7 Tips for Guardian Angel Body Armor Applications

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#1 Be the Change!

The Safe Life Defense team has the privilege of looking through THOUSANDS of Guardian Angel Body Amor Donation applications. We believe that every single person who applies should have access to quality body armor. But, since we can only choose a few, we look for applicants who will use the body armor to help others. It is wonderful when a single body armor donation impacts a community of people. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

#2 Be positive and confident!

Safe Life Defense does not and never will use fear based marketing; we think body armor is a safety tool, not a symbol of violence. Safe Life Defense looks for applicants that are not afraid, but instead face uncertainty with bravery, positivity, and optimism for the future.

#3 Show Don’t Tell

Don’t tell us about how much you do to help your community – show us. For example, instead of simply writing, “I volunteer every day and I love to help others,” you can write specifically where you volunteer and how you believe you make an impact. The more you can “show” us through your application, the more you will stand out.

#4 Add Photos and Video! It makes your application unique!

Safe Life Defense has gained popularity through social entrepreneurism, specifically platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We love to share and blog about the positive impact you are making in your community! The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true – and videos are even better. Be thoughtful about the pictures and video you send to us and make sure they match our brand image; we will be using them in social media when we award you our multi-threat Safe Life Defense body armor!

#5 Spell Check and Rehearse

We don’t expect perfect spelling, but it does help when you proofread! If you are doing a video, rehearse what you plan to say before you get onto camera. When you put a lot of thoughtful time into your application, it shows.

#6 Complete your Application!

Due to sheer volume, we cannot follow up with incomplete applications. Do your best to make sure the form is filled out to the best of your abilities. If you are having trouble uploading a video because it is too large, post it on YouTube and send us the link instead! If you are still having trouble, feel free to send us an email with any questions.

#7 Be authentic! Be yourself!

YOU are the most important part of Safe Life Defense. No, really! Everyone who wears our armor, whether they purchased it or had it donated to them through The Guardian Angel Program, puts their trust in us and are considered part of TEAM Safe Life Defense. We want to get to know you! When you are awarded your Safe Life Defense body armor, our president calls you personally. Be yourself in your application, be authentic and honest, and your application will shine.

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125 thoughts on “7 Tips for Guardian Angel Body Armor Applications

  1. Robert A Cleland says:

    I have tried several times to apply for your Guardian offer and each time it never sends and requires me to keep doing the process over again.
    Can you please asset me with the application process
    Thank you

      • Izzy Benique says:

        I’m a custodian at an elementary school, who I’m often looked upon as the person who always jumps to kids needs, by putting out orange safety cones for the buses and children’s pick up areas after school. I’m in charge of preping basketball games and ushering people in the gymnasium, and directing outside how where not to park, and where to park, in actual games, at after school basketball and late night tournaments. Walking around the school grounds at night, to secure the building and being security, while game is in progress and especially after to make my everyday mandatory ground building checks at night on my own. I also am an usher at my community assemblies of GOD church on my weekends, attending my 150+ attendance church service by ushering people In our building, where anyone is welcomed in. I’m the only person who stands at the back of the congregation keeping a full size visual of the entire group of people in a given service, to escort anyone out of the service for disdorderly conduct, or I have to monitor, security cameras by our main door at each service, as which I have to buzz In each person in the building due to recent church mass shootings incidents in our country. I have to escort out handicapped wheelchaired individuals, in and out of a service, by our newly installed handicapped and our installed elevator to better help the elderly and our handicap, gain access to our church services in Sunday our busy day of the week and Saturdays when their are special events that like Sundays, we get visitors from around our state of Connecticut, if n.y. and Boston, and Hartford areas, to name a few of our recent visitors to bring our special services, which I make the people put their guard down, and they give “Me at my church their concerns of security, by them seeing me at services standing at the back by security cameras, and buzzard, that I’m their eyes and ears at all times, so they don’t have to be alarmed of any threat that may sneak upon them, if their is a potential threat that comes in the building! It is also how I am viewed at my school, when the kids are playing basketball at a special event with their parents, and after school activities , how they can see me standing at the exit door, and when they see me walking at the outside school grounds, at a given night time game, that as they enter and sit down, they can see me, I’m always standing at the corner of every event, making sure to let them see, I’m their eyes, and ears, and they can relax and they give me that job of making their families sure like me as the usher at my church services, to be their security! I’m writing all this because, I enjoy to helping, and protecting others, and also my kids at Chase elementary school, where I monitor my building of the largest elementary school of 850 kids! I’M THERE SECURITY, but It would be nice for me to know for sure, in the back of my mind, to like to have a vest under my Sunday service clothing, or school Dept of Education, uniform, to not only have the protection of any mass shooter that may be a threat to me, that I have to first react, by trying to stop the person before entering the door completely as im always posted at my school, and my church events, would make my day way easier to think that I wouldn’t have to worry about anybody having kniving me at any event also, because your vest is protection. Of such threats as well as gun protection!

      • Bart says:

        What your going is a God’s blessing. I have been trying to get body armor and haven’t had much luck. To help protect the elderly and the community, is my number one priority. Called old school. Amen.

    • Steven Brown says:

      Hello Robert I am Steven and I’m from Aitkin Minnesota.
      I seen your armor vest and after reading about the guardian program. I was thinking all the time I went to work, but always kept my guard up.
      I am employed at the Mille Lacs Grand Casino of Onamia Mn.
      Well after the start of coronavirus, a lot of Associates and Customers who work and play the machines.
      Most of the people don’t want to go to the casino at night because of all the gangs that are on a Native American Indian Reservation that its scary going out there at night.
      I have come across a few times I be giving someone a ride or picking them up.
      That I have acrossed several different big group of teenagers that will be walking the streets on the Reservation and they be carrying bats, sticks, hand tools and I had one male he struck my puckup windshield with a regular size shovel, but he missed, but got my mirror and drivers side window.
      It doesn’t matter if you are a band member or from the outside of the Reservation.
      Don’t go out after 10 pm, its a time to keep notes up.

