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Safe Life Defense is proud to announce 7 Guardian Angel Recipients to mark the end of summer 2017. These individuals do outstanding work that promotes safety and makes the world a better place.

We are thrilled to award them body armor and are so excited about the future of the Guardian Angel Program. Please keep spreading the word about Safe Life Defense and our mission to protect people with quality body armor. With your help and support, we can donate armor to people who need it most – and we truly appreciate all your shares on social media and countless personal recommendations.

Please join us in celebrating these Guardian Angels.

We are confidant Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat Body Armor will not only keep them safe, but allow them to continue helping others to the best of their abilities. Thank you, Guardian Angels!

1. Steven Harris: Security Guard, HS Football Coach, and Head Bowling Coach

Steven, being a security officer is no easy task – and being a mentor to high schoolers is a challenge in a league of its own. Thank you for the work that you do and please wear this vest to keep you and your students safe.

“I live in a suburban area 30 minutes outside of Montgomery, Alabama. I have worked at our local High School the last 3 years as a Security Guard, Football Coach, and as the Head Bowling Coach. In the past two years, things have been changing in the area – we had 3 different incidences with kids bringing guns to school and 5 others with knives.

The first thing I do is make sure the students understand that I am not there to be an enemy, but to guide them and help them make the right choices to succeed in life. I love my community and inspiring our youth to go and be great leaders in our society.

I strive to mold champions in coaching but also humble men and women that understand the importance of sportsmanship and team work. I will continue to do so no matter how hard my job may be.”

2. Damian Kruse: Paramedic and Volunteer Firefighter


Damian, we love your life goal. We hope some Safe Life Defense armor helps you stay safe and aids in your commitment to helping others. Thank you for all that you do!

“Greetings! My name is Damian Kruse, I am a Paramedic at Mauston Area Ambulance, serving a low-income county of about 14,000 people. I am also a shift supervisor and training officer, so I work hard to ensure my crews are safe and on task and have the equipment necessary.

I also make sure that the entire department is well trained and have the knowledge to protect themselves and serve others. I am also a volunteer fire fighter for my community.

I need concealed body armor to protect myself so I can provide for my patients and community. I love life and I enjoy ensuring others can too, and that will always be my goal in life. Thank you for the opportunity and your consideration.”

3.  Nickolas Suter: Security Officer, Reserve Deputy

Nickolas, we applaud your enthusiasm and commitment to volunteering. Please wear this body armor while you serve as a reserve deputy and as you work as a security guard. We are excited for your future career in Law Enforcement!

“I am currently going to school for law enforcement while working full time in retail loss prevention and volunteering as a reserve deputy with the Sheriff’s office.

Despite working and going to school, both full time, I have been able to volunteer 152+ hours in 2016 and I am trending to do 170+ hours in 2017 with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

As a reserve, I am provided with minimal equipment. All my duty gear, including body armor, needs to be purchased on my own.

I would feel a lot safer and confident if I had body armor. I would be grateful to be reviewed for the Guardian Angel application. Thank you.”

4. Levi Garrison: Firefighter, EMT, Reserve Deputy Town Marshal

Levi, we love your passion and commitment to the people in your community and are impressed by all the different roles you preform to keep them safe. Please wear this vest as you continue to help others.

“I live in a small town in Indiana. Our town has approximately 2,000 people. I volunteer at the fire department where I serve as a firefighter/EMT. I also work for the local hospital for our EMS system. I also am a reserve (volunteer) deputy town marshal for the town of Hope.

I love serving others and being able to get out and interact with the community. I love being able to come home at the end of my shift and feel I have made a difference.

I can lay my head down at night on my pillow and rest easy because I know that everything was done correctly and to the best of my abilities. I feel I would be a good candidate for the program because I feel I represent everything that your program stands for. If selected I will continue to do my jobs, and make a difference and continue to help everyone in my amazing community.”

5. Brandon Morales: Security Officer

Brandon, we are impressed by your desire to protect others. Security plays an important role in our society – because true freedom will never exist when people are not safe. Thank you for the work that you do, and thank you for pledging to donate your old vest to someone in need.

“I run a small security team in Dallas, TX and today marks the one-year anniversary of the shootings downtown directed at the LGBT community.

I was working that night, about 3 miles from where the shootings took place. I had several people come up to us wanting to know if we would protect them in the event the violence moved closer to us. At the time, I had no body armor and was genuinely afraid that I would not be very effective if I had to put myself between an active shooter and them. I saved to purchase a used vest from a friend who had a spare, but it doesn’t fit me like it should and the panels expired several years ago.

With a new vest, I would be confident knowing that I could save lives if an active shooter made their way to my block. I would gladly donate my used vest to another of my officers to wear to try and make sure that everyone who needs a vest has one to use.”

6. Makenzie Schwartz: EMT, Volunteer

Makenzie, we never want you to have to fear for your own safety while you are out helping others. Please wear this vest so you can be the best EMT possible, and thank you for your commitment to saving lives.

“I am an EMT in California, proudly serving the Bay Area. When I’m not working, I am a full-time college student, studying biology for a nursing degree. I also spend a lot of time volunteering my services for community events.

As an EMT, I can remember several occasions where I was paged by my dispatcher and told not to go anywhere near Oakland because it wasn’t safe. I remember being posted at a hospital, and told that I couldn’t leave because there was no safe way to leave. I was very distressed knowing that we could not get to the people in need because it risked our own safety. I have been in situations where I have a patient in the back of my ambulance and I cannot get to the hospital because the adjacent blocks are on lock-down.

Despite the conditions I work in, despite the danger and the crime, all people are worth saving. Every. Single. Person. It is my job to do the best I can every time I am out there.”

 7.  Banghi Traweek: Veteran, Coordinator of PTSD Foundation of America

“I’m a volunteer that works with the PTSD Foundation of America Portland Chapter and I’m the Veteran Coordinator for the area. We are combat veterans counseling combat veterans. We use a faith based approach to help our veterans deal with post-traumatic stress and other emotional issues. I help law enforcement when veterans get suicidal. I have entered homes by myself to talk with them and deescalate the situation. Going into a veteran’s home alone, knowing that they are usually armed, can be very frightening. We work with law enforcement agencies in the area, and they know they can call on me to respond to these types of situations.

This is a volunteer position but I often put in over forty to fifty hours a week. I believe in what we do, and that it works. A veteran in crisis has a hard time dealing with authority figures, but will talk to another combat veteran.”

Brandon, thank you so much for helping our country’s veterans. We hope that this vest aids you in the commendable work that you do and gives you confidence while helping those in need.

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