December 2023 Guardian Angel Winners

Please allow us this time to relay, from everyone at Safe Life Defense, how much we’d like to say thank you for your continued loyalty and faith in us. We value each one of our customers and cannot express our gratitude enough for each of you. We hope you have a beautiful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

All of our selected applicants will receive a FREE HG2 Level IIIA Concealable Multi-Threat Vest. This vest is a leader in safety due to its ease-of-use, comfort level and ballistic rating. It protects against the most common handguns and shotguns, as well as strikes and slashes.

During this season of giving, it seems appropriate that we give back to those that serve so selflessly. Please take the time to read about our newest Guardian Angel recipients, and keep your submissions coming!

David Newman | Firefighter/EMT

I am a Captain for the Hanford fire department in Washington state. Currently our organization has chosen or can only afford to outfit our ambulances with body and head armor. Being a Captain and incident commander, I make contact with sketchy people at times especially on the highway where you don’t know who is who. The main state route we cover is a thoroughfare for drug trafficking. During traffic accidents on the highway, we split our crew. I take the engine and the riders in the back(tailboard) take the heavy rescue. Just a couple weeks ago we had an incident and were first arriving where it was just me and the engineer(driver). We were outnumbered by the number of patients and if there was something bad going on, we may have inadvertently entered a bad situation. In WA state, firefighters are not allowed to ask for police to clear the scene until we get to the scene unless the call itself initially required law enforcement and law asked for fire to respond. Oftentimes that delays patient care. I am responsible for my crew’s safety and I believe this will help me feel safer in those situations. I also understand it’s my responsibility to ensure scene and firefighter safety before getting off the truck.

I live in north Idaho and conceal carry. I do not intend to ever have to use my firearm, however if there is a situation I can assist or aid with, such as a LEO foot chase or another civilian getting robbed in the parking lot, which has happened, I believe this will give me an added protection while helping.

My commute to work is 3 hours along some major highways and some arterial highways. I always stop if there is an accident, in fact I carry a combi-tool to help with initial attack of a wildfire, fire extinguisher, advanced first aid kit, and a set of bunker gear in case of entrapment. The first year in my current job many years ago, I stopped for a truck on fire. I noticed a gentleman standing on the side of the road with a fire extinguisher. I stopped anyway and asked if they used the fire extinguisher already. They said no. I asked if they called 911. The operator of the vehicle indicated he was waiting for his firemen to get there. I advised them to call 911 and give them the location with the mile marker on the interstate we were on and the direction of travel. In shorts, shirt, and sandals I grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire which was in the engine compartment. I then kept my extinguisher on standby in case of a flare up and the grass on the side of the road decided to catch fire. Stopping to help these people increased my travel time to work. I was late while on probation. I explained the situation to my operations chief and he excused me from my tardiness.

Given my nature, I like to help people, especially those who cannot help themselves. I understand every situation is dependent and this best will not give my total protection. I obviously would evaluate how effective my intervention would be and assist in other ways if needed or as the situation dictates.
I don’t know if I am more deserving of this than other applicants, but I would greatly appreciate this. I would just refer back to the answer to the first question. I do have 5 children who we chose to put in private school. This is a decision we made and oftentimes when we have extra money, it goes toward other things. This isn’t a cry for help, this is a reason for not already having your products and it is a decision to put them first.

Owning body armor means I have an added level of insurance if you will, to my everyday life. I understand this will not make me invisible. This will just help keep me somewhat protected from small arms while I do what I do, help others. A coworker visited your retail store and loved your products so much he bought a full kit from your company and speaks highly of your equipment. Another did the same when he visited as well. I appreciate your company offering such a program for those deserving.

Isaac Phan | 911 Emergency Medical Technician

Wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor as an EMT allows me to contribute more effectively in challenging and potentially hazardous situations. The added layer of protection enhances my personal safety, enabling me to focus on providing crucial care to those in need. Here’s how I can help others while wearing this body armor:

    • Enhanced Personal Safety:
      Wearing body armor gives me protection against various threats, including edged weapons and firearms. This means I can confidently approach scenes that might be considered high-risk, ensuring that I can reach and assist patients without compromising my safety.
    • Confidence in High-Risk Situations:
      The presence of body armor boosts my confidence when dealing with situations perceived as threatening. This confidence allows me to stay focused on providing effective care to patients, knowing that I have an additional layer of protection.
    • Rapid Response in Unsecured Environments:
      In situations where law enforcement hasn’t secured the scene yet, my body armor allows me to enter and provide immediate medical assistance. This is particularly crucial in scenarios like active shooter incidents, where waiting for full scene security could delay critical care.

I prioritize following established safety protocols, collaborating closely with law enforcement, and emphasizing communication and coordination with my team and other emergency responders. Additionally, being well-trained in situational awareness, conflict resolution, and de-escalation techniques is crucial for effectively doing my job as an EMT.

