New Product Release: Introducing Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves

Safe Life Defense has introduced a new line of tactical shooting gloves, the Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves.

Safe Life Defense talked to shooters everywhere to find out what they wanted, what they liked and did not like in shooting gloves currently on the market. The development team took the best ideas and came up with an innovation in shooting and hand protection that are the best tactical shooting gloves ever made.

Safe Life manufactures and retails premium body armor and body armor accessories to civilians, law enforcement and others. For the best body armor gear, think Safe Life Defense.

What are Tactical Shooting Gloves?

Tactical shooting gloves are meant for protection. The best shooting gloves, like the Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves, protect your hands from the gun, the weather and incidental damage when doing everything that comes with shooting. The gloves also have to let the shooter feel the gun for the utmost accuracy.

Safe Life looked at the best tactical shooting gloves today and set about designing a superior set of gloves for every shooter.

The Benefits of Shooting Gloves

Whether on the range or in the field, people wonder what the benefits are of tactical shooting gloves. Safe Life’s own pro staff and other shooters provided this brief list of top benefits.

• Recoil – Depending on the gun, recoil ranges from next to nothing in a revolver shooting .22 shorts to wrist-manglers like the .500 S&W Magnum with a short barrel. Putting protection on the hands shooting the big bores just makes sense. Why? The checkering in the grips can quickly become irritating. Gloves also prevent hand damage from slides on automatics. Over time, the abrasion of the gun on the skin during recoil can also cause blisters. Gloves eliminate this.

• Weather – Weather is the biggest factor in shooting that is outside the shooter’s control. Things like rain, cold temperatures and wind will affect everything on the range and in the field. With a good set of gloves for shooting, the shooter can minimize the effects on the hands. Gloves give the shooter a more secure grip on a wet firearm. Some gloves can also keep hands warmer in cold or windy weather.

• Damage – Tactical shooting gloves are body armor for the hands. The gloves are not meant to stop a bullet, but the best gloves for shooting protect hands from incidental scraps and cuts and reduce the damage from impacts. Accuracy depends on a shooter’s hands. If those hands are sore or in pain, accuracy will suffer.

Introducing Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves

Before the Dexterity+ Shooting gloves were offered to the public, they went through rigorous testing in the lab and in the field. Safe Life used its own pro staff and other respected shooters to put these gloves through real-life tests.

The result? The Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves are getting top reviews from the shooting world. The precision and research that went into these gloves is immediately evident when slipping them on.

The real proof is when the shooter wraps a hand around a gun grip and reaches for the trigger.

Like all of Safe Life’s body armor products, the Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves are made from the ground up with the shooter in mind. 

Features of our Shooting Gloves

Safe Life started with durability as a top feature of our new shooting gloves. The shooting world’s top guns said cheap materials wear out too fast and do not provide an adequate level of protection. That in mind, the company started with a Namar™ base for the palm and built around that. Namar™ is one of the toughest flexible fabrics on the market today. The Standards EN388 Abrasion Testing Model says the fabric can go through more than 4,000 abrasion cycles.

With a EN 388 Level 3 cut rating, these gloves are tough enough for machinists and responsive enough for the most demanding hunter or tournament shooter. EN 388 is the European Standard for Protective Gloves. Gloves are ranked 1 (least protective) to 5 (best protection).

From there, Safe Life moved to comfort. Durable is good, but hot is not. The back of the glove is a breathable polyester and nylon mesh. A gun may get hot, but your hands in these gloves will stay cool.

Speaking of fingers, pro shooters said they needed flex in each finger as well. Safe Life responded by tooling the Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves with individualized finger stitching. This means a shooter will notice some difference in the stitching patterns. Shooting requires precise finger movements. A good shooting glove also needs to allow repeated movements without adding stress to the finger. Increased stress makes fingers fatigue faster, which leads to poorer performance on the range.

Realizing the needs of today’s electronics, Safe Life incorporated a finger touch screen pad into the gloves. Shooters do not need to remove their gloves to deal with touch screens.

Safe Life took one more tip from the shooters. Each glove has a built-in sweat wipe. The back of the thumb has a terry cloth pad for the shooter to wipe away that annoying brow sweat.

To make sure these gloves are the pinnacle of performance, Safe Life is guaranteeing these are the best-shooting and best-fitting gloves on the market today. Shooters are invited to take the gloves for a 30-day test drive. If the gloves do not perform as promised, send them back for a refund. See the sizing chart, then place an order to make sure the correct size is chosen.

Try Safe Life’s Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves

Safe Life’s Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves are perfect for race, three-gun, tournament shooters and anyone who wants to spend a day at the range sharpening his or her skills. Purchase Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves today, confident in the knowledge you are getting the best gloves on the market. 

For more information, visit Safe Life Defense’s Dexterity+ Shooting Gloves.

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