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  • NIJ Certified
    The Essential Tactical Bundle $775.00

    Made to be an essential part of your self-defense plan, this bundle combines our extremely protective level IIIA+ body armor with our best-selling molle tactical carrier and molle tactical belt so you can prep your set-up IN ADVANCE. (And, as a limited time BONUS, this bundle comes with a 100% FREE CONCEALED CARRIER for covert wear!)

    Tactical Bundle Includes:
    – TWO (Front and Back) Full Coverage IIIA+ Soft Armor Panels
    – One Tactical Carrier w/ Molle
    – One Tactical Belt w/ Molle
    100% FREE Concealable Carrier!

    Available Add-Ons:
    – TWO Side Armor Panels (overlapping coverage)
    – THREE Customizable Patches

    Choose Your Carrier/Vest Size:
  • Tactical Belt Bundle $257.00

    Shop our Tactical Duty Belt in a BUNDLE for added savings. Get the ONLY belt with a lifetime guarantee & our 3 pouches (tourniquet, triple mag, and AR15) all in 1 bundle – ALL USA-MADE! Plus get our Tactical Gloves COMPLETELY FREE.

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  • FRAS�
    The Defender Armor Bundle $888.00

    Made to be light and minimalist for an agile self-defense, our Defender Armor Bundle is ideal for people who want to upgrade their current vest set-up to rifle rated! Perfect for armed guards, police, and civilians who know they will be carrying during a crisis, this bundle will help upgrade old department issued armor without changing its appearance and works with ANY vest that has plate pockets. Bundled with our triple mag pouch and our popular tactical belt, this bundle offers SAVINGS of over $100!

    The Defender Armor Bundle Includes:

    • TWO (Front and Back) 10×12, 8×10, or 11×14 FRAS® Rifle Plates
    • One Tactical Belt with Micro Molle
    • One NEWLY RELEASED Triple Mag Pouch (Learn More)

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  • Hyperline™
    The Hyperline™ + FRAS® Bundle $1,999.00

    Want the easiest and most wearable Level III+ armor set-up on the market? You just found it. This Hyperline™ + FRAS® bundle is our lightweight, comfortable, and cutting-edge armor technology all in one. Our exclusive Hyperline™ wraps around your entire body and when you add our FRAS® plates, it takes your set-up from IIIA to rifle rated III+!

    Everything Included In This Bundle:
    • ONE Tactical Carrier (Overt Wear)
    • ONE Concealed Carrier (Covert Wear)
    • TWO FRAS® Plates
    • TWO Hyperline™ Panels (Front and Back)
    • Optional Hyperline™ Side Armor
    • Optional Custom Patches

    Choose Your Carrier/Vest Size:
  • NIJ Certified
    The Complete Body Armor Bundle $999.00

    Adapt to any environment with The Complete Body Armor Bundle. This modular armor bundle allows you to create 3 different vest setups: concealed, tactical, and rifle rated so you can always match your mission.


    – ONE Tactical Carrier (Overt Protection)
    – Front and Back Level IIIA+ Soft Armor
    – ONE Concealed Carrier (Covert Protection)
    – TWO Level IV ICW Rifle Plates

    Choose Your Carrier/Vest Size:
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