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New Product Release: Introducing the Ultimate Triple Mag Pouch

New Product Release: Introducing the Ultimate Triple Mag Pouch

Posted by Morgan.Hallenbeck on 8th Oct 2021

It can be hard to find gear that does more than just fill a need. For some time, we’ve heard the same common complaints from Law Enforcement, tactical shooters, and those interested in personal defense, “My magazine pouches are uncomfortable, impractical and don’t hold up over time.” With so many different flavors of pouches out there, it can be difficult to find your fit without ending up with a duffle bag filled with discarded gear that you’ll never use. The reality is that this is normal for a lot of people as they search for an option that will securely carry the most vulnerable external component to their firing system. Your life ultimately depends on the tools you have on a day-to-day basis that can make you safer in a bad situation. That’s why we set out to do better by creating a top-of-the-line magazine pouch that will ease your load. While this blog primarily focuses on duty options, we’d like to encourage you to read on and discover more about common mag pouch issues, things you’ll want to consider when purchasing, as well as our brand-new product release.

Pain Points With Pouches

As an officer on the front lines, you should have an adequate number of magazines available to you at all times. So what is that tactically acceptable number? Many departments choose to issue only two, but you may want to consider having some extra ammo available, just in case. These agencies often buy from the lowest bidder, which can leave you with the possibility of having to utilize poor quality or less reliable products. This in itself is a significant health and safety issue for uniformed police personnel and so many others.

Rules on overall look and regulations on how you can (and can’t) set up your full loadout vary from department to department. Depending on your area of work, you may need to avoid that “militarized” MOLLE look and wear your gear on your belt rather than on your vest. It has often been thought that unless an officer possesses a sufficient waistline circumference belt setups aren’t an option. However, this isn’t necessarily the case because you can generally explore alternative gear options and setups to accommodate all items required for a uniformed street presence. For you, this may be your center mass vest space. No matter the attachment area, think through the method you’ll be using, the accessories you’ll need to add and any additional items you must have on your person to make sure you’re mission-ready. Will you be carrying a single or double stack? Will you use a “piggyback” pouch? Will your loadout create too much bulk, get in the way of your natural movement or add weight that could lead to long-term issues in the lower back?

Pouch on Vest Pouch on Belt

Other mag pouches may leave you suffering from limited orientation options, like being forced to attach at a horizontal draw angle. In use-cases like this, we have an opportunity to perform an exercise in officer safety because how you use your gear matters. Of course, each one of us must decide for ourselves what works best. Nonetheless, whatever you choose should be designed to withstand the modern-day gunfight. In this example, we’ll examine a user who places their mag pouch sideways so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space or cut into their abdomen after a long day of work.

One thing that individuals would want to take into account is whether or not placement will cause them to have to go through extra motions to access their magazines. This may take mere seconds or less, but it could also mean the difference between life and death. Unnecessary movement, like a further distance, extra rotation or added retention can all contribute to this risk. So while you’re thinking about pain points, also consider keeping your setup as basic, safe and accessible as possible. In addition to this, you’ll also want to practice often and develop your gross motor skills. At Safe Life Defense, we typically suggest a vertical magazine orientation on the off-hand side of your duty belt with cartridges always facing your strong hand.

Materials and function can be yet another area for frustration and misfits. Take for example the basic leather mag pouch. Many officers still utilize this classic option, but leather does tend to have more issues with breaking down over time, losing integrity, retention capabilities and usually retaining odors as well. When it comes to nylon pouches or those with cords, there is an increased risk of this gear being more easily torn, cut or broken. That’s why we see a lot of people on the force shifting to hardshell polymers like Kydex. Our recommendation? Go for a more durable mag material with an open top and no clasps to break so you can get in the fight for your life faster. The wrong mag pouch could put you at greater risk or even get you killed.

The Search Is On

Assembling the perfect “battle belt” for duty can be a tall order. With different preferences, requirements and restrictions, each belt and piece of gear on it will be customized for its user. There is no best mag pouch on the market, but there are certainly good, fair and poor options out there. This is why it’s important to understand what traits to look for when purchasing.

