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How to Install Side Armor

How to Install Side Armor

Posted by Maren McElroy on 14th Apr 2020

We're always getting questions here at Safe Life Defense.

Read BELOW (or watch the video above) to learn how to put in your side strap armor. It's easier than you think!

Step 1 - Pull the side straps off your vest. We know you already know you how to do this, but Google Maps has taught us to make directions super obvious. (Everyone needs help getting out of their driveway sometimes.)

Step 2 - Open the pocket. Pro tip: It's on the same side as the velcro about an inch or two below. (See? This is easy!)

Step 3 - Take your side armor and bend it in half. Make sure the label will face your body once you put the straps back on, and insert the panels into the pocket.

Step 4 - Put the side straps back on! You'll want the side without elastic to attach to the front of your vest. Once you've attached your straps to the front, flip the vest over and secure the straps to the back.

(If you need to make adjustments you can always fold the velcro backwards to move it. Our side straps are designed to make it easy for you to make quick adjustments.)

Step 5 - Make sure everything is secure and then you're all set! (As Google Maps would say - "Arrived!")

Congratulations! You now have side armor on your vest.

Side armor is fantastic for people who are between sizes, or who want to achieve an overlap in protection on the sides of their body.

You can pick up your own side armor here!

Remember to stay safe out there everyone. If you want to learn other ways to upgrade your armor, click here!