  2. cgambre3 says:

    I recently purchased one of your carriers (using other plates do to cost but am saving). I am very happy with your carrier. I am a big guy and always worry about fit. It was not a problem. My question is can I nominate someone for the angel program? I have a coworker that wants and needs as we sometimes deal with some angry folks. However the pay is low and he has had some family issues the past couple of months.

    • Nick Groat says:

      Hello, we are glad to hear you are submitting an application to the Guardian Angel Program! We hope you are selected as a recipient. On the final step of the application you’ll see an area where you can submit photos and videos. We definitely recommend submitting a video response. Thanks and good luck!

  3. juan carlos quinteros says:

    i was at a funeral of falling guard at fresno california a owner of company advise us of your fantastic service.

  4. Michael Elms says:

    I want to say how fantastic this program is. In these times we never know what to expect in Security, Law Enforcement or just a civilian. Often times the company I work with deals with calls that could face us with danger to save others. This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a safety net from a company willing to help with awesome products that can save lives. I would love to be considered as a recipient. Have a blessed day!

  5. Asher pearl says:

    A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link. As a paramedic student I do a minimum of 32hrs a week just for rotations plus class and emt shifts. Please help me have the piece of mind to be there for my patients! It would mean the world if you guys can send me one!!

  6. Derrick Justice says:

    As a Veteran who served 21 years of service and now working as an Onsite Security Supervisor in the Corporate field . While searching the internet came across Safe Life Defense website and notice that here’s a company that understand the importance of safety of the people in the world and the workplace.
    With a company like Safe Life Defense everyone in the field of public safety should search this website. Hooray!

  7. David Mirams says:

    I hope you folks get the vest I know you folks might be in more need than I. I have worked in EMS and am trying to in my new location. I currently am starting work for Dunbar Armored. I transport valuable cargo but with the violence in Baltimore area I could use a guardian angel to help me see my son at the end of every shift. If I don’t get it I understand and am glad that some one somewhere is a little bit safer!

  8. Chaplain Jim Russell says:

    I am Veteran who served 28 years of service and now working as a Law enforcement chaplain in the Houston TX area. While searching the internet came across Safe Life Defense website and notice that here’s a company that understand the importance of safety of the people in the dangerous world of the first respondent.
    With a company like Safe Life Defense everyone in the field of public safety should search this website.

  9. Cyrus Spurlock says:

    My good friend is a Nevada Highway Patrol Officer who would be a fantastic candidate for this program. Am I able to submit an application for him without his knowledge?

  10. Luis Suarez says:

    Volunteer 7 years as a New York City Guardian Angel to protect does which could not protect them self’s, Now I work for the NYC Department of CORRECTION, I have been here for 10 years. I am also a 9/11 survivor victim..my life has been a roller coaster but then again nobody ever said life would be easy but a challenge. To life will always be a gamble but if it’s to help my fellow brother then I will take that challenge. I bleed and would die in an ocean of blue just to save you.

    • Asco says:

      Hello safelifedefense team I been A Security officer For 12 years Married with 4 kids these year I decided to purchase my own body armor Company loaners is not the deal I purchase tru EBay because I had Credit with them A was excited when I found a good deal from a authorize seller The deal was to good to be true I’m stuck with a generic carrier and two safelifedefense Backpack panel’s Lol Well I gave my kids the panel’s for there backpacks Now I’m stuck with no panels for my safelifedefense carrier that I purchase from safelifedefense I can’t afford the right panels well thanks for Hearing me out

  11. Marcos Rubio says:

    As a Marine Corps Veteran, First Responder, and Community Servant, I appreciate your company and what you provide for public servants and the general public.

    Having this peace of mind allows the wearer to focus on the important tasks assigned or family life.

    I look forward to submitting my application as a possible candidate for one of your vests.

    Kind Regards and Semper Fidelis,
    Υ Σ Μ Χ

  12. Logan Carpentier says:

    I have tried this application process over and over I never get picked I never get a returned email. I have tried your payment plans. I work Grave shifts 7 days a week alone. 2 weeks a go lucky it didnt kill me but my center I patrol was broke into by 4 High school kids. One of the boys pulled a knife and slashed my lower stomach and I did get a slight puncture when he lunged the 2nd time. It all happened so fast. But if I had been wearing your Vest I wouldn’t have this pretty battle scar on my stomach but I would have been in better shape. 9 1/2 inch across slash wound and a minor puncture in the rib area. I’m not eligible for the prepay or your guardian program. is there something your company can do. Because how short I am on money I was back patrolling the very next night. Because I cant afford to miss a day of work. You guys have the power to save my life and my 3 daughters will rest soundly knowing daddy will come home to them. Please there is gotta be something we can do please help me

  13. Arnold L.Griffis,Jr. says:

    I work in health care security also am Emt certified I just won the Josie King Hero award for saving an AMS patient leaving AMA by jumping out in the road and pushing them back as the car passed behind me. I volunteered fire rescue from 1982 to 2015. My Security team and hospital staff who was eligible to see the video all commented that there was no hesitation or second thought I saw the threat and acted. My bosses say that only I can beat myself out of the award I had to talk to a fellow firefighter from the past because I didn’t want the award cause I was just doing my job he told me to accept be humble and blessed. My biggest fear is an armed assailant and the run hide fight cause if there was innocents I know I’ve trained to always run toward and not away we are unarmed and vests are not giving or provided to us. This is the why I applied for the guardian angel program cause the money isn’t here but I work at a great facility and great fellow security officers that’s why I haven’t left . I work for Allied universal at Mary Washington Health care. I give my all everyday and train not til I get it right but til I can’t get it wrong. I believe that it’s important to be prepared because the mindset is not if but when something happens. These are my reasons and why I applied for this program

  14. Jacob Stuart Bierend says:

    I, truly believe that even the hope of success, in situations of uncertainty. Retorts us to training procedures and disrupts complacency, increasing the willingness and responsibility to survive. Thank you safe-life for taking the time to appreciate our responders.

