Concealable Body Armor vs Plate Carriers? Choose wisely.

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It seems simple – you want your personal armor to stop the largest round possible, right? Well, hold on a second… as cool as it sounds to safely stare down the barrel of a bazooka (don’t try this), you should take several things into consideration when purchasing armor. Overall, it is much more important that your armor matches your specific protection needs. Concealable body armor (soft body armor) and hard body armor offer two very different types of protection and, if you are shopping for armor, it is imperative you know the difference.

In the Right Corner – Concealable Soft Body Armor

​Concealable body armor is used to protect the wearer against the most commonly encountered threats – handguns and shotguns. Concealable body armor is easily worn under clothing and sports a larger ​surface area. Safe Life Defense concealable body armor adds another layer of protection with strike and slash protection. In addition, Safe Life Defense Vests have extended side protection, wrapping around the body for significantly enhanced coverage. Soft body armor is perfect for civilians, EMS, security and law enforcement.

In addition, Safe Life Defense Vests have extended side protection, wrapping around the body for significantly enhanced coverage. Soft body armor is perfect for civilians, EMS, security and law enforcement.

Pros of Concealable Body Armor

  • ​Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Maximum Coverage
  • Extremely practical
  • Flexible
  • Can be worn under clothing
  • Handgun, shotgun and slash protection

Cons of Concealable Body Armor

  • ​Extra plates needed for rifle protection
  • No pouches or attachments

The Challenger – Plate Carriers

Plate carriers are great for protection against rifle threats. Typically used by military personnel, this type of armor covers the vital areas but often lacks the coverage offered by soft body armor. Plate carriers are popular due to their ability to stop rifle threats, but the plates are heavy and not easily concealed. Their weight and style lack real world practicality, making this ideal for military professionals.

Pros of Plate Carriers

  • ​Rifle Protection
  • Many Options for accessories
  • Popular Military Style

Cons of Plate Carriers

  • ​Smaller area of protection
  • Heavy Plates are uncomfortable
  • Not practical for daily use
  • Not concealable

What is the right choice for me? Can’t I just have both?

Safe Life Defense IIIA Body Armor

If you are looking for armor that can be worn on a daily basis or for home defense we highly recommend soft body armor such as the Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat Vest. Safe Life Defense concealable vests (level iiia) are rated to withstand an overwhelming majority of handgun and shotgun threats, including; 9mm, 45 acp, 357 sig, all the way up to.44 magnum! You also get protection against 00 buckshot, 9mm submachine gun rounds and even 12 gauge shotgun slugs! Add in the slash and strike resistance of Safe Life Defense armor and you have superior protection

If you want rifle protection, the Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat vest has you covered! With front and rear hidden plate pockets you may slide our optional level IV ICW rifle plates into your vest for protection up to 30-06 armor penetrating rounds! The Safe Life Defense armor system has the ability to adjust threat levels for maximum practicality and comfort. If you only want protection against rifle threats without a concealable vest you may purchase rifle plates such as Safe Life Defense 3+ plates and use them with any other plate carrier on the market that will fit a 11 7/8″ x 10″ plate. Safe Life Defense plate carriers are coming soon!

Safe Life Defense makes the only bullet, strike and slash resistant vests on the market! At only $399 our high quality concealable vests are incredibly affordable. With full side protection our vests offer 15% more coverage than our competitors!​ Sizing is available from Extra Small to 4XL to fit nearly all body types. For those who simply cannot afford the protection they need, we provideo ur armor at no cost through The Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Program.

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3 thoughts on “Concealable Body Armor vs Plate Carriers? Choose wisely.

  1. Frank hallman says:

    Hi Nick, I’m interested in your under shirt plate carrier. My son works for Cuesta college PD as a pso while he attended school and is graduating this may18th with a degree in physiology and social and behavior science degree. His end goal is FBI, can I get in on the angle program or get assistance on one of your vests? We just bought him plates but need a carrier, thanks for you consideration. Frank

  2. john manion says:

    I’m a messenger for a large armored car company and I wear a BR vest everyday. I am looking for a replacement to my Galls brand, it has to be a Level III or higher and I also require 3-4 attachable pockets. I currently have soft plates and like the feel of them. Any suggestions? Have looked quite a bit and have found nothing acceptable. Thanks, John

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