7 Tips for Guardian Angel Body Armor Applications

#1 Be the Change!

The Safe Life Defense team has the privilege of looking through THOUSANDS of Guardian Angel Body Amor Donation applications. We believe that every single person who applies should have access to quality body armor. But, since we can only choose a few, we look for applicants who will use the body armor to help others. It is wonderful when a single body armor donation impacts a community of people. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

#2 Be positive and confident!

Safe Life Defense does not and never will use fear based marketing; we think body armor is a safety tool, not a symbol of violence. Safe Life Defense looks for applicants that are not afraid, but instead face uncertainty with bravery, positivity, and optimism for the future.

#3 Show Don’t Tell

Don’t tell us about how much you do to help your community - show us. For example, instead of simply writing, “I volunteer every day and I love to help others,” you can write specifically where you volunteer and how you believe you make an impact. The more you can “show” us through your application, the more you will stand out.

#4 Add Photos and Video! It makes your application unique!

Safe Life Defense has gained popularity through social entrepreneurism, specifically platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We love to share and blog about the positive impact you are making in your community! The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is true – and videos are even better. Be thoughtful about the pictures and video you send to us and make sure they match our brand image; we will be using them in social media when we award you our multi-threat Safe Life Defense body armor!

#5 Spell Check and Rehearse

We don’t expect perfect spelling, but it does help when you proofread! If you are doing a video, rehearse what you plan to say before you get onto camera. When you put a lot of thoughtful time into your application, it shows.

#6 Complete your Application!

Due to sheer volume, we cannot follow up with incomplete applications. Do your best to make sure the form is filled out to the best of your abilities. If you are having trouble uploading a video because it is too large, post it on YouTube and send us the link instead! If you are still having trouble, feel free to send us an email with any questions.

#7 Be authentic! Be yourself!

YOU are the most important part of Safe Life Defense. No, really! Everyone who wears our armor, whether they purchased it or had it donated to them through The Guardian Angel Program, puts their trust in us and are considered part of TEAM Safe Life Defense. We want to get to know you! When you are awarded your Safe Life Defense body armor, our president calls you personally. Be yourself in your application, be authentic and honest, and your application will shine.

Safe Life Defense Guardian Angel Week Recipient #2: Jenny Elkins
Safe Life Defense Donates Body Armor to John Spatafora
Guardian Angel Recipient Fernandes

20 thoughts on “7 Tips for Guardian Angel Body Armor Applications

  1. Robert A Cleland says:

    I have tried several times to apply for your Guardian offer and each time it never sends and requires me to keep doing the process over again.
    Can you please asset me with the application process
    Thank you

  2. cgambre3 says:

    I recently purchased one of your carriers (using other plates do to cost but am saving). I am very happy with your carrier. I am a big guy and always worry about fit. It was not a problem. My question is can I nominate someone for the angel program? I have a coworker that wants and needs as we sometimes deal with some angry folks. However the pay is low and he has had some family issues the past couple of months.

    • Nick Groat says:

      Hello, we are glad to hear you are submitting an application to the Guardian Angel Program! We hope you are selected as a recipient. On the final step of the application you’ll see an area where you can submit photos and videos. We definitely recommend submitting a video response. Thanks and good luck!

  3. juan carlos quinteros says:

    i was at a funeral of falling guard at fresno california a owner of company advise us of your fantastic service.

  4. Michael Elms says:

    I want to say how fantastic this program is. In these times we never know what to expect in Security, Law Enforcement or just a civilian. Often times the company I work with deals with calls that could face us with danger to save others. This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a safety net from a company willing to help with awesome products that can save lives. I would love to be considered as a recipient. Have a blessed day!

  5. Asher pearl says:

    A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link. As a paramedic student I do a minimum of 32hrs a week just for rotations plus class and emt shifts. Please help me have the piece of mind to be there for my patients! It would mean the world if you guys can send me one!!

  6. Derrick Justice says:

    As a Veteran who served 21 years of service and now working as an Onsite Security Supervisor in the Corporate field . While searching the internet came across Safe Life Defense website and notice that here’s a company that understand the importance of safety of the people in the world and the workplace.
    With a company like Safe Life Defense everyone in the field of public safety should search this website. Hooray!

  7. David Mirams says:

    I hope you folks get the vest I know you folks might be in more need than I. I have worked in EMS and am trying to in my new location. I currently am starting work for Dunbar Armored. I transport valuable cargo but with the violence in Baltimore area I could use a guardian angel to help me see my son at the end of every shift. If I don’t get it I understand and am glad that some one somewhere is a little bit safer!

  8. Chaplain Jim Russell says:

    I am Veteran who served 28 years of service and now working as a Law enforcement chaplain in the Houston TX area. While searching the internet came across Safe Life Defense website and notice that here’s a company that understand the importance of safety of the people in the dangerous world of the first respondent.
    With a company like Safe Life Defense everyone in the field of public safety should search this website.

  9. Cyrus Spurlock says:

    My good friend is a Nevada Highway Patrol Officer who would be a fantastic candidate for this program. Am I able to submit an application for him without his knowledge?

  10. Luis Suarez says:

    Volunteer 7 years as a New York City Guardian Angel to protect does which could not protect them self’s, Now I work for the NYC Department of CORRECTION, I have been here for 10 years. I am also a 9/11 survivor victim..my life has been a roller coaster but then again nobody ever said life would be easy but a challenge. To life will always be a gamble but if it’s to help my fellow brother then I will take that challenge. I bleed and would die in an ocean of blue just to save you.

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