The Essential Tactical Bundle



Made to be an essential part of your self-defense plan, this bundle combines our extremely protective level IIIA+ body armor with our best-selling molle tactical carrier and molle tactical belt so you can prep your set-up IN ADVANCE. (And, as a limited time BONUS, this bundle comes with a 100% FREE CONCEALED CARRIER for covert wear!)

Tactical Bundle Includes:
– TWO (Front and Back) Full Coverage IIIA+ Soft Armor Panels
– One Tactical Carrier w/ Molle
– One Tactical Belt w/ Molle
100% FREE Concealable Carrier!

Available Add-Ons:
– TWO Side Armor Panels (overlapping coverage)
– THREE Customizable Patches

Choose Your Carrier/Vest Size:
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Tactical Carrier

Our best-selling tactical carrier features both regular molle webbing and laser cut molle so you can always have the IDEAL vest set up!

Concealable Carrier

LIMITED TIME BONUS: This FREE concealable carrier allows you to take the red level IIIA+ ballistic panels out of your tactical carrier and slide them easily and seamlessly into your concealed carrier. (Value: Save $79!)

IIIA+ Soft Armor Panels

INCLUDED IN YOUR MATCHING SIZE: These panels offer protection against all the most common handguns and shotguns, armor piercing rounds & stabs, slashes, tasers, and blunt force trauma.INCLUDED IN YOUR SELECTED SIZE: Panels protect against handguns, shotguns, strikes, slashes, stabs, tasers, and AP rounds!

Tactical Belt

The ultra-rigid belt design allows for maximum load out so you can carry everything you need comfortably, for hours, with LESS FATIGUE.

Add IIIA+ Side Armor Panels (+$69)

Optional: Want a little extra protection? Use these in your included tactical side strap pockets.

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