If I were to be considered for the Safe Life Body Armor giveaway, there are several reasons why I believe I would be a worthy recipient:

    • Commitment to Public Service:
      As an EMT, my primary focus is on serving and assisting others during emergencies and critical situations. Receiving body armor would further enable me to carry out my duties effectively and ensure the safety of both myself and those I am helping.
    • Understanding the Importance of Personal Safety:
      I recognize the significance of personal safety in the unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations that EMTs often encounter. The added protection from Safe Life Body Armor would enhance my ability to respond confidently in high-risk scenarios.
    • Community Involvement:
      I actively participate in community outreach and education, aiming to promote safety and well-being. Receiving body armor through this giveaway would not only benefit me personally but also contribute to the overall safety awareness within the community.
    • Passion for Emergency Medicine:
      My passion for emergency medicine extends beyond the basic requirements of the job. Having access to high-quality body armor would demonstrate a commitment to going above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of both myself and those I am tasked with assisting.

I believe that receiving Safe Life Body Armor would not only enhance my personal safety but also contribute to the overall effectiveness of my role as an EMT. I am dedicated to the principles of public service and continuously strive to improve my abilities to better serve the community.

Owning body armor holds profound significance for me as an EMT and a dedicated professional in the field of emergency medicine. Here’s what it means to me:

    • Enhanced Preparedness:
      Owning body armor enhances my overall preparedness. It is a critical component of my toolkit, complementing my skills and training to create a comprehensive approach to emergency response. This level of preparedness contributes to the effectiveness of my role as an emergency medical professional.
    • Peace of Mind:
      It brings a sense of peace of mind. Knowing that I have reliable and quality body armor means I can focus on providing medical care without excessive concern for my own safety. This peace of mind is invaluable in high-pressure and fast-paced emergency situations.

In essence, owning body armor is not just about having a piece of equipment—it symbolizes a commitment to safety, a dedication to professional excellence, and a responsibility to the individuals and communities I serve as an EMT. It is a tangible expression of my commitment to the well-being of both myself and those who depend on my expertise in times of crisis.

Dear Safe Life Defense Staff,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Isaac Phan, and I am currently serving as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the 911 system for Santa Clara County. I am reaching out to express my appreciation for the vital role your organization plays in supporting emergency responders and civilians alike.

In the course of my duties, I have had the opportunity to assess and utilize various safety equipment, including subpar body armor that is only issued during mass casualty incidents. Having experienced firsthand the importance of reliable and high-quality gear, I wanted to bring to your attention the superior benefits offered by Safe Life Armor.

Safe Life Armor has proven to be a game-changer in terms of personal safety for professionals like myself. The level of protection it provides against various threats, including edged weapons and firearms, is unparalleled. This is particularly crucial in our line of work, where unpredictable and potentially hazardous situations are not uncommon.

Having compared the gear provided by my organization with Safe Life Armor, I firmly believe that the latter offers a superior level of protection. The durability, versatility, and overall quality of Safe Life Armor make it an invaluable asset for EMTs operating in dynamic and challenging environments.

As someone deeply committed to the well-being of the community we serve, I wanted to hopefully receive a donated armor vest in the hope that I can incorporate Safe Life Armor into my standard safety equipment. I am confident that making this switch would contribute significantly to the safety and effectiveness of my tasks while I am on duty.

If you have any further questions or if there is a process for evaluating and potentially adopting new safety equipment, I would be more than willing to provide additional information or assist in any way possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the possibility of enhancing the safety standards for myself and Santa Clara County EMTs.

Isaac Phan
Emergency Medical Technician
Santa Clara County 911 System

Jacob Dougherty | Emergency Medical Service Director

I maintain active involvement in 2 different ambulance services as a paramedic. I serve as the service director for an EMS service that completes about 1000 requests for service per year and continues to rapidly grow. I also serve my community as a volunteer Firefighter and have for a combined 8 years between 2 different area departments. I also serve as a Medical Examiner Investigator for our county’s Medical Examiner Office.

Body armor has always been something I have considered very high on the list of personal protective equipment that continues to be very underutilized in my profession. EMS has this stigma that body armor is not needed as we should not be putting ourselves in situations that require it. I recognize that there are far more scene risks that exist than any experience level can definitively recognize 100% of the time. By providing me with the gift of armor, it will bring increased comfort in my abilities to work with the patient’s who need my skills most, where they need them most. Although body armor does not mean that you can excuse your situational awareness, it does provide an extra level of piece of mind while this profession continues to demand more and more every time the alert arrives.

I continue to maintain a proven track record of selfless public service early in my career and possess a deep desire to continue to do so. Your company’s gift of this piece of personal protective equipment will bring increased comfort to not only me but also my family. Neither of the 4 above mentioned agencies I am rostered with currently possess any body armor for even multi-person usage as the budget has not allowed for such purchasing. When budgeting, my main EMS service I direct has been met with the before mentioned stigma related to your product not being necessary in EMS. Such purchases continue to remain on the list but always somehow ends up near the bottom when I request funds. I personally have not found means of providing myself this protection as it’s cost has been prohibitive for my family.

Owning body armor to me means that I am diligently providing myself with protection against legitimate risks associated with my career field. Body armor to me is no more overkill than wearing medical gloves on an EMS response. Although low in occurrence, just as bodily fluids can cause life altering harm, the threats that your product aids to protect from can be equally as devastating and in my eyes represents a higher level of occurrence. Your company’s mission to place these body armor units on the backs of first responders is greatly appreciated. I thank you for your consideration.

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