How to Set Up Your Tactical Vest

Every piece of kit is mission dependent, whether it is your vest, battle belt, clothing, footwear, they are all dependent on what the overall goal of your mission is. The Tactical Vest is one of the most important pieces of tactical gear that you should consider. You need to know where and how to access all your kit and have options that provide you with all your mission essentials. Our Tactical Vest allows you to organize them, however necessary. With the modularity of our tactical carrier, it is the best all-around option for those seeking the ability to up their level of protection and to open up some extra space on your duty belt.

What Sets Our Tactical Carrier Apart From the Rest

There are many features that our Tactical Carrier offers to the end user, features like:

These features allow each end-user to tailor their carrier to their mission while maintaining their desired level of comfort and protection. Our tactical carrier also allows for the user to run 360-degree coverage of our level HG2/IIIA, IIIA+, and FRAS® armor and up there level of protection as needed by adding either our FRAS® Plates or our Level IV ICW plates into the low-profile plate pockets on the front and rear of the carrier. And if you desire to have 360 degree protection from rifle threats check out our FRAS® Panels.

The 6 point adjustability allows for the vest to be custom fitted to your body, if you feel like the vest is riding too high on you, you can loosen the 3 layer mesh shoulder straps and if you feel like its riding too low you can tighten them. You may need to adjust the cummerbunds and you can do so in the rear section of the carrier. This also allows you to adjust if you fluctuate in weight, we also offer side straps that accept our side armor panels. This will eliminate the need to have to buy a completely new vest if you gain weight.

How to Insert Your Armor into Our Tactical Carrier

Our armor panels directly correlate with the size of our carriers, meaning if you are a size medium in panels, you will need a size medium carrier for those armor panels. After determining which level of armor is right for you, you will need to insert the armor panels into the front and rear of the carrier. To do this you will:

  1. Open the Velcro portion on the interior side of the carrier
  2. Slightly bend the armor panels to fit into the opening
  3. Slide your armor into the carrier, push the panels as far up into the carrier as possible
  4. Bend one of the bottom sides into the carrier (make sure the corners of the panel line up with the corners of the carrier
  5. Then you will need to bend the other corner into position
  6. And secure the Velcro opening

**Note that when you are inserting the armor panels, the label of each panel MUST be facing the body to receive the level of protection that it is rated for. Failure to do this may result in severe injury or even death.**

How to Adjust Your Tactical Vest to Fit You

After inserting your armor panels into your tactical carrier, it is essential to double-check the fit of your tactical vest. Even if you have adjusted the carrier to fit you without body armor, it is wise to reassess the fit with the panels inserted. Depending on the Safe Life Defense Body armor you are wearing, minor adjustments may be necessary. Take advantage of all six adjustment points to achieve the tailored fit you desire.

Each shoulder features an adjustment point that determines the ride height of your tactical vest. Our tri-fold shoulder straps ensure the carrier sits at the perfect height, whether you are running, going prone, or sitting in a vehicle. These straps utilize heavy-duty Velcro to prevent any unwanted movement once adjusted.

Once you are satisfied with the ride height, adjust the side straps. Each side strap has two adjustment points, providing four adjustment points in total. All our tactical vests come with side straps compatible with our soft body armor. If there is a gap between your front and rear panels, adding side armor panels will give you full 360-degree protection. (Refer to this video for guidance on inserting side armor panels.) If the Velcro on the front portion of the side straps and vest does not align, adjust the rear portion of the straps. (Watch this video for easy adjustment instructions.) It may take a few attempts to achieve the perfect fit, but once set, you will not need to readjust it.

Optimizing Your Tactical Vest for Your Mission

Once your vest is perfectly fitted it is time to set up the rest of your Tactical Vest. Now you will need to decide which pieces of kit you would like to carry on your vest, which will also depend on the type of weapon systems you carry, the type of radio, and any other gear you have determined to be essential for mission success. It is not a bad idea to consider some form of medical equipment, extra batteries for any WML, Night Vision, or optics.

Then will come identification patches whether you are Law Enforcement, military or civilian. Having a way that others can identify you is essential for your safety, you can further customize your carrier with our Custom Tactical Patch Pack.

Finally, the molle on our tactical vest is compatible with all pouches that use molle or a form of molle, whether that be Bladetec’s Molle-Lok, standard molle straps, and especially our Hyperlock molle system that you find on the rear of all our pouches. Remember to carry only what is necessary to accomplish your mission, weighing down your vest with extra kit that you will not need, or use will not only make you less efficient, but it will also be harder to get to the pieces of gear that you need and use the most.

Why is Our Tactical Vest Perfect For You?

In conclusion, our Tactical Vest is versatile, protective, and crucial for achieving mission success across various scenarios. With its modular design and features, including compatibility with Safe Life Defense ballistic panels and customizable options, our vest allows users to tailor their kit precisely to their needs. From adjustable straps to water-resistant construction, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and maneuverability without compromising on safety.

Whether you are a law enforcement officer, military personnel, or a civilian with a need for reliable tactical gear, our Tactical Vest provides the necessary foundation for optimal performance. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to equip every individual with the tools they need to excel in their missions. Experience the difference with our Tactical Vest and elevate your readiness today.

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