The Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Program – Bringing good people together

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If you are lucky enough to get on the phone with Nick Groat, President of Safe Life Defense, the first thing you will notice is his passion for protecting people. He talks emphatically about his business, his vision, and how he wants to better the world through his body armor. Nick cares about what he does and the people he protects, and this can be heard through his voice every single day.

It is pretty exceptional then, when Nick talks to someone who matches his enthusiasm for helping others.

Cory Garcia Fringe Firearms

Meet a truly exceptional man, Cory Garcia – Owner and President of Fringe Arms LLC in Collinsville, IL. Through his business, he trains, teaches, and equips people with firearms and body armor. And if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he also works to raise money for police officers that have had to go without body armor and equipment.

Cory Garcia Fringe Fire arms

Already a fan of Safe Life Defense, Garcia first reached out to Groat to discuss having Safe Life Defense in his store. However, when Safe Life Defense found out more about Mr. Garcia and all he does, Nick Groat couldn’t resist helping his current cause. Joining forces, Nick Groat and Cory Garcia were able to outfit an exemplary, yet underfunded, police department.

Safe Life Defense donated two Multi-threat Level iiia Vests and Fringe Arms donated holsters, safety equipment, glasses and ammunition to Elsberry PD of Missouri – a great team of people who rely on fundraising alone to equip their officers.

Fringe Firearms Guardian Angel Program

From left To right Sargent Aaron O’Brian Cory Garcia Fringe Arms, Officer Richard McDermott, Cory Zornier Beef Jerky Outlet, Kaleb Garcia Fringe Arms, and Lt. Airianna Brewer

Cory Garcia shares his call to action:

“(Fringe Arms LLC)… preforms multiple levels of Firearms Training and are a full line firearms dealer. So, when we were contacted by Cory Zornizer, at Beef Jerky Outlet in St Charles Missouri, with a desperate plea to help the Elsberry Police Dept, we at Fringe Arms heeded the call and responded immediately. When we heard that their Body armor was over 10 years past the expiration date and in some cases officers didn’t have any body armor at all, we had to act immediately. My first contact was to Nick Groat, President of Safe Life Defense. Safe Life Defense products are the absolute pinnacle of performance in body armor with outstanding reviews and product performance testing. I spoke to Nick for an extended amount of time relaying my concerns about the safety of the Elsberry Officers and he agreed. We at Fringe Arms offered to pay for some, if not all, the cost of the body armor. Nick Groat wouldn’t hear of this and suggested their Guardian Angel program. The Guardian Angel Program was designed exactly for this reason.”

By joining forces, and through a shared passion to help protect the people who protect us, Nick and Cory were able to help out the Elsberry Police Department. The officers who received the armor and gear were touched beyond belief – and even shed a tear or two.

Nick Groat shares his thoughts on helping others:

“I created Safe Life Defense because I knew I could produce better armor than everyone else – it was so obvious to me that something new had to be brought to the body armor industry. But, the reason I care – the thing that drives me everyday to create a rock-solid company – is the Guardian Angel program and being able to help others. Working with people like Cory Garcia of Fringe Arms, Cory Zornizer, and the Elsberry Police Department is awesome. They are everyday heroes – and that’s what I want for Safe Life Defense – to be the company that supports them and shows them how much their service is valued.”

The future is bright because of police officers that work hard every day despite being underfunded and under equipped – and these brave people are a little safer because of businesses like Safe Life Defense and Fringe Arms LLC.

To learn more about Safe Life Defense body armor or Fringe Arms, please visit their websites or email Nick Groat personally [email protected]

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