Can you be denied the right to own body armor? The answer will surprise you!

who can own body armor

In response to the ongoing discussion on gun rights, people are starting to ask: is it legal for civilians buy body armor? Is body armor legal in my state? Isn’t body armor only for law enforcement? Why have I heard that body armor is illegal to own?

Body armor is 100% legal for civilians to own! It is your right to protect yourself in a defensive way.The TRUTH is that body armor is legal in ALL 50 STATES for law abiding citizens! What does that mean? As long as you have not been convicted of a felony, it is 100% legal for you to buy and posses body armor.

who can own body armor

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But aren’t there companies that only sell body armor to law enforcement?

It is true that many companies require paperwork and employment by a law enforcement agency to purchase armor. However, the law enforcement restriction on body armor is a company policy and is not enforced by law. When shopping for body armor, look for a company that supports and encourages civilian self-defense like Safe Life Defense!

What is Safe Life Defense’s policy on selling body armor to civilians?

Safe Life Defense fully supports anyone who decides to make an investment in their personal safety. We do not believe in restricting our sales to only law enforcement. Body armor is a purely defensive product and is not capable of causing harm. There are no legal restrictions on selling body armor to civilians so we do not believe in limiting self-protection; we are against restricting sales to only law enforcement agencies. So go ahead and shop confidently! You can wear your armor proudly all day and make it home safely at night! Above all, please Stay Safe!

What are the THREE restrictions on body armor?

1. Connecticut – Body armor is legal in Connecticut however sales must be made face to face. This means you may not purchase body armor online.

2. Felons – It is illegal for convicted felons to buy or be in possession of body armor.

3. Intent to commit a crime – Body armor may not be worn with the intent to commit a crime.

Do you have a questions about buying or owning body armor? Please leave a comment and we will be happy to assist you!

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2 thoughts on “Can you be denied the right to own body armor? The answer will surprise you!

  1. AL says:

    Everyone has the right to defense and body armor couldn’t harm anyone. So I don’t understand for what it would be restricted.

  2. Jeff Carbine says:

    I loved it when you said that body armor is 100% legal for civilians to own! It is your right to protect yourself defensively. My current job continually exposes me to danger. I have been planning to buy body armor for my protection and my family. This post will help me to find the most reliable body armor store.

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