Lifestyle Vest Pouch on Duty

Here are some of the important considerations to think about:

  • Material: Will the material endure the conditions you are putting your gear through overtime?
  • Weight: Could your belt start sagging due to overloading one side creating balance issues?
  • Capacity: What’s your optimal number for how many magazines you’d like to have on hand?
  • Motility: Is your pouch firearm specific or will it accept a variety of magazines sizes?
  • Retention: How well do the magazines remain situated in the pouch with intense movement?
  • Draw Speed: Do you have superb accessibility that will allow you to retrieve additional ammo quickly?
  • Reload Time: When pulled from the pouch is your mag ready in an actionable position?

A New Solution for Lifetime Use

There is no reinventing the wheel. And you might be thinking, there’s no way to reinvent the mag pouch either … but we did and you’re about to learn how. We’d like to formally introduce you to the Safe Life Defense Triple Mag Pouch, a high-quality, technological innovation like nothing else! It was engineered with the finest materials, precision tolerances, and designed to be different for a more intuitive experience and increased patrol practicality.

New Release Triple Mag Pouch Branded

So how is this mag pouch different from the rest, you say? Let’s take a look:

  1. COMFORTABLE: Unbelievable lightweight at only 0.24 lbs and ultra-low profile with a 0.03” Hyperlock™ attachment system so you back give your belt (and your back) a break from extra weight.
  2. DURABLE: Constructed of a high-strength Boltaron, Polymer-Coated Cordura® Fabric Composite, along with .18″ Stainless Steel, Lock Tight hardware to provide an extremely secure fit that won’t stretch out over time.
  3. VERSATILE: Plays well with vests as well as belts, and was created to fit all .40, 9mm, and .357sig double stack magazines.
  4. COMPATIBLE: Works best with our Tactical Duty Belt, but you can also use it on any 1.5”-2.25” MOLLE or slide-on system from Ronin, Safariland, or Amazon.
  5. ADJUSTABLE: Utilizes 4 tension points so you can tighten each independent mag bay to your exact preferences and get a tighter grouping. Perfect tension every time, all the time and over time.
  6. SPACE-SAVING: Save room with the smallest footprint of any triple mag pouch and maximize your gear real estate. At just 4.625″W x 3.75″H x 1.5″D, you can now carry 3 magazines, where previously only 2 could fit.
  7. ERGONOMIC: With a “bullets out” orientation that utilizes a 90° rotation for a more functional position, this magazine works with your wrist to decrease draw time.
  8. USER-FRIENDLY: Quick, secure and clasp-free open-top design to access your mags without flaps for a faster reload time.
  9. TRUSTWORTHY: Made with you in mind and backed by over 2 years of extensive design research and product efficacy testing.
  10. 100% USA-MADE: Produced in-house at our state-of-the-art facility in Las Vegas, Nevada using custom-built machines. These pouches are patent pending and we’re proud to say they’re made on American soil.

In the Technical Weeds

Let’s talk about the Hyperlock™ Attachment System, possibly one of the more complicated (and unique) elements of this mag pouch. In essence, it’s just as it sounds! When you take a closer look at the back of our pouches you’ll notice the assembly functions just like many other molle mounting systems, but negates the need to have tools on hand. Simply weave the mounting strap through molle as usual and deploy the dual locking tabs at the bottom of the pouch.Pouch on Belt

The key to the perfect fit is the proper use of this locker system and considering the gear you are mounting to. Use the top locker tab for Micro Molle and 1.5″ – 2″ slide on belts. Use the bottom locker tab for Traditional Molle and 2.25″ slide on belts. It’s incredibly secure and eliminates sagging, shifting and virtually all unwanted movement. The low-profile straps mean full dual-layer belt contact is made in slide-on applications, so your gear will always be exactly where you want it.

Triple Mag Pouch Hyperlock

Want to learn more about everything these pouches can do? Click the video below to discover why you’re going to want to add one to your cart. Or if you’ve read enough and you’re ready to shop, just click here now.

Built to Last, Ready to Ship

If you’re forced to wear department-issued mag pouches on your person, don’t fret! The brand-new SLD Triple Mag Pouch is made to match standards across the country without changing the look of your uniform. That means you don’t have to settle! They’re available in two different styles including GRID™ and Haircell. GRID™ has been developed to match the modern look of Nylon Webbing as well as Basketweave patterns. Its medium sheen gives your gear an extremely high-end and professional appearance. Haircell is our alternative, extremely common pattern that is both rugged and traditional. If you want some of the best gear available, start your mag pouch search here. We’re sure you’re going to love the many thoughtful design features, all made to make carrying magazines easier, more comfortable and reloading faster. Stay vigilant — you are your first line of defense.