March 2024 Guardian Angel Winners

With spring finally here it’s time to honor our Guardian Angel Recipients for March 2024!

All of our Guardian Angels this month will receive a FREE Concealable Multi-threat Vest Level IIIA/HG2. This vest protects against all the most common handguns, shotguns, strikes and slashes, while still being comfortable and easy to wear.

Please help us congratulate Anthony, Christopher, and Cynthia!

ANTHONY FIORE | Emergency Medical Technician

Wearing safe life defense body armor allows me to respond to emergency situations with greater confidence and focus, ensuring that I can provide top-quality patient care while prioritizing my own safety. The added protection from harm enables me to navigate high-risk scenarios more effectively, minimizing the potential for injury and allowing me to deliver aid to those in need without hesitation. Ultimately, wearing body armor enhances my ability to help others by providing a secure foundation from which to carry out my duties as a prehospital provider.

I believe I should be selected as a recipient for the Guardian Angel Free Bulletproof Vest program because as a prehospital provider, I am committed to serving my community and providing the best possible care to those in need. The added protection of a bulletproof vest would not only enhance my personal safety but also enable me to respond more effectively to high-risk situations, ensuring that I can continue to fulfill my duties with confidence and dedication. Being selected as a recipient would not only benefit me individually but also contribute to the overall safety and well-being of the communities I serve. I am dedicated to public safety, and believe that we should be taking more precautions for our own safety, as violence increases.

Owning body armor signifies a commitment to my own personal safety and professional readiness. It means having a guardian angel layer of protection that empowers me to confidently navigate potentially dangerous situations while providing patient care. Beyond its physical attributes, owning body armor symbolizes a responsibility to prioritize both my own well-being and the welfare of those I am entrusted to care for, reinforcing my dedication to providing effective and compassionate assistance in any circumstance.

I’d like to emphasize that my dedication to community health extends beyond personal safety equipment. I have actively contributed to enhancing community resilience by teaching essential life-saving skills to over 1,000 individuals in Stop the Bleed techniques and over 2,500 people in CPR. Through these educational efforts, I aim to empower individuals to become proactive responders in emergency situations, ensuring that our communities are well-prepared to handle any type of medical crisis. By equipping others with the knowledge and skills to act effectively in emergencies, I am not only promoting individual safety but also fostering a culture of collective well-being within our community.

CHRISTOPHER MILLER | Pennsylvania State Constable

Wearing Safe Life Defense body armor serves as crucial protective gear. As a Pennsylvania Act 235 Armed Security Officer it provides me with increased safety in various situations which in turn helps to increase the safety of the people that I serve. It allows for more opportunities to be involved in situations which may not be the safest to be in. It will help to enhance my confidence and that confidence will be shown in my everyday duties by knowing I have an added layer of protection. This will impact decision-making and overall job performance which serves the public positively. Even the appearance of wearing body armor is a serious visual sign of deterrence to people wanting to cause harm. It says and the person wearing it is serious and ultimately leading to better peacekeeping.

I believe I should be selected for the Guardian Angel program due to my consistent dedication and the positive interactions I try to make when dealing with the public. My commitment to my family has not only set me apart but has also contributed significantly to how I perform my job duties. Winning Safe Life Defense body armor would not only acknowledge my hard work but also serve as a recognition of the positive influence Safe Life Defense makes in the lives of public safety employees. I am confident that this award will further inspire and also make the physical area I work in better and people happier by keeping me safer.

Owning body armor means that I am better able to assist the public in situations that become volatile. It means protection in all aspects of my work. Most importantly it assures my family that I will make it home safely. I have been in the security field for 7+ years. I love the job. I have a fiancé (soon-to-be wife in April 2024), two step-kids, and two dogs that I would like to come home to everyday.

CYNTHIA EAGER | Law Enforcement Officer

I am applying to help a fellow officer of mine. Cynthia Eagar works for our Department and she is a hard working young lady. She goes above and beyond the service, putting others’ needs before her own. If she isn’t helping those in the community, she is helping us at the Dept. Buying things for anyone who needs something, or she might hear someone talk about something and next thing you know she’s giving it to them as a gift because she heard they liked it. Cynthia also does a lot for the community we live in if it’s paying for a hotel to house people needing a place to stay or taking care of the kids at the park with sports equipment. She is down to earth, bighearted, and all around great human being who deserves what she always gives out.

By her being able to wear this she can feel safe and secure. There isn’t enough time or space I can say about the officer deserving this vest. She comes in with a positive attitude and always brightens up anyone having a rough day. She certainly makes the Department’s day and keeps us on our toes. By having this vest, she doesn’t have to worry about her hammy down vest not working or reapplying duct tape to keep it together because it’s so worn down and previously used.

I would love to know that she is protected around the city. She is currently wearing a hammy down vest from another officer and it is in rough shape. But she doesn’t complain, she just goes out and does her job because it’s what she loves. It would mean a lot to myself and other officers in our Dept for her to get this vest so that she can perform her job to the best of her ability.

We are writing this in hopes our Bonifay Police Officer will be selected. She doesn’t know about it. We don’t have the best budget and are a very small Dept in FL. Most of us came from other places and already had the gear, but not Cynthia. She would go and spend every penny and then some on all of us and our community but not herself because she uses what she has/was given. But I’d love for her to get something new that she can use, feel good in, and know that she deserves it.

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  1. Cristina Orozco

    How do I apply for April’s guardian angels?

    • Jake Turnbull

      Hi Cristina, at the bottom of our website there is a guardian angel tab that you can click on that will take you to the form you have to fill out(please include pictures). The direct link to that is: If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us, thank you!

  2. chuckkinkelar

    Congratulations to all the winners as a security officer formover 35 years it would be amazing to win something like this

  3. Barry Korbman

    Would love to participate in the contest if possible. As an active member in my local Jewish synagogue, I have been taking the proper protocols to learn how to better protect myself and my fellow congregants.
    First aid, crisis recognition and active shooter recognition are just a few of my recent classes I’ve invested time in. Any additional assistance would be greatly appreciated. Warm regards- Barry Korbman

  4. vincentrose544

    Congratulations everybody

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