The Best Body Armor for Security Personnel

The Best Body Armor for Security Personnel

Body Armor for Security Personnel – Why is it Necessary?

From the outside looking in, people don’t think security officers need body armor. In fact, many people think security does nothing, and there’s no need for them to have adequate protection. They think “Paul Blart Mall Cop” and don’t realize what it really means to work security and what is actually required to do the job. There is a huge difference between what people stereotypically think security officers need to do and what actually happens during their day-to-day. It takes a lot to be a security guard, especially in today’s world.

The reality is security is a dangerous profession. After all, they are the first line of defense! Security personnel are asked to be visible and to take action in dangerous situations, often having to do this before law enforcement arrives. It is a security guard’s responsibility to diffuse anger and provide a safe environment at all times. It doesn’t matter if they are just patrolling an apartment complex, or offering protection to an elite CEO, they must be responsible for what happens around them and constantly on their guard.

Therefore, it is EXTREMELY important that security have quality gear that offers maximum protection. Honestly, the difference between a job and a career is having the right equipment and training. Elite Security guards know that their clients need to trust them, and they need to trust their gear. Hands down, the most important piece of equipment for any security guard – that includes armed and unarmed security officers – is body armor.

If you work security, your number #1 goal must always be to protect yourself first. It is not selfish – it is smart. If you are injured, you will not be able to help anyone around you. A severely injured security officer is a liability and not an asset.

(Skeptical? Think it through. On a plane, why do you put on your oxygen mask before helping others? Because if you are passed out you create a problem and help no one.)

So how do you keep from getting hurt? Training, trusting your team, having acute situational awareness, and most importantly: BODY ARMOR. Body armor is a piece of additional protection that offers a true investment in your career and your life.

If you are thinking about starting a career in security or if you are already a security officer – keep reading! This blog is all about you.

Heroic Security Guard – The Red Lake Incident

“A security guard named Derrick Brun saved the lives of countless students when he rose from his desk to confront the young gunman. Although he was unarmed, Derrick ignored the pleas of a colleague to run for his life. By engaging the assailant, he bought vital time for a fellow security guard to rush a group of students to safety. Derrick’s bravery cost him his life, and all Americans honor him.” GW Bush, White House Archives

No one should doubt what we ask of men and women who work as security officers. Sometimes, most of the time, their days are boring. But when called upon, they are prepared to do what Derrick Brun did – be a hero. And anyone who is out there, willing to risk their life for the greater good, should have access to quality body armor. When people think of First Responders, they think of EMS and Police. Of course, EMS needs body armor. Of course, Police need body armor. But who is on the scene even before these resources arrive? Yep, you guessed it – security officers. They are not law enforcement, security are those on the ground already in the mayhem watching it unfold, and trying to buy time for the First Responders to arrive. They deserve access to body armor and every single person that has a career in security should be wearing body armor every single day. It is vital that security officers never assume their job is routine.

This is a quote from a police one article but it is the same for security as it is for police officers.

“The low threat “routine” convinces some officers to not only set aside their survival mind-set, but also to set aside their body armor. If you find yourself arriving at this level of complacency remember the North Hollywood shootout, Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, Virginia Tech, Parkland, Las Vegas and Dallas…the list goes on.”

Safe Life Defense: The Best Body Armor for Security Personnel

There are tons of brands out there, all providing different features and different cuts. Unfortunately, some of the most popular and well known brands are ridiculously expensive, and if you are just starting your career in security, you most likely do not want to break the bank. But, as you now know from reading the above, body armor and protective equipment period is a necessity for security teams. That is why Safe Life Defense’s armor has become extremely popular among security officers.

Safe Life Defense offers body armor that is multi-threat which is PERFECT for security. Odds are, you are more likely to be punched or stabbed working security than shot. Ballistic threats are far less common than blade weapons, but Safe Life Defense has got you covered on ballistic protection too, offering several bulletproof vests and ballistic plates – all made with breathable fabrics.

Sadly, bullets aren’t the only threat to security personnel, as it isn’t uncommon for security officers to encounter knives. Take, for example, what happened at the Westgate casino in Las Vegas. You can bet these security officers wished they had been wearing multi-threat body armor by Safe Life Defense!

Safe Life Defense Body Armor

The greatest thing about body armor from safe life defense? It doesn’t cut any corners on protection but comes in at a lower price point than a lot of other armor brands.

Safe Life Defense offers 5 protection levels. Our IIIA+ Multi-threat, IIIA Hyperline, and IIIA Multi-threat are our soft body armor levels, while FRAS ICW IIIA, and Level IV ICW are our hard body armor levels.

Each level of armor offers different levels of protection, and each come at different price points. Our Concealable Enhanced Multi-Threat Vest (Level IIIA+) starts at $599and protects against all the most common hand guns and shot guns, slashes, stabs and punches. This vest has also been tested for liberty civil defense and fn5.7, making it the ONLY soft body armor to achieve this level of advanced protection. And although these rounds are rare, it is extremely reassuring to know that security has access to body armor that offers protection so impressive that it protects against ammo that is supposed to go through armor.

You, like others who discover Safe Life Defense, may be impressed – BUT, if you work security, are a new police officer, or work EMS, then $599 is still a lot of money. It isn’t easy for anyone to part with this amount of money, even if it is going to improve your career. But! Safe Life Defense knows this and just started offering payment plans through a company called Zip. AND it is actually a good payment plan! It doesn’t check your credit and it charges NO interest.

Genuinely, Safe Life Defense cares about security officers. Safe Life Defense Armor was originally created for EMS and Security because the owner, Nick Groat, was appalled that these professions didn’t have protection specifically designed for their needs. Over time, Safe Life Defense has become popular for civilians, law enforcement, bounty hunters, corrections, and many other groups because it offers the best protective equipment on the market.

Another added benefit of Safe Life Defense is that you can buy multiple carriers and they will all work with your armor. For example, you might have several jobs in the security field. Or you could be a police officer who also needs armor to wear on their part-time security job. You can choose from 4 different carrier styles and many color variations. They also make custom patches which is really nice if you need to display your security company name.

You can ask anyone who owns one of our vests, Safe Life Defense is different from any other tactical brand on the market. Why, you may ask? Because we choose to prioritize YOU first. We fully believe it’s our job to protect your life, and we do this with the most cutting-edge gear on the market. Pair that with our unparalleled customer service, and you get not only amazing equipment, but amazing support for the entire lifespan of your product.

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