  15. Chris Davis says:

    Im trying to get to the guardian angel application but i can not figure it out keeps bringing me to the tips page but not to application

  16. Brian Fenton says:

    I have never received an email from this site of any confirmation nor any ads that I sign up for. I would love to see any new product, oncoming sales, or giveaways so that I may purchase gear or equipment from this great company.

  17. Myisha Rufus says:

    Wee are living in times I feel everyone needs to protect their self. I spent 8 years in the Air Force working with our falling soldiers and just feel it’s necessary to have.

  18. Joseph Hernandez says:

    Been carrying since 2016 and have cpl. Live at a apartment complex sometimes volunteer help watch the place. There has been shootings and people dying. Someone tried running me over twice with stolen van. Shot out their window. Of course called the police cause I was the victim. Suspect was high on drugs but they caught him. Had guns pointed at me so have to deal with people trying to shoot. It is a bad neighborhood. In the market of getting body armor.

  19. bobby cummings says:

    i’m disable I love to hunt I can’t climb trees anymore I hae to hunt off of my truck and federal game land I can’t get up as high anymore i’m afraid of being shot be a gun shot or a bow and arrow. I like to take kids out and teach them safty how to track I have to wear braces on my legs and arms my safety mean a lot to me when i’m hunting so I can teach the kids how to track in the spring. I need help because what the social service is paiding me want let me buy a decsent vest alone the very best vest there is I like shooting to and I don’t want to hit by a stay bullet from shooting or hunting

    • Vincent says:

      My name is Vincent l Washington Sr
      I am security for two churches, that I play guitar for. I’m a non paid officer for both churches. I care about the safety of our congregation, while we are having service. The churches are small numbers and can’t afford to help me to buy a vest for my protection. Hopefully one I can save enough money to buy on my own. Thank you

  20. Manuel Martinez says:

    I am a armed level 3 security officer Working security since 2006 worked city hall also worked war zone here in Albuquerque New Mexico,this is my home work all areas of hotels motels housing and stores, also all t mobiles here because they have been held up at gun point, and all areas of the war zone Zuni and San Mateo and central . The worst areas possible. I have never worn a vest my whole life and know that I’m older at age 56 I really get concerned at times and so does my wife working even the worst places I have never worn one retired correctional officer. And always been able to handle my own in response tactical fights and people pulling knives out on me always carries figured it was a better deterrent, but it’s bad out here and ready to wear a vest at times I get scared not as young as I used to be. But I enjoy my job and been very close to a lot of stabbing and fighting’ so never really could afford one just thought to expensive for me but that’s my story so wish me good luck!!

    • Tim williams says:

      I am a Sherrif Deputy I am a little different in some of the things and ways I do. For instance I keep color books and stuffed animals for the smaller kids. And we have a program where we patrol forest and campgrounds and I give out suckers.

  21. Zachary S Brown says:

    I work as a armed security guard for shaw secure solutions i love my job i just cant afford body armor on my salary i love doing what i do i just want to feel safer at work

  22. Allan paul says:

    Retired Forensic Arson Bureau ,moved to a rural agricultural area where I volunteer my services,no equipment is supplied.I have had more fun shots me I’m five years than 30 years paid,it would be a life saver.

  23. Samuel Thurston says:

    Thank you for your giving those brave souls whom all don’t wear a uniform or badge, but still face the evil in this world but still make the choice to confront that evil come what may, despite the chance of the loss of your life to understand what few realize that a life lost in the service of helping those whom cannot help themselves is not a life lost in vain but transcends the Devine. “The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men/Women To Do Nothing” -Edmund Burke-

  24. Samuel Thurston says:

    As I previously stated before I don’t wear a uniform or a carry a badge and I have the utmost respect and admiration for those that do. I work for a state Oil&gas regulatory agency in Texas who’s job it is to protect our environment from chemical, biological to radiological hazardous materials below and above ground that could negatively affect the air we breath the food we eat and the water we drink. And the safety of ourselves and our children who’s negative effects could be felt for generations to come. And the areas that I’m responsible for are connected to the Mexico border so I’m constantly vigilant for drug runners to human traffickers who are armed with the latest military hardware. And in my area of operation I have zero to sporadic cell service, and even if I was able to contact authorities or be wounded I’m literally hours in some instances away to be able to get help or get others to the nearest medical facility. That is why I can say the products that Safelife defense offers are not only for first responders, but for the average citizens whom wish to protect themselves and being in a position to help others in dire need should that moment arise. I and my family can only hope that I will be chosen to receive body armor that I’m unable to afford on my salary. #UnitedWeStand

  25. Oscar Ozuna says:

    I was trying to apply for the guardian angel but the page does not load. Is there a way I can get an application sent to me or would you be able to send me an email with more info on this? Thank you.

  26. blt4rox says:

    As a Security Officer and paramedic for the last 14 years I’ve learned that when fractions of a second matter our boys in blue can be minutes away and in that time you are on your own. Having a potentially life saving device like a vest is a huge piece of mind. Remember at the end of the day the goal is to go home

  27. Liza Rolander says:

    I am an 18 college freshman and I am currently studying to be an EMT. In my first semester, there was an active shooter scare and I was in an area of the campus where it would be at least a 5-minute walk to any building so I was forced to hide in a thick bush where I prayed not to be seen. I hid for 30 minutes until the lockdown was lifted. I was lucky enough not to be discovered but if I were to be found, I wouldn’t have been alive to write this. My only hope is to receive this vest so I can be safer while working and on campus.

