November 2020 Guardian Angels

Safe Life Defense - Bulletproof vest

Happy Veterans Day! This month Safe Life Defense has selected a few exceptional people to receive body armor through our Guardian Angel Program.

For Veterans Day 2020, we have selected three Guardian Angels to receive our Concealable Level IIIA Body Armor. Most of them have served in the US Army and have now moved on to help protect us in other ways!

Join us in thanking Brandon, Garrett, and Braylin for their service!

Brandon Howard

Brandon during his service in the US Army.

Brandon’s Story:

“I recently started a new career as a bail enforcement agent. The individuals arrested by bail agents have not been convicted.

However, they are going to court for a reason and need to take responsibility for their (alleged) actions. Bail agents help ensure those individuals follow through if they miss court or fail to comply with any other terms of the bond.Along with this, I am also a full-time student going to Boise State University for criminal justice. I hope to start a career in law enforcement someday.

Owning body armor will give me that extra security so I know I will go home to see my family at the end of the day. That is always mission number one. Ultimately, this vest is not just something I’ll be using for an occupation but something I will have by my side for the lifetime of the vest. ”

Braylin Brown

Braylin in his law enforcement uniform.

Braylin’s Story:

“At my department, we are issued one set of body armor due to budget. I think every member of Law Enforcement should be issued multiple sets of body armor.

This way we can create “Go Bags” for our off duty civilian life. There have been times where I have been off work and get called in to run a bloodhound track.

In those situations I only have two options, go track without body armor or waste sensitive time going home to get my gear.

By having an extra set of body armor I feel like no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing, I will always be ready.”

Garrett Elmore

Garret during his service in the US Army.

Garrett’s Story:

“My time in the US Army as a cannon crewman showed me the importance of body armor. Now working in EMS it is just as important!

In our modern times, emergency healthcare workers are being targeted for violence frequently. Often times without a concealed weapon to defend ourselves body armor has become extremely useful in making sure we can make it home safe.”

Thank you to this month’s Guardian Angels and everyone who applied! We enjoyed reading your submissions. We are impressed by your bravery and are honored to protect you with our armor.

If YOU are interested in applying to be a Guardian Angel, click here.

All of our Guardian Angels will receive a free Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA Body Armor from Safe Life Defense in their size with our perfect fit guarantee! Click here.

40 thoughts on “November 2020 Guardian Angels

    • Scott Chamberland says:

      God bless all of you Vets ,and Policemen for your service ! I am dissable and live in the coutry ,in the great state of Texas, I would love to have a vest for protection!

  1. lawman0210 says:

    I could certainly benefit from a free vest. I am a USMC vet and a Disabled Retired Police officer. I still work in a field that has the propensity to come in contact with dangerous and violent people. I currently use soft armour thats been out dated by 5 years. How may I sign up to be considered for one.?


    Ken Lane

  2. Pete says:

    12 years in the Marine Corps in 18 in law-enforcement so I am well aware of the sacrifices being made every day by my brothers and sisters. I have worked in some dangerous places and they need to be protected. God bless and Semper Fi!

  3. John e Lyman says:

    Congratulations, men of men! Thank you for your service and your selfless commitment to our people and country and God! Please stay healthy. Sincerely, John Lyman (Lyman Custom Gunsmithing).

  4. Larry G Hill (MSG/E8Ret) says:

    As a retired Master Sergeant after 24 years I’m real proud of younger soldiers and thank God we have them out there protecting this country. May God bless you and protect you while you’re in harms way.

  5. RL Stewart says:

    I did what Brandon and Braelin did in the army and I am happy that you reward them with some thing that could be very useful during these days of Unexpectable things that happens to people that are just trying to look out for their community in many ways. I ordered And paid for a concealable llla+ Body armor vest and have not received it yet. I did a exchange for a different size and a upgrade from iiia to a iiia+ I also purchased a rifle plate that I still have but no vest. I think it must be a shipping problem. Tell me more about the Guardian Angel program.

