January 2024 Guardian Angel Winners

Did you know that January draws its name from Janus, the two-faced God in mythology? With his capabilities of peering into both the past and the future simultaneously, Janus symbolizes reflection on our history and aspirations. This tradition aligns with our annual practice of reviewing accomplishments and areas for improvement, motivating us to enter the new year with a commitment to surpassing past achievements.

It is incredible how quickly January has ended, allowing us to reflect on the past and focus on the future. Amid the hustle of pursuing or reevaluating New Year’s resolutions—such as joining a gym, losing weight, or acquiring a new skill—the beginning of 2024 already feels like a distant blur. As we set our sights on 2024, our resolutions are clear: to continuously explore new and exciting products that enhance your safety.

We will remain dedicated to our Guardian Angel program, extending the gesture of awarding free vests to individuals who embody the remarkable spirit of our community. All of our selected applicants will receive a FREE HG2 Level IIIA Concealable Multi-Threat Vest. This vest is a leader in safety due to its ease-of-use, comfort level and ballistic rating. It protects against the most common handguns and shotguns, as well as strikes and slashes. Please join us in congratulating the first Guardian Angel recipients of 2024!

ANAND RAO | Security Guard

I am the owner of a small 100% Veteran Owned and Operated Security Company. Most of my guys can purchase their own. I have 3 that cannot purchase their own vest due to financial constraints. Everyone has been exposed to gunshots and crowd stampedes within the last 9 months. The reason for my request is that on October 23rd, a team of our guards were exposed to a shooting leaving 1 dead and 1 wounded within 40 feet of their position here in downtown Savannah. I hope that Safe Life Defense would find it reasonable to donate a vest to our non-profit organization to ensure the safety of our guards that cannot afford one.

At 3:00 a.m. all the bars in downtown Savannah, GA close at once. There is only one place to get food and that is the pizza place, we provide security too. Our staff is composed of active-duty soldiers from Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart, GA. The Active-Duty Marines of MCAS Beaufort and Parris Island. Most of which are exiting the military within the next 3 – 12 months. Most of our employees are veterans that are currently enrolled in college. As they are by nature looking for purpose, they applied yet again to keep our community safe at their own expense. We assist in the transitioning from the adrenaline rushed lifestyle of active duty to the much calmer corporate atmosphere of the civilian world. Transitioning veterans is how we help each other. Maintaining peace and order is how we help the people in our community. Supporting our local police department and EMS with emergencies that take place within our footprint of downtown is how we help Savannah!

This is not a full-fledged security company as we do not work every day. I just wanted to stop losing friends to suicide after 12.5 years on active duty, I was watching veterans drop left and right while I was in college. In training them to be bouncers they found purpose again in protecting others. Half of my staff is active duty; they can all afford to buy their own vest. It is the veterans that have already exited the military and are in college living on a low income that cannot afford the proper equipment to keep them safe. It would mean the world to me if you could donate a vest to VETSEC LLC or VETSEC Foundation which is the non-profit I started to help receive donations to keep my guys in the gear they need for their job safely. I am in Savannah, GA, and I challenge you to contact me to vet this donation. City elected officials, County elected officials, Chief of Police, Chairman of Chatham County Veterans Council, Any American Legion Post Commander in Savannah, and any VFW Post Commander would be more than happy to tell you who I am, what I am doing, and how beneficial it has been in keeping veterans in college when financial disasters arise. Keeping Active-duty Soldiers/Marines out of the bar and doing something constructive on the weekend. I did not intend to start a company. I just looked around one day and realized I staffed the entire bar we started at. Then we went on to start our own company. The testimonials of most of my employees are that they have never felt like they had so much purpose since they got out of the military. Please help me keep ALL our veterans safe.

LUCA GESSNER | Security Guard

Wearing Safe Life Defense Body Armor as a nightclub bouncer is crucial for maintaining a secure environment. In my area, the risks of nightlife security are substantial. Equipped with this armor, I can confidently handle dangerous situations more effectively. My goal is to ensure everyone’s safety, and being protected is essential for that. The concealable nature of the armor also allows me to perform my duties efficiently and discreetly, ensuring I am less vulnerable to severe injuries.

I should be selected for several key reasons. Safety is not just a job requirement for me; it is a personal creed. I often reassure my family by joking that ‘safety is my middle name’, reflecting my commitment to protecting myself and those in my care. As a full-time student managing my finances, the cost of body armor is beyond my reach. This armor is vital for my role, especially considering the unpredictable nature of nightclub security. Being equipped with it would significantly enhance my ability to ensure a safe environment, aligning with my passion for safeguarding others and easing my loved ones’ worries.

For me, owning Safe Life Defense Body Armor is not just about personal protection; it symbolizes a commitment to the highest level of security in my role as a nightclub bouncer. It is about maintaining a non-threatening presence while ensuring maximum safety. The concealable design is perfect for blending safety with subtlety, a crucial aspect of my work. More than just a piece of equipment, it is a source of reassurance for my family, who constantly worry about my safety at work. This body armor would significantly elevate my physical security and provide much-needed peace of mind for me and my loved ones. Owning Safe Life Defense Body Armor symbolizes my unwavering commitment to public safety, from my current role to my future in law enforcement. This body armor represents more than immediate protection; it signifies my dedication to a career where I can make a substantial impact, especially in my ambition to fight against human trafficking, with plans to go into Law school. Each day I wear it, I am reminded of the responsibilities in my journey and the importance of being thoroughly prepared to face them. Thank you for your time, consideration, and the opportunity to apply for the Guardian Angel Program.

JEFFREY SCOTT | Law Enforcement Officer

As a police officer, I respond to calls for service, domestic violence, accidents, shootings, and many more emergency calls where I am under constant threat of bodily harm for myself and others. With adequate body armor, I can stay in the fight and safeguard others. Staying in the fight and surviving will mean that my fellow officers can go home at the end of the day. Without adequate body armor, I am already at a disadvantage against an ever-evolving threat that plagues modern law enforcement. In the world where law enforcement now stands, trustworthy body armor is more important than ever.

As a law enforcement officer, I respond to calls for service, domestic violence, accidents, shootings, and many more emergency calls where I am under constant threat of bodily harm for myself and others. I feel I should be selected as a recipient because being in law enforcement, you are a target no matter who you are or how you treat others. With premier body armor, I can be a hardened target meaning I can be more prepared to deal with those who wish to do me harm. I also have a challenging time finding any body armor that I can wear on and off duty that is cut/ stab resistant. Also, as you can imagine, a police salary is not suitable for many large expenses that are only job orientation. Being from a small department, money is always tight and great resources are usually bypassed for a cheaper option. When it comes to body armor, going the cheap route is simply not worth it. The body armor that is usually department issued is based on the lowest bidder because of small budgets.

Owning body armor means a lot to me. Being a law enforcement officer, I am tasked to do many things that put myself in harm’s way every shift. Having Safe Life body armor gives me a better chance of going home after my shift is over. That is the one mindset that drives many officers to stay in the fight and to live to fight another day. I have always seen and heard how good Safe Life Defense products are. Safe Life armor seems to me to be the best product on the market today. Any consideration for this award is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Best company ever for body protection or any other protection

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    God bless you always for what you do and may your business continue to grow with the kind heart you have for others and for protecting other with your gear and nice heart don’t ever change the person you are thank you for giving to the people in need and low income resources.

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    Great job! What y’all are doing is incredible.

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    I was selfish and didn’t get the little woman one

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      Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

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