  28. Dave Mower says:

    I have been a professional Fire Fighter/ Paramedic for more than 30 years. I’m now working as a Volunteer in a small rural department with limited resources. In the past month I have responded to 2 shots fired incidents in which the shooters location and intentions were unknown while responding to injured victims with life threatening injuries. Obviously, my situational awareness was very high which distracted from patient care due to the lack of protection for myself and my crew. Even though we are in a rural Colorado community we are not immune to these sorts of incidents. During one of the most recent events the shooter set a fire while trying to escape to distract from his location. Not only did my department respond to his victim but also had to extinguish a fire that he set to protect other property and lives. Our Department cannot afford the cost of providing Body Armor as we struggle to fund Fire and EMS supplies and equipment. Yet, we continue to respond to protect life and property as dedicated Fire and EMS RESPONDERS. I am the only Paramedic on the Department and am responsible for my crew and Advanced Life Support patient care. There have have several similar incidents over the past few years. Any assistance with protecting myself and my crew for both Fire and EMS would be more than appreciated. We would be able to focus more on our jobs if we had the assurance that we would be better protected from bad guys with unknown intentions. Thank You for your consideration of our needs!

  29. Lamandalynne Promise says:

    I filled out your application, but due to the nature of what I do for my community, there are no pictures that can be taken of me working.
    I am EXTREMELY interested in this program and feel that it is for the greater good.

  30. Kerrick Hudson says:

    I just submitted an application. I would greatly appreciate one of these vests since I am a member of my church’s security team. My church has recently received many threats of violence (bombing, burning, and lynching of members).

  31. Ashley Steffens says:

    I have tried three times to fill out an application, but the website won’t allow me to go past step 1. Is it because I am on my mobile phone?

  32. Framl Mattox says:

    One of the many down sides of working in the private sector in the security field is we have to pay for all our own kit, training and at a low wage. I know where I’ve worked we are the first responders but lack the recongnition for our contribution. As one has stated “There is no glory in prevention”

  33. Ben Walker says:

    I work with a local volunteer fire department With the rise of riots and protests I started looking for alternatives to being safer I do security for our local church
    I was blessed to find out about the guarding angel program I was blessed to find out about the guarding angel program And I will look forward to passing on the good deed

  34. Stephanie Rivera says:

    I’m currently employed as an EMT and I also volunteer at my local fire department. A vest would be of great use to me due to the increase of violence towards first responders and it will contribute to a sense of comfort and seecurity for my parents. They have been reading about all that violence and they find themselves worrying about my safety. And I plan to continue to serve my community in any way I can!

  35. Stephanie Rivera says:

    I’m currently employed as an EMT and I also volunteer at my local fire department. A vest would be of great use to me due to the increase of violence towards first responders and it will contribute to a sense of comfort and seecurity for my parents. They have been reading about all that violence and they find themselves worrying about my safety. And I plan to continue to serve my community in any way I can! Helping out people is my calling and I really want my parents to worry less about the dangers that can occur.

  36. Seth Brown says:

    I have just applied for a vest. I am currently a milpitas Fire explorer program chief, and in the beginning process of applying for station fire fighting in the Bay Area, I also volunteer at a local BMX track (Santa Clara PAL) and for work, I work at a start up car wash called Future Wash, and often time I have to go pick up cash at the end of the week from all of our sites (just around sunset or later) at our retail sites and I have been working there for 4 years now and I’ve seen 10-15 robbery’s while I’m on the job and don’t feel the safest collecting cash without a weapon and I feel I would greatly benefit from a safety vest. Thank you for your consideration.

  37. Elizabeth says:

    I am currently a Security Officer for WhiteriverAz , Commercial Center. I only been employed with this small company for 10Months. Within in that time I made a 2ed Family from Police Officers, Other Securitys, Emts, I also got the privilege of being Transferred to a Different higher company called Enterprise, worked with them for 4weeks, but I made the decision to go back to Commercial Center, asked so many questions on Why?? Due to the pay, Enterprise is paying $10.00 hr & Commercial is $7.50. I went back because i went through so much with them, and they are my brothers. I love my Job ,I love what I do. I learned alot from them, understanding with my personal problems. Before this pandemic.. I was still dedicated to work, working long hrs, sacrificing sleep if a coworker isn’t able to work, even holidays. I’ve always gone out of my way for my job, just because… I want to help others when I can, if they need it. I had to deal with so many Intoxicated people I tried talking to them sharing my story with them. Even from that growm friendship with people I never thought I would be friends with. When this pandemic happened I was working 7days straight, no days off, it was me and 2others. In all there is 8of is but the others are scared. In less then 2 weeks I worked over 150hrs, I never got the whole pay, just 80hrs from that. I did not complain because it is my job, my duty, what I signed up for, I love it. It’s a experience I never thought I’d encountered. I take it as a gift, because not even one gets to work alongside the BlueThin Line. Sadly I experienced the Heartache of losing a Brother, P204 will not be Forgotten, he was a good man, who loved his job, Loved his Wife & 2Sons. I Pray for them daily, I still thank him for his service. Short 10Months from this Job, and I want to keep moving, Department of Corrections, then try For Police Officer. For the time Being I’ll stick with Security, but at the moment taken a break to try and get everything I got stolen. I got kicked out of my house for a little over a week. I couldn’t see my 3kids, I tried coming home daily, always got denied. I couldn’t even come home for clothes or work things. So I thought I could trust my neighbor enough to leave my work gear with them. Came back 2days later, finally was able to find a ride. My Vest with my Plates, my Duty belt with 3 handcuffs, a baton,,1flashlight, keys, gloves, OC Spray. Taser…. my Personal Bag with 2 Scanners, and so, so much more.. personal things all missing. Everything .I was hurt, mad, trust gone. I worked for all of that. Our company does not buy anything, we provide it all ourselves.. all comes out our own pockets. Even the Uniform Shirt, the Patches that say Security, and name tags. Single Mother of 3, worked her ass off for Everything I bought, trying to provide for my kids and get the things I think can protect me on duty. One last thing I would start ordering more things but, I haven’t been paid in 5 weeks, I do not know why this company isn’t releasing my checks. They dont even have my Vouchers, I’m so broke, struggling badly, trying to stay strong, . Please, this is my first time trying this… I’m asking if anything can be donated.

