Safe Life Defense Donates Body Armor To Kids Back The Blue

Safe Life Defense Kids Back The Blue

Safe Life Defense is excited to make a difference!

It is impossible to deny that President of Safe Life Defense, Nick Groat, has been busy. In just one month, his campaign on the popular crowd funding site, Indiegogo, raised over $16,000 and allowed him to start preproduction of his revolutionary new body armor. Within weeks, he had sold out his first shipment of bullet, strike, and slash resistant vests. Ever since then, the demand for his armor has been so high that his biggest problem is keeping them in stock. Groat has provided vests for not only police departments, security and hospitals, but also for hundreds of everyday civilians. Undeniably, Safe Life Defense is a brand quickly becoming known for affordable quality and reliability, as shown by an extraordinary Facebook response to the new Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat IIIA vest.

However, busy as he may be, Nick Groat has one specific goal left to achieve. This month proudly marks the start of the Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Program, and Groat feels that it marks his biggest success yet. “I was so excited to pick the first person to receive a vest donation from Safe Life Defense. I really started out with the mission to make body armor more accessible to everyone, “enthused Groat, “Now the Guardian Angel Program is finally becoming realized!”

So how did he choose the first person from a pool of over 5000 worthy applicants? “I read them all, but one application really stood out. I wanted to pick someone who would honor the other applicants, and who is making a difference and shaping our country.”

Meet the first recipient of the Guardian Angel Program: Kids Back the Blue!

The Kids Back the Blue supporting their “Adopted Heros”

​For his first Guardian Angel, Nick Groat selected a group of people who would all benefit from receiving a vest. Kids Back the Blue is a collection of 46 kids mentored by Vanessa Palacios, who started the texas based group when a police officer left a lasting impression on her own children by getting them Icees on a hot summer day. Since the creation of the group, Kids Back the Blue has been “Adopting Heroes” by holding fundraisers to support police officers. Their adopted heroes receive everything from birthday cakes to ballistic vests. ? These kids are doing something really special. Not Only does their work influence their community, but it helps create a healthy relationship between law enforcement and civilians for generations to come. Safe Life Defense is so proud to support their hard work and  I think it is important to reward the efforts of these kids. I wanted the kids to receive the donation and choose the recipient, because they really are heroes too, and because I know supporting them helps their entire community – not just one person,” said Groat, Mentor Vanessa Palacios knows Kids Back the Blue represents sometihng bigger, “It’s about guiding and mentoring the kids. They are our future.”

This August, Safe Life Defense is donating two brand-new bullet, strike , and slash resistant vests to Kids Back the Blue and it won’t stop there!​ Groat plans to continue body armor donations every month to worth Americans. “Embracing social entrepreneurism has really influenced Safe Life Defense as a brand for real people who need protection,” touts Groat, “I am so excited for the future and I truly appreciate the support of everyone who continues to spread the word about my company. The Safe Life Defense Facebook page alone has a reach of over a million people per month, and with my success I have the opportuntiy to get involved with great things like Kids Back the Blue! I couldn’t be happier to support and congratulate these kid’s efforts.”

Want to get involved?

Visit the Kids Back the Blue Facebook PageOrEmail Vanessa: [email protected]

Be sure to follow Safe Life defense on Facebook for updates and photos of Kids Back the Blue with their heroes and their new Safe Life Defense vests.​

Safe Life Defense makes the only bullet, strike and slash resistant vests on the market! At only $399 our high quality concealable vests are incredibly affordable. With full side protection our vests offer 15% more coverage than our competitors!​ Sizing is available from XXS to 4XL to fit nearly all body types. For those who simply cannot afford the protection they need, we provide our armor at no cost through The Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Program.

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