  6. Gregory Eckert says:

    This would be a marvelous gift. I am the security director of Grace Fellowhip Church in a small town in Nebraska (Elkhorn) but is a suburb of Omaha. I have been looking at vests as of late, but our security budget is not very big so it would be something I would have to purchase. Please consider me for this wonderful gift.

  7. Ray Serna says:

    I would love to get on the list too. The department I work have hand me down vest and the vest I got does not fit correctly. If you could tell me more of the Guardian Angel Program. Thank you

  8. Stephen Calder says:

    23 years fire department and EMS For yours public safety officer Now I’m giving my time To the North Carolina 3% Patriots We protect the Constitution We help our community from feeding the homeless Hurt my ankle had to have 2 surgeries this year Out of work at this time really need some body armor Thank you and God-bless

  9. Bonnie says:

    Congrats to the winners !!
    Happy vetrans day to all vets!
    My bf is an armed gaurd and a veteran , he needs a lighter bullet proof vest for work soon.
    He works armed Security at a highschool.
    His best is too heavy and hurts by the end of the day . He’s always so sore it makes me sad to see him hurt that much !
    I really want to get him a new vest .
    But both of us support a big family so I’d have to save for months !
    Can he be considered for this ?
    I do t want o out

  10. Stephen Calder says:

    23 years fire department EMS For years as a public safety officer Now I’m in the North Carolina 3 up patriots we protect the Constitution we feed the Homeless I really need some body armor this past year I had to have 2 surgeries all my ankle so at this time I’m out of work November the 17th I will be having weight loss surgery So I will be out of work for a while won’t be able to afford to purchase At this time I would love to win Somebody armor it would be awesome thank you for considering me and God-bless

  11. Lee Eaddy says:


  12. David Tluscik says:

    I reside in a Really Bad area, due to being forced to live on disability! I didn’t choose to but, my Chronic Severe Permanent Lifelong Injuries, have left me with no choice but, to live where I’m able to and, it unfortunately puts me in harms way but, I still cannot afford to buy one, although I Truly Genuinely Wish I Could! If at all possible, I wish I were able to Win one, as I’ll Always be forced to reside in bad areas and, struggle so, Thanks to All Our Military and Law Enforcement Officers for Risking Your Lives as well as your many Sacrifices!✌❤

  13. robert petersen says:

    Retired army combat vet. Working as a special deputy and baliff for jefferson county wv sheriff’s department I do alot of out of state extraditions and also transport mental patients to mental hospitals throughout our state low budget department I have no body armor some of these people I transport are very violent I could really benefit with some body armor for my safety but with a family and only 14,00 an hour it’s not in my budget

  14. Shawn Rowland says:

    Thank you to all the Veterans of our great nation that have given us everything our freedoms and defense of our country. On the day we honor all that have given everything to us the American people. God bless…

  15. Michael Frazier says:

    I am an Average Citizen who has been confronted here in California by Antifa and BLM. I have become the quite Neighborhood Defense Patriot. I could use a Vest and a Helmet and any other Tatical Device you are giving away. I am aware we are a Failed Nation State soon after we see Joe Biden steal the Election of our failed Nation will need Patriots! Give it to some other Hero but Just know! I am here to Protect the Average Joe’s Constitution and Bill of Rights!

  16. Willie J Brown says:

    Iam a disabled vet with a family. In which iam responsible to take care of, until they are able to defend for themselves.

  17. Francisco J Rosas says:

    Thanks to all help help serve our country. My doughter has been in the service for 3 to 4 years my son has also joined in the arm forces. I am very proud of the both of them . I to have been in harm’s way if I only had protection it would have been nice I didn’t go looking for trouble but it found me… to those who get a vest good for them be safe I try to be an always tell my love ones the same thank you for including me in this text messages…

  18. G. Michael Young says:

    I was a State and US Deputy Federal officer for many years. And wore a vest often. Now retired I would like to have one but I can only imagine what they cost. Not going to spend the money for one….

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