  38. Mathew bond says:

    Me and my family are low income and i had a bad past years ago and people threatening me constantly, it would be nice if I had a vest for each of my family members, there are 3 of us, but even 1 would work fine so I can get it on my wife in an emergency. I am a civilian, 2nd amendment rights are our right. And so is personal protection.

  39. Matt Mallory says:

    Hello. Thank you for offering the Guardian Angel program! I have tried to fill out the application multiple times and it just takes me to a page that has the below on it. When I click the link it brings me to this page. Is there an issue with the application? Thanks in advance for the help.

    Providing Free Body Armor To Those In Need
    Click here for 7 helpful tips on your Guardian Angel Application

  40. Jeffery Hunter says:

    I work at LifeNet EMS and provide transport for non-emergent services on the unit I work on. It’s easy for most people to just pick people up from the hospital and take them wherever they’re going and not show any “out of the way” care to anybody. As for me, I make an attempt to to get to know my patients and encourage them in anyway I can and will even pray with them. Whether its an emergency or not, to them it’s important and they need someone with a heart and soul to care for them. I am not looking for recognition, just want the best for my patients. A few minutes of heart to heart can go a long way.

  41. Sonya Brown says:

    I am on the Arkansas and the Tennessee emergency animal rescue team. I have had people try and due physical hard to myself. I work at Hollywood feed in Memphis TN our store has had some situation where violence came very close to my self. My team see me as the strong one of the staff which has put me in harm’s way a few times. We are not allowed to have any type of protection for our self or my team this leaves us very vulnerable to physical harm. I have been in two fight In the past year with bruised ribs and concussion. I would feel much more comfortable with something that would at least protect my body in these situations. Who ever you choose to give this wonderful gift thank you. You are doing great work for those in law enforcement like my cousin and friends. If I was to be that lucky I would feel so much more safe in the area of our store. Thanks for all you are doing. Sonya Brown

  42. Jasmin Marquez says:

    Hello my name is Jasmin I’m an Office Manager and cashier manager at a market in Riverside California I deal with large quantities of cash and go the bank everyday I saw that you guys do vest donations In all honesty I hope I’m eligible, now that we are on quarantine the line for the bank is very long sometimes around the corner I’m always scarred to wait in line with my company cash I go everyday by myself I wish I had piece of mind please consider my entry.

  43. Troy Gardner says:

    I began my service to the citizens of North Carolina in 1980 as a volunteer firefighter in my hometown of Saratoga at the age of 16. Two years later I became an EMT and continued to volunteer in now dual roles in my community.
    I became a full time EMT in 1983 for the Wilson County rescue squad where we had to volunteer to work there. I progressed through the EMS levels and ranks to become a paramedic and supervisor in 1986.
    In 1987 I moved to Charlotte NC to work for Mecklenburg EMS (Medic). I was there for 2 years and became a Crew Chief there.
    In 1989 I moved to Raleigh NC and became a member of Wake County EMS. I remained at Wake EMS until my retirement in 2013. I served as a field paramedic, new employee preceptor, FTO and was one of the first Advanced Practice Paramedics in the United States. I was instrumental in the development of our field training and evaluation program (FTEP). Our FTEP has been taught across the United States to other EMS agencies as a model program. During my time as an FTO teaching, mentoring and seeing the growth of new paramedics made me feel proud. During my time as an APP we developed and deployed a program to reduce 911 callers for EMS, redirect substance abuse and mentally ill patients to non-hospital specialty centers. This gave back much needed bed space to the local hospitals. Our program was awarded several awards nationally and was covered by trade magazines and websites. We worked to reduce readmissioms of patients diagnosed with diabetes and congestive heart failure. These in home visits educated patients how to properly take their medications, what to eat and when to call their primary physician to avoid another hospital stay. We also responded to high acuity calls to assist with patient care.
    After retirement I worked for another EMS agency in Wake County serving as an FTO and was promoted to District Chief.
    In August of 2019 I made a career change to become a fire lieutenant for the Hopkins Rural Fire Dept in eastern Wake County. I serve as the driver of the fire apparatus and the firefighter and myself respond to all first responder medical calls. During medical calls our Captain remains at the station while we respond in a brush truck. These calls we face the most need for body armor. Calls reported as medical we find in reality to be domestic or violence related. We experience a lot of intoxicated, drugged or mentally ill patients some of which want to harm us. Wake County has suffered some poor changes to our Sheriffs Department resulting in low staffing that cause extended response times 15 to 20 minutes plus. We stage for safety but, sometimes based on dispatch comments we go on to potentially save a life.
    I also work part time as a Paramedic for Johnson County EMS in Smithfield NC and we encounter the same or more threats but, I will state a much more robust Sheriffs response.
    I have been a Level 2 EMS instructor and taught many people across the state of North Carolina. I served for 4 years as the assistant director of EMS education at Johnston Community College. I also served as the Fire Training Director for 1 year during the medical absence of the regular director.
    I have taught across the state of North Carolina firefighters in firefighter 1&2, hazardous materials and LP gas live burn.
    Many of my past students are serving as career firefighters across the region.
    Personally I was married in 1986 and my wife an X-ray technician became disabled in 1999 due to a botched rotator cuff surgery.
    Myself I am 56 years old and since age 50 things have been tough . I have hade colon surgery to remove precancerous polyps . PSA my friends at age 50 get your colonoscopy it saved my life and could save yours. At age 54 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, yes men get breast cancer it’s a small percentage but we get it. PSA 2 check your man boobs and if you feel something get it checked and don’t let your doctor blow you off be persistent and get it checked. During my chemotherapy I continued to work only taking 1 day off each chemo cycle when I was so sick. I remember working a cardiac arrest and being so sick I couldn’t hardly do it but I pushed through.
    I have much more service to my community by working either part time or volunteering at 3 different rescue squads, 5 different fire departments and teaching for our community college.
    I am all my wife has and getting this extra layer of protection will help to ease her mind when I go on shift. She so worried something might happen to me..
    Finally he probably doesn’t know about this but my firefighter Kendall Whitley and my Captain Christian Mogensen II could use a vest as well.

