September 2020 Guardian Angels

Safe Life Defense - Bulletproof vest

Every month Safe Life Defense receives thousands of submissions for our Guardian Angel Program. We read every one of them and we choose at least three people to award free body armor.

This month three amazing people –  Daniel, Annika, and Tyler – are all receiving a Concealable Multi-Threat Vest in Level IIIA.

Please join us in thanking them for their contributions to their communities.

Daniel Salce

Daniel’s Story:

“I have tried to go above and beyond in improving relations between law enforcement officers with children and teens. In some cases, they see us in very scary situations.

I try to show them we’re there for them, not against them.

I’ve done my best to show we’re people and not robots who come to take naughty children away like so many parents threaten their children we will when they see us in public. I’ll bend right down and tell the child that isn’t true.

I tell them we are there to help them.

Times like these bridging the gap between the public and law enforcement has never been more important.”

Annika Thornburg

Annika’s Story:

“One of the main tenets of EMS is “scene safe” if a scene is not safe you cannot go in and render aid despite how much your morals scream at you to help; you have to maintain your own safety first.

Having Safe Life Defense Body Armor would allow me and other EMS professionals to enter into environments that are safe, but not secure, allowing us to help patients faster and more effectively.

I live in an urban environment (Seattle, WA) and, despite my love for the city, every summer violence spikes. We’ve recently made the national news with multiple shootings in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (which has since been dismantled).

These people received no aid from the fire department because the scene was too unsafe for them to enter and provide care.

I would like to be able to feel safe enough to enter a scene to provide lifesaving care to those who need it. I work for multiple volunteer and private EMS agencies meaning that my patient pool is large and diverse I provide care to over ~1000 people per year.

That number means that not everywhere I go is safe, having body armor would allow me to treat even more patients and treat my existing pool more effectively with a reduced threat of fatal violence.”

Tyler Caswell

Tyler standing behind a fire truck posing for a photo.

Tyler’s Story:

“As a firefighter/paramedic, I feel it is imperative to be properly protected while treating the public.

With Safe Life Defense body armor it will help give me a better peace of mind while treating my patients knowing that I have a reliable piece of equipment to protect me.

Having this body armor will give me more confidence while caring for my patients and will truly allow me to do my job in a more efficient manner which ultimately leads to better patient care.

Having top-notch body armor is a must in my eyes and it would invaluable to have at my disposal.

As the world we live in becomes more unpredictable, it is that much more important to protect myself so I can help deliver the best service to our community.”

Thank you to this month’s Guardian Angels and everyone who applied! We enjoyed reading your submissions. We are always so impressed by your bravery during this time, and are honored to protect your with our armor.

If YOU are interested in applying to be a Guardian Angel click here.

All of our Guardian Angels will receive a free Concealable Multi-Threat Vest in Level IIIA from Safe Life Defense in their own size with our perfect fit guarantee! Click here.

25 thoughts on “September 2020 Guardian Angels

  1. Tim Baker says:

    That’s so great that your giving back i really believe in that very much.. I also want to help law enforcement when they ever need me ill be there to help no matter what the situation because i believe in the law and the people who risked everything.. It’s better to stand for something then to let evil people burn loot and murder innocent civilians!! What i believe in the most is to protect my country!! You are providing a great product for a really great price!! Ty for your texts and God Bless you and company which i also mean family!!

  2. Tarrence Parker says:

    That is so awesome. That a blessing to anyone that receives one. I’m a army soldier and a armed security officer saving up for one myself.

  3. Constable Larry says:

    So glad to see what you all are doing for these heroes. So many of us that do go out and try to make a difference has to buy our own gear. We still do it not for money or fame but for the love that our lord showed us we try to give back. Great thing you all are doing. Keep oil the good work.

  4. George D Adams says:

    excellent idea what you’re doing my name is George Adams I am a reserve officer for the Camden county sheriffs department in Camden County Missouri I worked as a reserve officer in both Colorado and still in Missouri I am 71 years old but every time the sheriff calls and one of the first ones to show up whenever needed I know I am old and probably shouldn’t be with the sheriffs department but in the mid-70s I took a oath to defend this constitution of this great country called the United States of America and I will defend it with my last breath God bless you for what you do have a wonderful day…

  5. Nancy Mele says:

    Hello’ I would love to be in the next giveaway. I am a Medical Assistant and live in the suberb’s where their is alot of violence and gun shots. I’ve always wanted protection to keep me safe, not only body armor but weapons also. I am also looking for full body armor. They have “Guardian Angels” where I live as well and was thinking of joining. Until next time’ be safe everyone!!! Nancy Mele

  6. Robert Fisher says:

    Great picks guys, these people deserve to feel safe while helping so many. Your service is amazing. Keep on helping people, it truly makes a difference. our country men and women need to feel safe as they serve on the community.

  7. John R Davidson says:

    In the 1980’s/1990’s I worked asAEMT/Firefighter , AEMT , and Town Marshal as well as US Government armed contract guard across multiple agencies. Money was tight in those days so body armor was out of the question until a small police department in northern Indiana replaced theirs. They donated the best unit to me and even tho it was over 5 years old I was truly thankful for something. I love the idea of your program and send my prayers out for the safety of all of our first responders. One thing I rarely heard until 9/11 was the words thank you. Thank you , all of you. Be safe and know that you are needed.

  8. Darrell Brown says:

    I ordered my Body Armor vest almost two months ago, but I haven’t received it. I see you’re giving away free armor, but I was told tat mine is back ordered because none are in stock. When can I receive my order?

  9. Ruben Aguilar says:

    I’m in the market for a concealable multi threat vest, one that will stop a knife, high Caliber round & not be obvious to anyone that I’m wearing body armor. I retired due to medical conditions in 2015 (I’m 58 now & disabled) my reason for the need to have body armor is in 2019 (December 20th to be exact) I was Xmas shopping & I got jumped, mugged & one the assailants tried to stab me, if his partner in crime would not have fell into him & knocked the knife free, I might not be writing this. When I got home I told a white little white lie to the mrs. I said that I fell into a patch of shrubs. I’m a very proud & vein many & was highly embarrassed.

  10. Ruben Aguilar says:

    I just need to be properly fitted. I’ve had 7 back surgeries & full shoulder replacement. I’ve got to be comfortable. Thank you very much Rubrn

  11. Angel says:

    Great idea, Please consider this for photojournalist, we are in the middle of all of it with first responders. I am having trouble finding one affordable since I’m a freelance press photographer here in NYC and certainly need one. Shootings in NYC are out of control and I’m out there every day with little to no protection.

  12. kwilliamson says:

    I love the program, is there any way you can push to fill orders quicker. I have made several purchases after I save up but then have to wait 6 to 8 weeks before I can get the items. I lost a very good friend, team mate and fellow officer who was in the same boat that most of us are. Anthony (Tony) Way was ambushed by an armed suspect and died after being shot by a small caliber handgun; He was a paycheck away from having enough to get a vest. He left behind a wife and daughter, during these times of total disrespect of public servants, please get the product out to us quicker.

  13. Lisandra Valdebenito says:

    I have these products in my Christmas list but unsure if able to get them. I recently retired and founded our Veteran’s Tow Service. In this job, I consider indispensable to wear a concealable body armor. We received a warning about fake tow calls that turned out to be robbery attempts. I will love to be your next awardee for this awesome product. Thank you

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