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HYPERLINE™ Level IIIA Backpack Armor

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Introducing elite protection on the go with Safe Life Defense’s Backpack Armor Panels. Flexible, lightweight, water-resistant, and offering the exclusive Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat protection you love and trust, these panels represent the absolute best in protective gear. This means you can now have the same protection found in our ballistic vests with our new backpack panels.

Safe Life Defense bulletproof panels utilize a unique tapered edge design, guaranteeing a great fit into a wide variety of common backpacks. The panels are also Self Structured™, ensuring superior comfort and support for your back. Due to their overt, built-in design, the panels can also be used on their own.

Turn your average backpack into an expert bullet blocker with our game-changing ballistic backpack insert.



  • Incredibly thin and lightweight!
  • Defends against handguns, shotguns, strikes and slashes.
  • Excellent blunt force ratings
  • Excellent multi-hit capabilities
  • Self Structured™ for increased durability and an effortless fit
  • Tapered edges for a perfect fit
  • Durable 600d Polyester Carrier
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 14″


HYPERLINE™ iiiaProviding an unprecedented level of protection, weight saving and thinness (0.19″), Hyperline™ is hyper performance proprietary composite armor with excellent blunt force protection and multi hit capabilities.

Why Choose Level IIIA over Level III Body Armor?

What Does Level 3 Body Armor Stop?

Level 3 Body Armor stands for armor that offers rifle protection designed to withstand military-style rifles. This includes but is not limited to, assault rifles using the popular 7.62x51mm NATO and .223 Remington rounds. However, Level III Armor is far heavier than its Level IIIA counterpart making it much more difficult for the average person, or child, to lug around.

What Does Level 3A Body Armor Stop?

Level 3A Body Armor has been battle-tested by the National Institute of Justice to stop rounds like .357 SIG, .44 Magnum, 9mm, and other IIA and IIIA ammunition. This makes it the ideal choice for protection against common handgun types. It is not built to withstand rifle ammunition.

Why Level IIIA Armor is a Great Choice

If you are wondering if Level IIIA armor is a good choice, its heavy usage by law enforcement officers indicates that there is no better bulletproof insert for personal protection. This is due to its ability to block all common handgun bullet types without over-encumbering the wearer. There is a reason that law enforcement officers have opted for this lightweight option, offering an overt and lighter protection option in comparison to thicker armor types.

What Sets the Hyperline Level IIIA Backpack Armor Apart?

Providing unrivaled ballistic protection, no other bulletproof backpack insert provides such a high level of protection within such a thin and lightweight frame. In a time where gun violence is so horribly prevalent in the United States, including tragedies such as school shootings and mass shootings, Safe Life Defense offers a defense solution that effectively turns your or your child's backpack into a ballistic shield.

We remain adamant that every American should own body armor of some kind, not just law enforcement. If you wish to give yourself and your family the best protection possible – but don't want them to have to wear bulletproof vests under their clothes every day – we have the solution for you. Be overtly ready for active shooter situations by purchasing our revolutionary bullet-resistant backpack insert.



Warranty & Guarantees

Safe Life Defense guarantees the proper fit of your backpack armor. If you feel your vest does not fit properly, we will exchange your vest. Exchanges must be within 30 days of delivery and in original condition.

Safe Life Defense stands behind our products and your personal protection.

In the unfortunate event that you are shot while wearing your vest, we will replace it at no cost as long as a police report is provided during your 5 year warranty.

5 Year manufacturer warranty on all ballistic panels and plates.

2 Year warranty on all carriers.

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