  44. Blake hanson says:

    Good day gentlemen, my name is blake hanson, 7 year navy vet, and small arms instructor and a father of a 3 year old with wife and another stepson. Recently started and am enjoying my new career as a correction officer at my local jail. Waiting everyday and night i work 12 hour shift to make it home to my family and future range days. Every time we do transports we need vest and same as range days. Even though i just started in November im already working on inproving range opperations and equipment. We use pool gear and it sure is ripe. After all my time in the navy and range time i know the importance of a good vest and how it plays its part into shooting experience and getting home safe. Recieving one of these would save me and my family money for fun future events. Ive seen your adds and video. Lets all get home safe and enjoy the freedom we have.

  45. Chris says:

    I am mid aged white male who worked security 13 plus years. June 6th 2020, I worked in Black bar/nightclub setting and the BLM were making themselves known last night, It was tense. Its been a continuous gig on a weekly basis.. Aside from that, just living in South Florida, being white is the minority ticket holder. I stand with freedom and liberty. You guys would be that guardian angel

  46. Rafael says:

    Protecting my family is top priority. I live in chicago and live in a predominantly middle income area. Now since we have had everything escalate in violence surrounding my area it is inevitable that it will come knocking on our door now. I have my first grandchild with us and i am trying to keep things as normal as possible. Trying times calls for protective measures.

  47. Jules broussard says:

    I work at Louisiana State penitentiary Angola. I am at the tac team. During these times, I am at more of a risk. Even going home. I really could use the armor to help insure I have a better chance of going home.

  48. Angel says:

    I am a paramedic in Florence alabama and Tupelo Mississippi. I am also a deputy’s wife. With the two places I listed, there’s always a chance for nasty not peaceful riots. There’s several places we don’t go without the police due to being in fear. Our company does not issue us bullet proof vest and with everything going on I feel like there is a need for one

  49. Dawson says:

    I am a marine corps veteran and am currently working level 3,and 4 in the state of tx as things are breaking off my wife and 4 kids are fearing that one night I might not make it home no matter how many time I tell them my old grunt ass is coming home it scares them and with times tight been hard to purchase a protective vest thank you for this opportunity
    Semper fi
    Dawson l McKee

  50. Denee says:

    In 93/94 I sat with Seattle PD /South Com, Fire Com, Bonnie LK PD , Port of Seattle at SeaTac Airport, Seattle & Renton Fire Departments 911 CAD because I wanted to help people. I also played a plane crash victim at SeaTac Airport to help give all responders training. Now I would like to help keep my Church safe and prayer rallies. I do have my Concealed carry permit. I and my children have been victimized in 1994 & I got the perp to turn himself in although we were in imminent danger I managed to not use my firearm with great restraint. I never want anyone to go through what I have and I never want to be a victim again. I am a survivor. I later had IED training through the TSA on how to spot in cargo. I was TSA Certified up to 3mo after unemployment but because of medical reasons (Cancer etc) I can’t return to work and am retired. I still want to contribute anyway I physically am able to my community.

  51. Joshua says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I’ve started my law enforcement career with the New Jersey Department of Corrections. I’ve worked there for 4 years and enjoyed every moment of it. However I wanted more out of law enforcement so I’ve decided to do another police academy and was fortunate to get picked up by HCSO. Unfortunately I was not fortunate to receive a bullet proof vest by my hiring agency. The one I previously owned I had to give back to my previous agency being that it was issued to me. My initial plan was to do a payment plan with safe life defense but as my career path changed so did my personal life. I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl during my time in the police academy. I’m more than greatly appreciated for this new career opportunity but as many can attest, change of employment puts you back down the pay salary and I had to take a pay cut. Not only did another police academy put me in a tuff place financially but so did the new uniforms I had to acquire upon completion of the police academy as well as baby clothes, furniture, diapers, milk etc. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse it did. We all experienced these unprecedented time known as COVID19. I know their are many family’s out there that are struggling like myself but as an essential worker I put my uniform everyday praying for another day to come home to my loving fiancé & daughter. Currently I’ve been using my friends vest whose 30 lbs lighter than me that barely fits me like a crop top that was issued in 2003 but anything is better than nothing.

    I would of loved to attach pictures but I’m currently doing this application on my mobile phone.

    Thank you in advance and God bless you all for the hard work you’ve all done. It does not go unnoticed.

    Respectfully submitted,
    J, Ruiz

  52. Carlos Principe says:

    I’m currently a housing investigator for a housing authority. I’m the only investigator in the entire county with a population of 1.4 million citizens. I conduct fraud and background investigation for federally funded housing programs. Since funds are allocated only towards housing my department does not invest in safety. It would be great to have some protection when out on field investigations. Thank you

  53. Robert Quezada says:

    I currently work as School Safety Officer and I also work in the capacity of the County Constable Officer

  54. Melissa Walker says:

    My wife is a dedicated mother and my best friend. She has had to work graveyards in a dangerous part of our city our entire marriage because we have young children and I can only work during the day. She has already had someone attempt to rob her at knife point, thankfully there were some sheriff deputies sitting down eating and put a stop to it. Melissa always has a smile on her face and always manages to brighten up everyone’s day that she comes in contact with. Our kids and I worry about her every night she works. She is 100% selfless, sees the good in any situation, and puts her kids above everything else. We’d be able to sleep alot better the nights she works knowing that she is being protected by your guy’s amazing products. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  55. Franz Cowhig says:

