February 2024 Guardian Angel Winners

This February granted us an extra day to make a difference. As we announce the winners of February’s Guardian Angel, we are thrilled to share the gift of protection and care. Each Guardian Angel winner will receive a FREE HG2 Level IIIA Concealable Multi-Threat Vest!

We will remain dedicated to our Guardian Angel program, extending the gesture of awarding free vests to individuals who embody the remarkable spirit of our community. In the spirit of the leap year, let’s take an extra leap to extend our gratitude and support to those who need it most. Join us in celebrating the power of giving and the leap towards a safer tomorrow.


Wearing body armor can enable me to help others in various high-risk situations, such as natural disasters, conflict zones, or emergency response scenarios. The protection provided by body armor allows me to enter dangerous environments with a reduced risk of injury, thereby enabling me to provide assistance to those in need. Whether it’s administering medical aid, conducting search and rescue operations, or providing security in volatile areas, the added protection of body armor enhances my ability to serve and support others in challenging and hazardous circumstances. By mitigating the personal risks associated with these situations, I am better equipped to focus on aiding others and contributing to positive outcomes in difficult environments.

As a potential recipient for free body armor, I believe I would be a suitable candidate for several reasons:

  1. Commitment to safety: I place a high value on personal safety and understand the importance of protective gear in hazardous situations. By providing me with body armor, you would be contributing to my ability to operate safely in challenging environments.
  2. Financial constraints: Acquiring quality body armor can be costly, and by offering it to me for free, you would alleviate a financial burden, enabling me to allocate resources to other essential needs or services.
  3. Commitment to the cause: I am dedicated to making a positive impact in my community or in areas where my assistance is required. The provision of body armor would demonstrate your support for my dedication and contribution to such efforts.
  4. Positive impact: By providing me with body armor, you would be investing in the safety and well-being of an individual committed to serving others, potentially leading to positive outcomes and benefits for the communities and causes I support.I believe that these reasons make a compelling case for why I should be considered as a recipient for free body armor, and I am committed to using this equipment responsibly and for the betterment of those I serve.

Owning body armor holds great significance to me for several reasons:

  1. Personal safety: Body armor represents a vital layer of protection, providing a sense of security and peace of mind in situations where my safety may be at risk. It signifies a proactive approach to mitigating potential dangers and minimizing the impact of unforeseen threats.
  2. Professional capability: As a professional working in high-risk environments, owning body armor enables me to fulfill my duties effectively and confidently. It empowers me to carry out my responsibilities while reducing the inherent risks associated with my work, ultimately enhancing my ability to perform at a high standard.
  3. Commitment to service: Owning body armor reflects my commitment to serving others in challenging and unpredictable conditions. It signifies a dedication to being prepared and equipped to assist those in need, even in hazardous or volatile situations.
  4. Preparedness and resilience: Body armor represents a readiness to face adversity and unexpected challenges. It embodies a proactive mindset and a commitment to being prepared for a wide range of circumstances, reinforcing my capacity to respond effectively to emergencies and crises.
  5. Peace of mind for loved ones: Owning body armor provides reassurance to my loved ones, demonstrating my commitment to taking measures to safeguard myself and return safely to them after undertaking potentially risky endeavors.

In summary, owning body armor holds deep personal and professional significance for me, representing a commitment to safety, service, preparedness, and resilience in the face of adversity.

NICOLE SHULTZ | Police Officer

I am currently the SRO for the school district where I work, but I also work as a patrol officer. I love engaging with the students and rebuilding community relations. Oftentimes I am restricted to armor that is not versatile nor can it assist me in emergency situations when I’m called in on a day off.

I am not only a patrol officer, but I am also the school resource officer for a pre-k through 12th grade school district. But above all I am a single mother to a precious 3 year old little girl. The last several years I’ve had to choose to provide for her over purchasing an outer carrier/vest to promote my safety while at work. The economy is hard on everyone, but as a single parent and a first responder in a small town, I am simply unable to afford purchasing the equity meant necessary for my safety. Plus since I am a small stature female, no one can typically donate to me neither.

To me owning body armor means I get to have another day with my daughter, another day rebuilding memories with the 1K kids in my school district, not worrying about putting myself in harm’s way/being safe by always being able to have gear with me at all times to help in emergency situations. Ultimately it means choosing to Live life (be a first responder and mother) over failing to be prepared.

KYLE SMALL | Police Officer & ARMY National Guard

As a Police Officer, Special Response Team member, and Army National Guard Sniper Team Leader I understand how important it is to have quality gear which can protect your life. It is important to have equipment you can trust to ensure mission success. Without quality gear that can keep you in the fight you would not be able to push on to neutralize the threat. I believe it is also important to test different brands and equipment to also inform others so they are also able to invest money in to quality gear that is affordable. It’s also important to train with different gear every one is different and different things work for other people.

I have a passion for trying new gear and training with that gear. I would love nothing more to also be able to test equipment as a career, I have used a lot of amazing equipment and a lot of not so amazing equipment. I have worn a vest in the military and police community, more often than not I have worn a vest for many years now. I’d love to test your body armor and primarily utilize Safe Life for my Police coworkers and SRT team. I also would like to look into potentially utilizing your plates for my military work as well. Body armor is extremely important, and if it’s as comfortable as the belts SafeLife manufacturers I would love to have the opportunity to try it out and share it with the same communities I train or train with.

Owning body armor and using body armor gives me piece of mind and confidence. Obviously no one is bullet proof however the time may come when you need to enter that door where a threat is present. It’s important to have body armor you trust and just as important to have body armor that allows you to go home to the family, friends, and children who are important to you. My family at the end of the day is number one, they expect Dad to make it home, I want body armor I can trust and that will hold up.

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  1. Chris Ulm

    Well deserving individuals for sure this month again!
    Enhanced safety, commitment to community safety and strong values are held by all three
    Great additions to the Guardian Angel program!

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