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Beware of the Slash:  What It Takes to Protect Yourself From More Than Bullets

Beware of the Slash: What It Takes to Protect Yourself From More Than Bullets

Posted by Morgan Hallenbeck on 5th Feb 2021

Self-defense incidents are complicated and dynamic. They often unfold quickly, change unexpectedly and end violently. If you regularly enter potentially dangerous situations, whether that be as a first responder or a civilian, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. The absolute best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to be prepared with high-quality body armor.

Consumers be warned, not all protective gear is created equally. Your equipment can make a huge difference in getting you back home to the people you care about most. Products labeled “bulletproof “or “bullet-resistant armor” may seem like they’d provide the highest level of protection, that isn’t always true. You need to consider the various types of weapons that can be used against you. This may include weapons of opportunity that inflict blunt-force trauma or bladed tools that pierce, puncture, stab and slash.

How Lethal Is a Knife Attack?

It comes as no surprise that for many criminals, a knife is far easier to obtain than a gun. Slashes are cuts made with a wide, sweeping stroke by a blade. They can be equally as dangerous as a gun if you’re not properly protected. Those using this type of weapon will aim to neutralize your defensive abilities by targeting specific parts of the body. These include your center-mass area, tendons and vascular regions.

That’s why our IIIA+ body armor is slash and stab rated by the NIJ (Level 1 up to 36 Joules of force) to protect you from more than brute force and bullets … but we’ll dive into that later. First, let’s take a look at why bladed weapons are so dangerous.

A Hidden Secret

The greatest threat is always the one you don’t see coming. In addition to being easy to carry and even easier to conceal, knives and blades are the weapon of choice for many. Guns go bang, but knives are silent. There have been cases where individuals who were stabbed or slashed didn’t their injuries until after the situation. Plus, with minimal limitations for carrying blades, they’re essentially a no-brainer for those looking to break the law.

Too Close for Comfort

Knives are close-range weapons. These types of attacks happen fast and there’s direct physical contact with an assailant. If you’ve ever heard of the Tueller Drill, then you’re probably familiar with the “21-Foot Rule” also. This "rule" states that if a bad guy with a knife is within 21 feet of you, you can assume that you are in the danger zone. That 21-foot distance can be closed in about 1.5 seconds (before you could draw your handgun and neutralize the threat).

The Double-Edged Sword

Bladed weapons come in various shapes and sizes. They have a high probability of hitting arteries or vital organs that could quickly end your life. They can also be inserted at many different angles. If you’re dealing with someone who knows effective stabbing techniques, you’re at an even greater disadvantage. If that weren’t enough, you risk infection after being penetrated by a dirty, rusty or tainted blade.

No Practice Needed, Zero Skill Required

Certain weapons, like guns, require basic education, training and skill development to operate. You must know how to load, aim and fire to hit the intended target. A knife, however, is something most people are already familiar with handling. Although using a blade has its risks, there is really no training needed to wield one. Combine nearly non-existent preparation with an individual who’s ready to sacrifice their life and the ability to inflict up to five wounds in a single second ... and you’ve got the perfect storm for a deadly-force incident.

Best in Class Body Armor for All Circumstances

It takes more than a bulletproof vest to protect yourself. If you’re looking to be covered in a variety of defensive situations, adding a specialized Safe Life Defense vest to your personal protection arsenal is a great next step. Our Concealable Enhanced Multi-Threat™ Vest Level IIIA+ is not just bullet resistant but also slash, stab and punch resistant.

We’ve even proved just how much force this vest can withstand by putting our own products through the Ice Pick Test. If you’re ready to upgrade your gear and ensure you have the best protection possible, consider Safe Life Defense gear for the job.

And don’t worry, if you’re looking for extra savings in the process, we’ve got you covered. Simply check out our Body Armor Bundles today.