    I hope I’m chosen to receive this special offer. I can’t explain how many times I’ve said to my self “ I wish I had protection “ . I’m a Healthcare Superintendent that builds Hospitals, Trauma Units, Emergency Rooms .
    My job is to be the first one on site and last to leave, this is for confirming jobsite is safe to start and at night everything is locked up and safe. The issue is some places restrict the lawful carry of CCW, knives, or anything to protect yourself. You ask why would I need protection? In the construction world especially Healthcare , items are expensive. From day one the job site is full of items crooks would want, copper, lead, tools, ladders, generators, not to mention once your close to opening, then equipment that has extreme value. Most of my life I never thought much about it, but times have changed, working all over this fantastic country you still run into evil. To know I was wearing a vest that protected me without breaking rules would make my life so much better not to mention my family’s life. They worry when I’m not home and it’s dark out and work day should be over. I wear PPE all day for construction purposes but no one brings up this part. There is only a few of Superintendents that I’ve spoken with about this & all would agree they would where and is needed but affordability always comes up. Again I spent many years not thinking this is an issue until one night, I ran into some trouble makers who wanted the electrical wire for themselves, now at 30 and fit I ran at them with a hammer and they ran off. Now at 50 still fit, I look back and think “ How Stupid” I could have been beat and left until the next day. To have a vest like this would not only give piece of mind to me and my family but also send a message to others in my position that maybe companies should purchase for us. I know others would wear once they knew other had worn. Owners won’t purchase because they will say “ call the police or security “ . I’m not trying to be mean about owners & money but when bad things happen, they happen fast & without time to call anyone.
    I’m a avid shooter, enjoy shooting and want to start 3 gun competition soon. Not only would the vest be worn at work but at the range, target practice. It’s a great item if you are one that has a Go Bag in their Truck. This would be a great part of my everyday routine.
    Thank you,

  56. David Iven Walden says:

    Hello, my name is David W. and i work as a jailer/dispatcher 40-60 hrs a week. Im 31 years old and an Iraq freedom vet.First off thank you to Safe Life Defense, whether or not i am picked for this vest! I work for a smaller Sherriff Office in rural Montana. Since we are a smaller Office we have less officers (3 deputies) , than bigger departments, so in turn the dispatcher/jailers have many duties such as , the obvious ones, dispatching and jailer duties, go out with deputies after shifts, help with investigations and warrants. It would be comfortable know i have some protection when out and about ! Again thank you all again!!!

  57. Eduardo Hau says:

    I want to enjoy the guardian angels and I need to get prices on bulletproof vest you to work for law-enforcement agency I’m on a private security company thank you and have a blessed day

  58. Richard Finch says:

    Hi I’m Richard Finch, I’m pretty much the neighborhood watchdog. There are several elderly home owners on my block and I notice that outsiders come to our street to transact drug activity. I’m the one who’s taking the pictures and calling the police. I once was approached by a person and he asked why am I taking pictures and I responded I live here on this block and we do not need your drugs.

  59. Kevin Alexander says:

    I dont have a story to tell…i would like to have one to have along with my rifle as added protection to protect my family..thats all..thanks in advance

  60. Benjamin M. Willis Sr. says:

    Hello Safelife, I am planning on starting my own security company real soon. I have always had an affinity to protect people from injustice or danger. I started out working in security as a teenager, then moved to Juvenile Corrections not just for work but to mentor the youth in making better decisions. I went so far as to getting a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice to enhance my learning. I’ve been following the great work you guys do for a time now. I would love to be chosen for your vest.

  61. Chris Hodson says:

    I have some disabilities and I can’t run but I can walk ! I won’t walk away from helping someone ! Tha extra protection would add confidence of protection of defending Americans ,, family ,, friends and law enforcement

  62. G Toby Gaines says:

    I’m a member of the clergy for a Catholic Diocese, and a Police Chaplain, we have to furnish our own uniforms but I’ve not had the funds to purchase a vest. Safety is paramount as we have witnessed the uptick in attacks on law enforcement and clergy. The need is real for me and thank you for the consideration, blessings!

  63. christine bowling says:

    I work security at a psychiatric nursing rehab facility. The residents work hard with their mental illnesses so they can be reintroduced into society. Sometimes they are violent while they are coming off their drugs. They can leave the facility and sometimes come back after doing drugs and can be dangerous/physical /unpredictable. We put our hearts and souls into these people and help them get straightened out to become as self sufficient as they can be. some can eventually move out and get their own place, others become a permanent resident and we help them adapt to the environment. We love them and understand their difficulties, however it can be dangerous at times with people with mental illness. Especially when they first arrive and dont have themselves under control. These people have fought with many people and this is their way of life. While maintaining our safety, I want to work with people, show them love, trust, and a new positive outlook. I want to help them work toward becoming a contributing member of society, and living an independent safe life off the street. Thank you for the work you do. I am sure that I could help more people safely with your help.

  64. Jannetta Brodie says:

    I got the vest and I guess I will buy the rest later I live on a little disability i don’t mind paying, it’s going to be a long while before I can get the rest. Theirs a lot of killing going on can’t go out a lot I don’t feel safe people are even getting hurt going to Wal-Mart. I see a lot of people sineing up and I just wanted to wish them all good luck everyone needs to feel safe. The rest that don’t get one just want you all to know I will be praying for all our safety in this world. God really is our safety but sometimes a little extra flees nice. God Bless to you all. I live by my self I divorced, and have no car. It just not the world I grew up in were has all love gone? I am proud of you guys for your giveaway, to know you can make a another person feel safe another day. Thanks for all you do. God Bless

  65. John M Crittenden says:

    I have 5 ch children under the age of 15. My 10-year-old is a triple amputee. Her name is Camilla rios.she made in parents magazine. Their safety is my main concern. All together we have 8 souls I have to keep safe. I was honorably discharged after serving 4 yrs in the USMC and now 70 % disabled with the VA .Any help would be greatly appreciated .

    • Allen Belles says:

      Id love to be a part of this n my life jiat like everyone elses life is important..i would love to get one but cant afford one now n it might be to late by time i can afford 1 so PLZ THINK of me n my family..im a diabete n dont know how long i do have but a vest would help me add on days ..GOD BLESS
      N ur belts are amazing i seen it left a 4000 pound car thats great quality

  66. Matt Julius says:

    I am a repo man who has been helping folks get back on there feet on car at a time. Sometimes completing more then 250 acc. Per a month. And dealing with all types of folks . From the Rich too no the most dirtyest people you could think of. And Going inn some.areas that even law enforcement won’t go all.hours of the clock. I have a second chance vest now which I don’t wear it like I should because I hate the way it feels while driving.

