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4 Reasons Why Every American Should Own Body Armor

4 Reasons Why Every American Should Own Body Armor

Posted by Safe Life Defense on 10th Jul 2023

Over the years, we here at Safe Life Defense, have realized there are MANY misconceptions about personal ballistic protection a.k.a Body Armor.

Safe Life Defense is a firm believer that Body Armor is NOT and should NOT be reserved for use by Military and Law Enforcement personnel, but for your everyday law-abiding citizens as well. We believe that being able to protect yourself and those you love is a fundamental human right that not ALL AMERICANS know they have.

In an era marked by increasing concerns over personal safety and security, body armor has emerged as an essential tool for everyday citizens seeking personal ballistic protection. While traditionally associated with military and law enforcement professionals, body armor is becoming more and more accessible and relevant to the general public.

We often get the question “Can I buy and wear body armor if I am not a cop or a soldier?” Many Americans have thought about wearing body armor, but are often unsure or not aware of the legalities in their state. In this blog, I will explain 4 reasons why every American should own some form of Body Armor.

1. Home/Self Defense

In the context of home defense, body armor acts as a shield against potential gunfire and other forms of violence. Body armor is highly beneficial for both home and self-defense due to its ability to provide personal ballistic and blunt force protection in life-threatening situations.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), there were an estimated 1.2 million violent crimes in the United States in 2020 alone. By wearing body armor, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of injury to their vital organs, increasing their chances of surviving a violent home invasion or other violent encounters. When combined with other security measures and a thorough self-defense plan, body armor can be a crucial tool for ensuring personal safety both in and out of the home.
It is important to note that while body armor can offer significant protection, it should not be considered a foolproof solution.

It is essential to complement the use of body armor with other security measures, such as a complete home security system, proper self-defense training, and communication with your local law enforcement.

Additionally, please verify that you are abiding by all legal guidelines and regulations regarding body armor ownership and applications. It is crucial to ensure you comply with the law(s) in your area.

2. Protection for Children

It’s unfortunate that we even have to talk about this, but modern times don’t seem to be as safe as we’d like them to be for our children. This is one reason why we created bulletproof backpack inserts designed to be taken with them no matter where they go.

Whether faced with the threat of an active shooter in schools or public spaces, or encountering emergencies with potential physical harm, backpack armor acts as a shield against violence. When it comes to protecting our children and loved ones, statistics reveal the necessity of body armor. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that homicide is the second leading cause of death among individuals aged 10 to 24 in the United States. The tragic reality of school shootings further highlights the importance of safeguarding our children. According to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, body armor can potentially reduce the risk of fatality in school shooting incidents.

Equipping children with backpack armor, for instance, can increase their chances of survival and minimize the severity of injuries, as demonstrated by the Department of Justice's report on the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida. These statistics emphasize the value of body armor in protecting the most vulnerable members of our society.

There are a lot of companies that are selling fad items, such as bulletproof hoodies, jackets, and shirts while we’ve been refining our backpack inserts. Our backpack inserts come in different levels of protection, ranging from level IIIA(+) to level III+, and are ready to stop any threat ranging from stabs, strikes, slashes and ballistic protection up to 7.62x51(.308 Win) check out our website to see which level of protection best suits your environmental demands.

3. Hunting and Sport Shooting

While the use of body armor among hunters is not as widespread as in other contexts, some hunters do choose to incorporate body armor into their hunting experiences.

Hunters who engage in activities such as wild boar hunting or hunting in the dense brush where encounters with aggressive or wounded animals should consider wearing body armor for personal safety. Body armor can provide an extra level of protection against accidental injuries caused by animal attacks or even stray bullets.

In certain hunting situations, such as shooting at your target over water or rocky terrains, there is a potential risk of projectile ricochets. Body armor serves as a protective barrier against these unpredictable ricochets, reducing the chances of life-threatening injuries to the hunter. It can also provide hunters with a sense of increased confidence and comfort. Knowing that they have an added layer of protection against potential hazards can help hunters focus on their hunting activities without worrying excessively about their safety.

For other hunters, wearing body armor is a personal choice driven by a desire to reassure their family and loved ones. By wearing body armor, hunters can demonstrate their commitment to safety and minimize concerns among their support network.

Hunting remains a popular sport in the U.S. and we must work together to maintain this tradition, our integrity, and overall safety. The list of hunting accidents is lengthy. With over 15 million hunting license holders in the U.S. as of 2020(and with the number of licensed hunters continuing to grow) now is the time to get your hands on additional protection like body armor as you venture out into the wilderness. It will help ensure that recreational activities remain safe and enjoyable, while significantly minimizing the potential for serious harm. With high-quality protective equipment in use, we have a tremendous opportunity to decrease hunting fatalities and injuries in the future. It all starts with YOU.

4. Body Armor is Legal for Everyone! (Almost…)

Even if you do not work in the military, law enforcement, or security fields, what harm could there be in purchasing a piece of protective gear that can save your life? Outlawing the purchase of body armor could almost seem akin to banning the use of a seatbelt in a car or wearing a life jacket on a boat. However, a few states have done that very thing.

Contrary to popular belief, body armor is legal for civilians to own and use in the majority of the United States. As of September 2021, only a few states, such as Connecticut and New York, have specific restrictions on body armor ownership and usage. California had attempted a version of such a law that was quickly found unconstitutional, yet laws restricting body armor are still on the books in both New York and Connecticut.

It is already illegal for convicted felons of violent crimes to possess body armor and it is illegal to wear armor during the commission of a felony. So as long as you are NOT in one of these prohibited categories, it is perfectly legal to own body armor for your safety and protection.

The legal accessibility of body armor in the United States allows responsible citizens to exercise their right to self-defense. By owning body armor, individuals can take proactive steps to protect themselves and their loved ones within the confines of the law.

BONUS: Public Events

Civilians wearing body armor to public events such as concerts, sporting events, and large-scale festivals are becoming more common than you may think. These events often contain alcohol, drugs, and even at times weapons, so is it crazy to consider wearing body armor in public?

Safe Life Defense knows hauling around a level 3 or level 4 plate made of AR500 steel is a task in and of itself considering their weight. We would never expect you to stand, let alone be active for 3-6+ hours in body armor, especially if it were as heavy as steel.

Our team has carefully developed armor solutions that are not only incredibly protective but are also exponentially lighter and more flexible. Meaning you no longer have to decide whether you want to be more comfortable or if you want more protection.

At the end of the day, each of us is our own first responder.

All in all, owning body armor is a choice every American should consider. With an ever-changing world and unpredictable circumstances, being prepared is a necessity. Whether for personal protection, emergencies, or simply being prepared for the unexpected, body armor can make a significant difference in safeguarding YOU and your loved ones. By taking this preventative step, Americans can empower themselves to take their safety into their own hands in this uncertain world.

Safe Life Defense offers unmatched protection in body armor. During those times when you need to make sure you are protected, trust our products. OurBody Armorprovides a level of protection that you can NOT find in any other body armor systems. We cover the needs of tactical vests and ballistic armor for civilians, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Security Contractors alike. Our modular, adaptable vests will allow you to configure your armor to your mission. Whether you are looking to defend and protect yourself, your children, your home, or your loved ones, it is up to YOU to make the ultimate decision. Will you become another victim?