The Complete Body Armor Bundle

complete body armor bundle

The Complete Body Armor Bundle

Every mission comes with different varieties of danger. Depending on your profession, your exposure to danger may be higher than average. Since you can’t plan for everything, we’ve created a modular bundle that will quickly and easily protect you from almost any incident you may encounter.

This armor bundle allows you to create 3 different vest set-ups: concealed, tactical, and rifle rated so as you head out, you’ll feel prepared for anything. We believe if you’re going to invest in body armor, you should be investing in a product that can quickly and easily change with you. See what people are saying in these reviews from actual users who back us up on the flexibility of this bundle.

This bundle includes one Tactical Carrier (Overt Protection), Front and Back Level IIIA+ Soft Armor, one Concealed Carrier (Covert Protection) and two Level IV ICW Rifle Plates. Each of these products can be used in different set-ups.

The Set-Ups



Set-up number one, Concealed/Covert is great is great for anyone who is looking to be discreet with their armor. Our concealed carrier is equipped with level III A+ soft armor panels to protect you from stabs, slashes, punches and of course, the most common handguns or shotguns. This carrier can easily be hidden under a button down shirt or sweatshirt without bringing on any attention.


Set-up number two, Tactial/Overt is best for anyone who needs to be easily identified and carry extra gear. The MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) on this carrier allow additional gear such as medical supplies, extra magazines, or a radio easy to easily be brought along. Paired with our soft armor, this vest protects you from all the most common threats PLUS makes you easily identifiable.

Tactical/OvertRifle Rated

Rifle Rated

Set-up number three, Rifle Rated is for anyone who is going into a high threat situation. This set up is tactical with rifle plates. Our rifle plates can easily slide into either the concealed vest or the tactical vest easily. The rife plates can protect you from up to 30.06 AP.

Why Choose a Body Armor Package?

Purchasing a body armor package saves about 10 percent overall. For the low cost of $999, you can know you are protected from almost anything life may throw at you. Consider this a life-saving investment. We understand that affordability is important, and that’s why we also allow this package to be broken down into four payments! Use Zip to break the cost down into four payments of $249.75.

Our Promise

Your gear should fit and feel comfortable. If you order a size that you feel isn’t your best fit, we offer 30 days to exchange it for another size. Along with free exchanges, we offer you a five year warranty AND an incident guarantee. If you are shot while wearing our vests, we will replace it at no cost.  Simply send us the police report within that five year warranty and we will send you a replacement. If you’re ready to protect yourself and take on any mission, you can start here.

One thought on “The Complete Body Armor Bundle

  1. PEDRO TORRES says:

    I can’t wait for the bundle to come in I’ve worked high-risk security for many years been in many scrapes over the years but in today’s time it is to the point where I have no choice to protect myself that way at the end of every shift I go home safe to my wife and kids wasn’t easy obtaining the body armor as a father of three grandfather of one as a father of three grandfather of one been married 18 years I always told myself I will always go home safe into one faithful night 1:30 in the morning I got attacked in front of my own home by two individuals that were drunk and high on drugs you see this was my first week on the job after being laid off for almost a year they’re two individuals wanted to take out a police officer because the uniform I wore resembled police officers needless to say I defended myself they’re both in jail I finally got the chance to purchase the safe life defense body armor system thank you again safe Life defense can’t wait until your armor system come in looking forward to telling you how it fits from my family to yours thank you for your service to this great country and God bless to all your employees for producing great products

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