  67. Albert Franklin Moore says:

    So many of the foregoing requests for your body armor seem to have a great deal of merit. They are made by people working in their respective communities in positions where they interact with the public, sometimes an angry public, virtually every day. I was formerly a law enforcement officer in my hometown of Hendersonville, Tennessee, located just north of Nashville. Upon graduating from college with a double major, pre-law and criminal justice administration. At about the same time I applied for a position with the Hendersonville Police Department, I also applied to several law schools. After working for approximately a year as a police officer, I was accepted to and graduated from The Memphis State University School of Law, and started practicing. Unfortunately, I caught a disease and had to have a heart transplant on May 5, 1987, almost 34 years ago. I healed and continued practicing law for over 20 years before my health required me to retire in about 2003. Since that time, I raised two children and now I take care of my 94 year old disabled father and 64 year old disabled sister. I take them to the grocery, to their numerous doctor appointments, to Sam’s and Walmart for supplies and all other places they need to go. I assist with the preparation of meals and household chores. I cannot help my community as I could do as a police officer, but I do take care of my family and try to keep them safe. I am a concealed carry permit holder because Nashville and Hendersonville have become so violent in recent years, where we experience a murder or more everyday. It has become a scary place to live. Just a few weeks ago, a nurse driving to work one night to care for Covid patients was murdered in a road rage incident. Her car was riddled with bullets and she was left dead in her car on the side of the interstate. The story made national headlines. One of your safe life vests would protect me when I am out in the public realm helping my family and give me confidence knowing that I was protected from an attack.

  68. Pablo Coca says:

    Hi there my name is Pablo Coca I am a night security officer for my school district I have two young boys ages five and two I work for the school district so I can help be a part in one way or another on my kids education me serving and protecting the school properties is me that opportunity to be a part of their lives in in this matter I recently purchased a safety vest but I cannot afford at this present time to buy the protective place that go in them I was recently involved in my own way of helping doing my duty as a nice security I was also helping the Vegas New Mexico police department and State Police and a shootout that was happening there at one of my school areas I guess you could say I was kind of in the middle of the whole thing with nobody armor no nothing just my security unit and my flashlight in keys nothing else to protect me I do my best to stay safe to keep the school that I work for safe and sound maybe someday I could afford to buy these plates I need for my best I am proud to be the nice security officer for one of our school districts here in Las Vegas New Mexico and then we’re in your project there’s a great honor too bad I can’t afford the rest of any of this gear thank you very much

  69. Gregory Ferraro says:

    I, Gregory Ferraro, retired on, August 27th, 2017 after a 25 years of service with PBSO in Florida. At 58 years and after 1 year of retirement, I felt, I had more to give, and wanted to use my years of experience and training to help the Broward, Florida County Community after the Active Shooter Tragedy at MSD in Parkland, Florida… I applied for “The Guardian Program” with BCPS (Broward County Public Schools” as a Armed Safe School Officer/ School Marshall position. I applied, and was hired after completing all Background, and Training via the BSO (Broward Sheriff Office) Training Program successfully, and now work at a local Elementary School protecting it’s communities school children. I felt I had more to give for God, and the community I live in, so I do!!! And, it has been a Wonderful, and GREAT experience to serve again, and for the MOST valuable, and Innocent of those that Teach our kid’s, as well as give a sense of safety to the Students I Protection, and Supervise on a daily basis… However, I’m issued a IIIA Protective Vest, it is not capable of Protection against the most available Rifle round cartridges, and lacks a Vest Carrier that I can attach accessories to it!!! I hope you look favorably upon my request, and find it worthy of this, and your Program? Thanks Much for your Program, and kindness to those that Serve, and Protect the Citizens, and those that can’t Protect themselves… God Bless you, and your services protecting “US”, so that “WE” can save lives through “YOUR” Gifts selflessly through, and/ via us… Sincerely, and Respectfully, (Guardian Officer Program) Officer, Gregory Ferraro

  70. Troy Starr says:

    Even if I’m not picked for the guardian angel program God bless you all for what you’re doing you’re saving a lot of lives for men and women that put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis

  71. Eric cook says:

    I’m going to start security work at my church the door christian center I would feel more safe if I had a bullet proof vest I’m a married man with 4 children ages 3,4,7 and 9 2 boys and 2 girls family of 6 were all involved with our church and church functions please consider me to get a bullet proof vest thank you and have a blessed day.

  72. Bart says:

    Dealing with the discomforts of the vest will could save your family and freinds alot of discomfort going home safe everyday.

  73. Jason D says:

    I really wish I had some armor last weekend as I think angels look down and then again I think maybe I didn’t have my vest on but knew the shots I was taken were being viewed by people who care enough about me. I would love to get a vest to help protect others who can’t protect themselves. What a great product.

  74. Lance webb says:

    Hello, As a father of 4 wonderful children its extremely important for me to remain safe. I’m part of are community watch in my area as well at the church me and my children attend I carry to keep my children as well all families safe while at Church. I lost my kids mother june of 2020 2 weeks before returning home from the u.s Army. Its important to me to remain safe to be here for my children as well keep them safe as well others from the evils of the world. Most of all I’m a firm believer in God family and country. With attacks on churches now a days I feel it’s my part to keep everyone safe as well the same way my children’s mother did for are country. Thanks again such a great company to help others. God Bless

  75. Timothy owen wilson jr/Atlas says:

    People are predicting bad stuff and hurting other people. I know I could use one, might help.

  76. James K. Laxson says:

    Reserves police officers need vests to ensure safety and coming home too. Most townships can afford vests for reserve’s and most like to have one. Saw the guardian vest program and thought I would give it a try because my family needs me. I also do security work and carry money to deposit.

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