Why do you get made fun of for using the term “bulletproof” vest?

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Does this sound familiar? You are hanging out with your friends, discussing your favorite topic, Safe Life Defense body armor (of course), and someone snickers when you say “bulletproof”! Personal protection and body armor is no laughing matter, so what gives? Never fear, it isn’t because your shirt is trucked into your underwear. In fact, all you need is a quick lesson in terminology. Keep reading to learn more – you too will be able to snicker at others with an air of mild condescension!

So what is the deal? I hear the term “bulletproof” all the time.

The term “bulletproof” is commonly used by the general public when referring to body armor. That is why many people – the news, retailers, and even gun stores – use the term. However, it is technically incorrect to call armor “bulletproof” and most people in the know will cringe when it is labeled improperly.

So if “bulletp​roof” is incorrect what term should I use?

The correct term to use when referring to body armor is “bullet resistant.” We use the term bullet resistant because it is important to understand that there is no such thing as 100% “bulletproof” body armor. Body armor significantly reduces the possibility of a fatal event, however protection against every threat is virtually impossible. If you are familiar with guns, it is similar to someone calling a magazine a clip. It isn’t exactly the right terminology, even though everyone knows what you mean.

The NIJ rating is what REALLY MATTERS

It’s nice to be confident in your body armor terminology but how do you really judge an armor’s protection level?



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