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  • FRAS�
    FRAS® Panels $1,520.00-$2,020.00

    For many years people have been told “no soft armor will defend against a rifle threat.”  That changes now…


    Safe Life Defense FRAS® is a Flexible Rifle Armor System that feels and conceals just like soft armor but is rated to defend against .223, 5.56 and 7.62×39! Flexible Rifle Armor panels provide full front, rear and side coverage while still being lighter than most traditional rifle plates.  Guaranteed to be the most comfortable rifle protection you have ever worn or your money back!

  • FRAS�
    FRAS® Side Armor Panels $299.00

    Great for overlapping protection or a little extra coverage, these 2 Flexible Rifle Armor side panels are exactly what you need to replace your heavy steel side armor plates. Enjoy comfortable and lightweight protection against .223 and 5.56 and say goodbye to steel forever!

    (For a limited time, this set comes with FREE side straps so you can use them with any vest we make – not just our tactical!)

  • FRAS�
    FRAS® Rifle Plates $449.00-$1,148.00

    Born from our Flexible Rifle Armor System, this FLEXIBLE RIFLE PLATE is our FRAS® Vest in 10×12 plate form.

    It’s not a secret; our iconic Flexible Rifle Body Armor is one of the most innovative protective vests on the planet. That’s why we made these plates from the exact same material that’s in our FRAS® Vests! This 10×12 plate works seamlessly as a replacement for uncomfortable and impractical hard plates. In addition, this plate is truly “multi-functional” and can be used in conjunction with IIIA+ soft armor OR standalone in a plate carrier or in a backpack.

    • 10×12 Rifle Plates are for Safe Life Defense vest sizes XS and larger.
    • 8″X10″ Plates for Safe Life Defense vest sizes 2XS and smaller.
    • 11″x14″ Fits any plate carrier that accepts 11″x14″ plates
  • Backpack Armor $99.00-$599.00

    Introducing ELITE protection on the go – Safe Life Defense Backpack Armor Panels! Flexible, lightweight, water-resistant, and offering the EXCLUSIVE Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat protection you love and trust, these panels are the absolute best in backpack armor! You can now have the same protection found in our ballistic vests with our NEW backpack panels! Safe Life Defense backpack panels utilize a unique tapered edge design, guaranteeing a great fit into a wide variety of backpacks – no more struggling with your zipper! The panels are also Self Structured®, ensuring superior comfort and support for your back! Because of their built-in structure, the panels can also be used on their own.

  • HG2
    HG2 Side Armor Panels 5″ x 7″ Level IIIA/HG2 $59.00

    Safe Life Defense Vests provide full side coverage by design But sometimes, you may need additional coverage.  Introducing Safe Life Defense Side Armor Panels!

    This Level IIIA Multi-Threat armor defends against handguns up to .44 magnum, shotguns up to 12 gauge slugs, strikes and slashes!

    Includes 2 side armor panels to be used with Safe Life Defense Tactical Side Straps.

  • Tactical Side Straps (Optional Side Armor) $29.00-$299.00

    Set of TWO Tactical Side Straps. Designed for increased stability while carrying a full load out and extra protection when needed.  Tactical Side Straps include low profile pockets for optional 5″x7″ side armor panels.  Tactical Straps come standard on the Tactical Carrier.

    Compatible with all Safe Life Defense Armor.

  • FRAS�
  • NIJ Certified
    The Complete Body Armor Bundle $999.00

    Adapt to any environment with The Complete Body Armor Bundle. This modular armor bundle allows you to create 3 different vest setups: concealed, tactical, and rifle rated so you can always match your mission.


    – ONE Tactical Carrier (Overt Protection)
    – Front and Back Level IIIA+ Soft Armor
    – ONE Concealed Carrier (Covert Protection)
    – TWO Level IV ICW Rifle Plates

    Choose Your Carrier/Vest Size:
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