May 2024 Guardian Angel Winners

The temperatures are rising as we edge closer to the beginning of summer, its time to announce the last Guardian Angel Winners for Spring 2024. Let’s show support for the Guardian Angel Winners for May 2024!

All our Guardian Angels this month will receive a FREE Concealable Multi-threat Vest Level IIIA/HG2. This vest protects against all the most common handguns, shotguns, strikes and slashes, while still being comfortable and easy to wear.

Please help us congratulate Charles, Peter John, and Alison!

CHARLES REEVES | United States Navy

I am retiring in August after 21 years of Naval service. I have applied for the Florida School Guardian Program (armed security for schools). Soon I will be taking my class D and class G course followed by 144 hours (about 6 days) of LEO training. I would be honored to wear your gear during this training and job.

Not a pity request. I am a single dad of two and contrary to junior sailors’ belief a Navy Chief does not make a lot of money. Military retirement pay is 50% of that. I did not join the service to get rich for sure and I am proud and grateful of my 21 years of faithful service. I am 44 years old and have been told to stay home and enjoy my retirement. I am not a stay home guy, I guess. My next job will be in some form of security or law enforcement. After some research, most places require you to have your own firearm and equipment. Most do not even require body armor. I will be wearing body armor, even if it is not required.

Owning your level of body armor would truly be a blessing for my family, people I need to protect and myself in many ways. Showing my family, I am taking the utmost precautions to come home to them every night. Giving confidence to the kids, teachers, and families that I am swearing to protect with my life by wearing your vest, even if not required to show my commitment to them and the job. For me, peace of mind knowing I have the best gear on. I can take a hit if needed and keep pushing forward in worst case scenario.

I am sure it is a stretch in your vetting process to give free armor to someone who is not hired yet in the position they are applying for. There are many active civil service professionals on the job that can benefit immediately from your gear and the lord knows they are all underpaid for the jobs they do. I appreciate your program and consideration. No hard feelings either way.

PETER JOHN HOLM | Trauma Therapist

I currently work as a Program Director for a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. The State requirements and agency policy prevent me from having any weapons in the facility. This makes it particularly challenging to keep myself, my staff, and my clients safe. MY hope is that by having body armor while in the facility it will by me (and my staff/clients) the time necessary to get to safety. At the end of the day, I want to ensure that help for mental health and substance abuse is available to everyone, and I wish to continue providing that service. Incidents of violence have gone up in our area due to methamphetamine and opioid use.

I do not think that I am any more or less special than anyone else completing this application. I am a veteran and believe that I can defend myself appropriately without the use of conventional weapons. The body armor would give me the ability to increase the time I might have available to get people to safety until public services arrived to handle any situation.

Body armor means that I do not have to attack anyone. It is not my intent to hurt anyone and, on the contrary, I see my position as one of service to the community. It means the ability to protect my staff and go home to my family at the end of the day. Thank you for your consideration.


Wearing body armor will enable me to continue serving my community and protecting those around me effectively. As a single mother actively involved in various community activities and with the added responsibility of safeguarding my son, the armor will provide me with the confidence and assurance needed to carry out my duties without fear. By utilizing this protective gear, I can focus on helping others in need, ensuring their safety, and being a reliable support system in any situation that may arise. Having this armor will not only enhance my own security but also empower me to assist and protect others with a sense of strength and preparedness, thus enabling me to be a more effective and reliable presence in my community.

As a 41-year-old single mother deeply involved in community activities, such as political activism (because of what I represent, I have already had two individuals mimic gun symbols at me with their hands as they pass me by), Boy Scouts leadership, and outdoor school events. Also, I face increased risks due to a significant increase of gunshots near our home and on the trails, I commute with my service dog. I am constantly on alert and conceal carry when leaving the house to protect myself and my son. With the unpredictable nature of these threats, a body armor vest from Safe life would be invaluable. Providing us with this protective gear would not only enhance our safety during our varied and at times risky engagements but also offer reassurance in knowing we are better prepared for any potential dangers we may encounter.

Owning body armor for myself or my son is crucial for enhancing confidence during community engagements and nighttime walks. As a single mother without a significant other to rely on and the sole protector of my family, having this armor is essential for our safety. It is not about being a hero but about peace of mind knowing that we have a reliable form of protection. Whether it is shielding my son during uncertain situations or avoiding tragic outcomes like being hit by a stray bullet, the presence of body armor would provide much-needed reassurance in safeguarding ourselves.

If I had not become disabled in 2019; I would totally invest financially in your equipment as I have been eyeballing it for a few years now. Unfortunately, I do not see myself being able to save or accumulate extra money like I did in the past, but I never say never! This was the first time that I saw the guardian angel program and I figured I might as well take a chance in applying. I may never be able to have full employment, but I will always continue to be out in the community and doing what is right. But you all hear about the same amount of terrible news out there as we do here, so I believe you get what I am putting down. Just because I am not financially able to buy body armor now, why does it have to mean I cannot be more prepared? What is it the Boy Scouts always say? ALWAYS PREPARED!

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