The Complete Body Armor Bundle



Adapt to any environment with The Complete Body Armor Bundle. This modular armor bundle allows you to create 3 different vest setups: concealed, tactical, and rifle rated so you can always match your mission.


– ONE Tactical Carrier (Overt Protection)
– Front and Back Level IIIA+ Soft Armor
– ONE Concealed Carrier (Covert Protection)
– TWO Level IV ICW Rifle Plates

Choose Your Carrier/Vest Size:
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Concealable Carrier

Safe Life Defense concealable vests are a top choice for protection - whether you are a civilian or wearing it under a uniform daily. Slide your red, IIIA+ armor panels into this carrier for discrete protection against all the most common handguns, shotguns, stabs, strikes, and AP ammo.

Tactical Carrier

Our best-selling tactical carrier features both regular molle webbing and laser cut molle so you can always have the IDEAL vest set up!

IIIA+ Soft Armor Panels

INCLUDED IN YOUR MATCHING SIZE: These panels offer protection against all the most common handguns and shotguns, armor piercing rounds & stabs, slashes, tasers, and blunt force trauma.INCLUDED IN YOUR SELECTED SIZE: Panels protect against handguns, shotguns, strikes, slashes, stabs, tasers, and AP rounds!

Level IV ICW Rifle Plates

Only 5.8lbs and easy to use, these rifle plates go with BOTH carriers in this bundle. Slide them into the front pocket on your carrier and have multi-hit protection against threats up to 30-06 steel core armor piecing rounds. (Level IV).

2 Pack

Add IIIA+ Side Armor Panels (+$69)

Optional: Want a little extra protection? Use these in your included tactical side strap pockets.

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