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December 2022 Guardian Angel Winners

December 2022 Guardian Angel Winners

Posted by Safe Life Defense on 28th Dec 2022

Please allow us this time to relay, from everyone at Safe Life Defense, how much we’d like to say thank you for your continued loyalty and faith in us. We value each one of our customers and cannot express our gratitude enough for each of you. We hope you have a beautiful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

During this season of giving, it seems appropriate that we give back to those that serve so selflessly. Please take the time to read about our newest Guardian Angel recipients, and keep your submissions coming! 

#1 Josh Rainbolt | Paramedic

As a father of 5 my job is a source of pride to my family, and our primary source of income. I recently became a grandfather and having been in EMS and law enforcement for almost 25 years I am all too aware of the risks of this job. Every shift my goal is to safely return home at the end of shift.

Having been in law enforcement during a hiatus in my EMS career I witnessed firsthand the lifesaving benefits of body armor when one of my close friends was shot in the line of duty and survived because he was wearing his vest. It is unfortunate that as a paramedic I must be concerned about being assaulted or targeted much like when I was in law enforcement, but it is a risk I take, without hesitation, and without the protection I had as a LEO. Owning body armor provides me a level of protection, and peace of mind for my family. That peace of mind for my family and increasing my odds of safely going home after my shift to hug my wife and kids means more than anything to me.

#2 Benjamin Kellojor | Law Enforcement Officer

I will be able to protect the people of Edwardsville with new body armor. I work for a small town in Pennsylvania and at times it gets dangerous being the only cop on shift. But being vigilant and having proper equipment mitigates the chances of me getting hurt. I am always willing to talk to the elderly community in my town because they love when an officer takes the time to see them and asks about their day. The body armor will be very useful during my shooting drills and active shooter drills when working with neighboring departments. It will also be a good fit for my uniform during my community relations activities.

I am also the CPR instructor for my department, and I teach having proper up to date first aid equipment is very important. Having new body armor correlates exactly with what I teach.

#3 Christopher Gleason-Smuck | Park Ranger (Fire Fighter/EMS)

As a Park Ranger, we protect people from the resource, the resource from the people and sometimes people from other people. The vest would help protect me in an event of conflict that requires intervention. As we see increasing visitation in our open areas, the potential for active shooters and unstable mentally ill visitors are on the rise.

I volunteer with Baltimore County, MD fire department which provides mutual aide to Baltimore City, MD. In many cases, we are on scene before police arrive and are unaware that the patient may be armed etc. On several occasions, we have found EMS providers in compromising positions that have resulted in activating Close Quarters Defense tactics