daughter that I want to come home to every day and work hard to do so. I have wanted a vest for sometime but they are expensive and I have other bills that are needed to be paid for my family. If chosen for a vest I would be very grateful because there have been way to many close calls and I love my job but my family needs me to come home after a long 12 hour shift.”

13. Jacob Abdalian, Fire Fighter

Why should you be selected as a recipient?

“I would be a great candidate for the Guardian Angel Program because I love serving my community. I have been inspired by my father who has been a Los Angeles Police officer for 21 years. Seeing him wear a uniform and help people inspired me to do the same. In addition to serving my community as a fire cadet, I am an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, a US Army JROTC Battalion Commander, Civil Air Patrol Airmen, and I have applied to be an EMT on my college campus. Although I am involved in many organizations, my true passion is the fire department. Approximately 8,000- 10,000 people apply for the LAFD each period and only 500 are selected. Making a name for myself in the department as a fire cadet is vital to my acceptance into the academy and to continue serving my community. Having body armor will enable me to go on high risk calls and make me a stronger fire cadet.”

14. Robert Fiallo, Animal Abuse Investigator

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“My name is Robert and I’m an Animal Abuse Investigator with Hillsborough County. As an Animal Abuse Investigator, I help save animals who lack the voice or ability to save themselves, often after suffering days, months and even years of starvation, beating, improper confinement and poor living conditions. In our position we work alone without a partner and often in both rural and congested low income urban areas. We issue large citations, often in excess of thousands of dollars, execute search warrants, confiscate animals, property and even assist with arrest. Our team also provides rapid response for animal care and rescue during and after disaster situations as was the case during Hurricane Irma where many of us worked 36 or more hour shifts without returning home, even as our own homes were being damaged. Safe Life Defense Body Armor will give my family and I an increased layer of protection from both human assailants, but also puncture and slash injuries to the torso from vicious animals.”

15. Isreal Deutsch, Law Enforcement

How will you be able to help others while wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor?

“In 2014 I started to run marathon’s in my entire police uniform including my old body armor and duty belt. I even did Ironman Wisconsin in my uniform. During that time, I was fundraising for a charity called the Concerns of Police Survivors or (C.O.P.S). C.O.P.S assists the family members and co-workers when a officer dies in the line of duty. During that time, I was able to raise almost $30,000 for the charity.

After my fundraising efforts I was asked to join the Wisconsin C.O.P.S Chapter.

Not only has body armor protected me during my police officer position but it became a symbol for those family members of officers who died in the line of duty. The last thing this family members saw their loved ones wear was their uniform which included their body armor. It wasn’t just cloth it was much more to them. Thus the reason why I wore those items including the body armor during the marathons and triathlons.”

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  1. Arvil says:

    I am a police officer looking for a bullet proof vest I had cancer surgery and had 3/4 of my stomach removed . I was needing a vest to help to protect my stomach and my life I would like to thanks you and god bless you

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