Safe Life Defense raises over $10,000 dollars in ONLY two weeks!

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Campaign Update! Thanks to your generous support, we have raised OVER $10,000! That means we are almost FULLY FUNDED! The momentum and support from today was unreal! Safe Life Defense has achieved top rankings on IndieGoGo!

In light of our fundraising success, it is my pleasure to announce our plans for stretch goals! If we meet our $15,000 goal and exceed it, Safe Life Defense will start researching and designing K9 armor. It is our goal to be able to protect as many people (and canines) as possible! Please continue to support and share Safe Life Defense so that we can make bullet resistant armor for dogs a reality!

Supporters, thank you again for all of your help. The most important thing to do in the last part of our campaign is to share our product with as many people as possible. Your comments, likes, shares, and contributions are what influence our rankings! Keep up the AMAZING work and thank you! Together we can save lives!​

Safe Life Defense makes the only bullet, strike and slash resistant vests on the market! At only $399 our high quality concealable vests are incredibly affordable. With full side protection our vests offer 15% more coverage than our competitors!​ Sizing is available from XXS to 4XL to fit nearly all body types. For those who simply cannot afford the protection they need, we provide our armor at no cost through The Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Program.

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Phone: 702.829.4029
Email: [email protected]

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