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Welcome to Safe Life Defense, we make it our mission to ensure your safety is never compromised. Today, threats loom from every corner, finding the right body armor is essential. But understanding the complexities of armor ratings can be confusing and overwhelming.

From IIIA/HG2 soft armor to rifle-rated protection, we understand that being able to differentiate the various levels of protection can be challenging. That is why we simplified the process by color-coding our armor, making it easier for you to identify the level of protection you need. So, let us dive into the colors and what they signify, ensuring you make the right choice for your safety needs.


Level IIIA armor has recently received updated nomenclature put in place by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) and is now called HG2 armor. With this update by the NIJ, we decided to also update our previous iteration of IIIA armor. We incorporated some material and manufacturing technologies that we have learned in the process of creating our Hyperline™ Body Armor. Incorporating these technological advancements, we were able to make this armor thinner, lighter, and stronger than the previous iteration.

Our HG2 armor is proudly made in the USA using Dyneema­®, Honeywell®, and SAATI® materials. This armor is sealed with a black airtight and water-resistant covering to guarantee the materials do not degrade overtime. Our HG2 soft armor provides reliable protection against 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10MM, 44 magnum, 12-gauge slugs, knife slashes, and strikes. This armor can stop all of this while remaining comfortable to wear and budget friendly. Everything from meeting the latest NIJ standards to the price point makes our HG2 armor the best entry level armor system on the market.


Hyperline™ Level IIIA armor is our most advanced soft armor that we offer. It offers protection from all the same threats as our HG2 armor but in an even thinner and lighter package. This armor eliminates all compromises by combining the best of safety, thinness, weight savings, and cost effectiveness. If you are looking for concealable body armor our Hyperline™ armor fits the bill better than any other armor on the market.

Our Hyperline™ IIIA armor is also made proudly in the USA using Dyneema®, Honeywell®, and DuPont® materials. This armor is sealed in a clear airtight and water-resistant covering allowing you to see the armor panel itself, while protecting the materials from degradation. This armor is only .19 inches thin, and it has excellent back face deformation numbers that are well below the NIJ limit of 44 millimeters (about 1.73 in). Providing an unprecedented level of protection, weight savings, and thinness, Hyperline™ is our proprietary hyper performance composite armor with excellent blunt force protection and multi hit capabilities. If you want the best of the best soft armor, this armor is for you!


Our Enhanced Multi Threat Level IIIA+ Body Armor is a little thicker than our other soft armor systems but remains just as comfortable. IIIA+ is the MOST protective soft armor that we make. This armor protects against all the same threats that HG2 and Hyperline™ armor do PLUS it offers stab protection up to 36 Joules of force. However, it does not stop there, this body armor also stops Liberty Civil Defense 9mm+P and 5.7×28 rounds. These rounds typically defeat soft body armor, but our IIIA+ stops both with ZERO issues.

If you are looking for the MOST protective soft armor, our Enhanced Multi Threat IIIA+ armor is the only choice. This armor system is sealed in a red airtight and water-resistant covering to protect the inner materials from degradation. Although this armor is a little thicker than our other armor system it offers a wider range of protection. From car accidents to gunshots, this armor has saved lives and continues to protect lives all over the world. Whether you are an active-duty law enforcement officer or just a concerned citizen, this is the right armor for you!


Our Flexible Rifle Armor, also known as FRAS, is the next generation of rifle-rated body armor. At only 3.97 pounds for a single 10×12 it is very lightweight and extremely flexible allowing it to contour to the wearer’s body. Our standard FRAS protects against your most common rifle threats .223 (AR-15), 5.56 (AR-15), and 7.62×39(AK-47). FRAS will also stop the non-standard 5.56 rounds like M855, M193, and SS109 with ease. If you are looking for higher rated-rifle protection, we also offer standalone FRAS plates that only weigh 1 pound more than the standard FRAS. These standalone FRAS plates will stop the same threats as well as .308 Winchester and 7.62x54R. You can also use a standard FRAS plate with our soft armor panels to achieve the same level of protection as the STANDALONE FRAS plate.

Our FRAS plates are composed of AL2O3 ceramic tiles, Para-Aramid, and UHMWPE materials offering lightweight and reliable protection. So, if you are looking for comfortable, lightweight, and proven rifle-rated body armor FRAS is the perfect solution for you. It is sealed in a blue airtight and water-resistant cover to help prevent the degradation of the inner materials. Although FRAS panels are heavier than all our soft armor panels, you have the peace of mind for being protected against rifle ammunition. If you often find yourself in high threat situations where rifle rounds are heavily used, it is worth considering our FRAS armor.


The highest level of body armor the National Institute of Justice recognizes is level IV armor, and it is also the most protective rifle-rated armor that we make. Our Level IV ICW body armor will protect you against armor piercing threats like 30-.06 M2 AP (black tip) rounds. Since these plates are meant to be used with soft armor, you need a IIIA backer. We recommend that you use our IIIA+ to mitigate as much of the transferred energy as possible, allowing you to stay in the fight longer.

Our Level IV ICW plates are made from mosaic ceramic (AL2O3) tiles and compressed UHMWPE. These plates are then wrapped in a durable 500D Nylon fabric to resist wear from Velcro and other surfaces while also keeping the inner materials from degrading overtime. If you are in the market for the most protective armor system on the market our Level IV ICW plates paired with our Level IIIA+ soft armor is your best option. Not only do you receive protection from armor piercing rifle rounds over your vital organs. But you also receive 360 degrees of wrap around protection from smaller handgun calibers as well as shrapnel.


Having gone over the various levels of protection that we offer; it is now up to you to make an informed decision on which armor best suits your operational needs. After making your decision, the next step in protecting yourself is choosing the right carrier. Whether you need a tactical carrier, uniform style carrier, or concealable carrier we have what you need. The only one that does not fit ALL our armor panels will be the Hyper Concealable carrier. 

However, when you pair the Hyper Concealable carrier with our Hyperline™ Level IIIA armor, you will have the thinnest IIIA vest on the market. All our other carriers will fit all our different armor systems. Meaning if you purchase our HG2 armor and a tactical carrier and decide to purchase our Level IIIA+ body armor down the road, you will still be able to use the same tactical carrier. This also applies to our full FRAS panels, although they are thicker, they will still fit in the same carrier as our HG2, IIIA+, and Hyperline™ IIIA panels. Whether you are an active-duty LEO, military contractor, or concerned citizen, we want to protect you on your mission! 

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