SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024: Recap

SHOT Show 2024 has come and gone, leaving the firearms industry buzzing with excitement over the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. As we recap SHOT Show 2024, see what you missed as we go over the event and call out standout products, trends, and insights that are set to shape the future of personal and professional protection. This year’s exhibit promised a sneak peek into our latest offerings, featuring our HG2 armor, Hyperline armor, and our ergonomically designed Basketweave and Plain Leather Duty Belts.

SHOT Show 2024: Innovative Body Armor Solutions

We strive to be at the forefront of developing advanced body armor solutions and SHOT Show 2024 was no exception. We highlighted our latest advancements in ballistic protection, introducing lighter and more flexible armor without compromising on durability. From innovative materials to ergonomic designs, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in personal protection.

At Safe Life Defense, we understand that staying protected is important. That is why we highlighted our HG2 armor, a notable change in personal defense. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to create armor that is not only thinner and lighter but also stronger than its predecessor. Attendees at SHOT Show 2024 saw the remarkable characteristics of our HG2 armor, providing enhanced protection without compromising comfort or mobility.

Thin, Light, and Strong: Hyperline™

Our Hyperline™ armor is redefining industry standards. When you pair our Hyperline™ armor with our Hyper Concealable Carrier you are left with an ultra-thin profile ensuring discreet and comfortable wear, while the lightweight design adds a layer of comfort that users appreciate. Despite its slim construction, our Hyperline™ armor does not compromise on strength, offering robust protection against a variety of threats. Whether you are in law enforcement, security, or simply value personal safety, our Hyperline™ armor sets a new benchmark for what modern body armor can achieve.

Modernized Duty Belts That Stand the Test of Time

Our innovation does not stop with body armor. SHOT Show 2024 also served as a platform for showcasing our Basketweave and Plain Leather Duty Belts, engineered to redefine comfort and functionality. One of the most common complaints among professionals wearing duty belts is the persistent issue of sagging, leading to discomfort and lower back pain. Safe Life Defense has addressed this concern head-on by introducing duty belts that are rigid and provide our end-users with a sturdy platform for their duty gear.

Our Basketweave and Plain Leather Duty Belts are designed with the wearer in mind. The rigid construction eliminates belt sagging, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout extended wear. Experience freedom of movement without compromising on the support your duty belt should provide. Say goodbye to hip and lower back pain and focus on your duties without the distraction of discomfort.

SHOT Show 2024: New Product Development

Our presence at SHOT Show 2024 proved our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. Our company actively seeks feedback, engaging with our consumers to understand the challenges faced by professionals and civilians alike. Our products are tailored to address specific concerns raised by end-users, reinforcing our commitment to providing armor and tactical gear solutions that make a difference.

SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024 was a testament to the continuous evolution of the firearms industry. From innovative body armor solutions to adhering to the new NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standards, our company’s commitment to excellence and adaptability positions us as a leader in the ever-changing landscape of personal security. As we look ahead, we will continue to push boundaries and set new standards, ensuring that individuals around the world can face the future with confidence and peace of mind.

Now that SHOT Show 2024 has ended, we want to thank all attendees who visited the Safe Life Defense booth. The overwhelming response to our products motivates us to push the boundaries even further. Stay tuned for what we have in store for 2024 – new innovations, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to keeping you safe.

  • Hyperline™
    Hyper Concealable™ HYPERLINE™ Level IIIA $1,128.00-$1,248.00

    Providing an unprecedented level of protection, weight saving and thinness (0.19″), Hyperline™ is hyper performance proprietary composite armor with excellent blunt force protection and multi hit capabilities. Paired with the ALL NEW Hyper Concealable Carrier this vest is the thinnest IIIA armor in the world. Made in the USA with a proprietary manufacturing process.

    Berry Compliant: 100% Made in the USA. Every fiber of every material and all manufacturing processes in Hyperline™ are of US origin.
    Made in the U.S.A.

    • Set of full coverage Hyperline™ Panels
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