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February 2022 Guardian Angel Winners

February 2022 Guardian Angel Winners

Posted by Safe Life Defense on 28th Feb 2022

The year is flying by FAST and it's time to award our February 2022 Guardian Angel Recipients. We are excited to share with you this round of winners!

All of our Guardian Angels this month will receive a FREE Concealable Multi-threat Vest Level IIIA. This vest protects against all the most common handguns, shotguns, strikes and slashes, while still being comfortable and easy to wear.

Please join us in congratulating Neil, Noah and Jarris!

#1 Neil Blake | Photojournalist

Neil's story: “I'm a photojournalist in Michigan and I strive everyday to help inform our readers about what is happening in our communities. Over the past few years that has meant working in more volatile situations but our readers are thankful for the work we do. I love talking to people, interviewing them and hearing their personal stories. I've watched my colleagues in journalism face increased risk over the past decade.”

#2 Noah McKinney | K9 Security Officer

Noah's story: “I work at a hospital as a Security Officer in the K9 Unit. As a K9 officer I’m expected to be in front of everyone else when things go down. I’m the first one called to every serious situation. Owning body armor would mean I can get home safely to my fiancé every night.”

#3 Jarris Vonzombie | Arizona Ranger

Jarris's story: ”I have served the state of Arizona for over 20 years as an Arizona POST certified full-authority peace officer. I began my civilian law enforcement career in 09/1996 and I recently retired on 09/27/2020 and received my LEOSA certification on 12/2020. Prior to becoming an Arizona certified peace officer, I served in the U.S. Army Military Police Corp from 02/1996 till 11/2004. My ownership of new body armor also gives my family assurance that I have adequate protection and lessens their worry because I would have another piece of reliable equipment to protect myself from threats while serving my community.”

If YOU are interested in applying to be a Guardian Angel, click here.

All of our Guardian Angels will receive a free Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA Body Armor from Safe Life Defense in their size with our perfect fit guarantee! Click here to learn more!