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March 2023 Guardian Angel Winners

March 2023 Guardian Angel Winners

Posted by Safe Life Defense on 14th Mar 2023

At Safe Life Defense, we’re excited to continue our work with the Guardian Angel program, and hoping to create some great memories for our recipients. Here's to our Final Three!

#1 Marvel Bakri | Law Enforcement Officer

I have been out of Law Enforcement for about 17 years. I was recently re-hired at a small part-time department in Illinois. Law Enforcement is my passion and I believe I have a lot to give back to the profession.

Having up to date body armor allows me the opportunity to approach any situation and not worry about putting myself or my partner in jeopardy wondering if my body armor will do the job. I am currently wearing another officer’s old vest, but it is a little big and the side Velcro is loose, making me concerned that my weapon might catch on it if I need to draw in a high stress situation. I would like to own a quality vest so that is one thing I don’t have to worry about.

Having body armor that is mine and fitted to me is that extra layer of comfort that every police officer needs to have putting on their uniform every day. I know how to use my equipment; I just don’t have all the best tools I need to do my job effectively and safely.

#2 Scott Diehl | Firefighter/Paramedic/Fire Investigator

As a Paramedic, we operate in dangerous conditions, with new and more dangerous environments every day. I work in Illinois, and recently the state has adopted new laws in regard to mentally and emotionally distributed individuals. The police are having to take a hands-off approach. This has left Paramedics who respond to 911 calls, left to deal with people with little to no assistance from the police. 

The fire district I work for covers nine different police jurisdictions. Some of these police departments have completely stopped responding to mentally and emotionally distributed subjects. It is hard to care for a patient when you literally must watch your back. Today's Fire Service is constantly asked to do more with less. I am a huge Proponent of making body armor and essential peace of PPE for all firefighter paramedics across the State of Illinois and across the entire country. 

#3 Tierney Russell | Law Enforcement Officer

After many years in the airline industry, I’m following my dream and have just become a police officer with the City of Houma Police Department. My love for people and desire to make my community a safer place has pushed me to strive in making my dream come true. Owning my own body armor will give me comfort in knowing that I can do my job with better tools to keep me safe.

My small size is thought by some to be a disadvantage. I intend on proving them wrong. Unfortunately, it does present a problem with the used body armor provided to us as new officers. There isn’t any that even come close to fitting me. I would be eternally grateful (as would my family), to receive an award from you.