Hyperline Body Armor: A Guide

Hyperline Body Armor: A Guide

Hyperline Body Armor: A Guide

The popularity of concealed carry in the United States has soared in the past 20 years. With rapidly expanding legality of concealed carry across the country, more and more civilians are choosing to exercise their Constitutional rights to self-defense by carrying a handgun. Relatively few have given much thought to protecting themselves against getting shot, though.

Anytime you are in a lethal-force confrontation, your chances of suffering a serious – or even fatal – injury rise well above zero. There is a strong case to be made for wearing body armor if there is a credible threat to your physical security. Your odds of dying from a handgun bullet are honestly pretty low, but there are all sorts of other bad potential outcomes from being shot, like being paralyzed, having organs removed or reduced, and wearing an ostomy bag that we’d all much rather avoid.

With the huge proliferation in mass shootings and the recent civil unrest, having some soft body armor is probably a prudent idea. Generally the “bullet proof vest” has remained the domain of law enforcement and personal body armor hasn’t seen wide adoption in the concealed carry scene. This is likely because body armor has traditionally been bulky and unsightly, heavy, and hot. That’s not the case any longer with Hyperline Body Armor.

What is Hyperline Body Armor?

Hyperline Body Armor: A Guide

Hyperline Body Armor is the world’s thinnest Level IIIA Body armor. At just 0.19” thick (that’s the thickness of five stacked pennies), Hyperline Body Armor is incredibly thin. You can literally conceal it under a t-shirt, including front, rear, and side coverage. Hyperline is also lightweight and comfortable. It is difficult to quote weights as each of the various sizes will have a different overall weight, but the material weighs 0.9 pounds per square foot. It is flexible and cooler than legacy body armor, providing the ultimate in comfort. You can wear Hyperline Body Armor all day and literally forget it’s there.

The thinness of Hyperline Body Armor, while providing a better level of ballistic protection than legacy Kevlar is due to a proprietary composite material. Hyperline is like nothing else on the market. It is lighter, thinner, more comfortable, and more durable than Kevlar. If that weren’t enough, it is also positively buoyant, meaning it floats, a very important feature if you work around water or are part of a maritime unit.

I. Ballistic Protection

Just because it is thin doesn’t mean it slacks in level of protection. Hyperline Body Armor is NIJ Level IIIA. What does that mean? The NIJ IIIA standard is a national standard meaning that body armor is tested against the most rigorous handgun standards. This armor is tested against the .357 Sig firing a 125-grain bullet at 1,470 feet per second and a 240-grain .44 Magnum bullet fired at 1,370 feet per second. Lower ratings (Level II and IIA) are tested against .357 Magnum, 9mm +P, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, meaning that Level IIIA effectively protects you against any handgun ammunition.

But that’s not all. Hyperline Body Armor also protects you from a variety of other threats, like the 12-gauge shotgun. Hyperline will stop 12-gauge slugs and buckshot. It also provides multi-hit protection; there are lots of YouTube videos out there of people shooting Hyperline Body Armor with multiple shots of 00 buckshot and even full-auto submachine guns, like this one. Hyperline body armor also provides blunt force mitigation and slash protection – an extraordinary level of ballistic protection from something this thin and light.

There are levels above IIIA. Level III and IV armor refers to hard armor that protects against rifle cartridges. Level III armor will protect against jacketed, lead-core rounds up to 7.62x51mm (.308 Win). Level IV armor will protect against even more powerful ammunition, up to and including .30-06 armor piercing ammo. Hyperline does offer hard plates that provide Level IV protection when used in conjunction with (ICW) our soft body armor making our baseline soft armor part of a scalable vest.

II. USA Made & Berry Compliant

Hyperline Body Armor is 100% American made. Each Hyperline product is manufactured at the Safe Life Defense HQ in Henderson Nevada. Not only does this mean that Hyperline Body Armor supports an American business and American workers, it also means our products are Berry-compliant. Why is that important?

Berry compliant products are preferred by the Department of Defense. The Berry Amendment requires that DoD purchase US-made products where possible to promote the well-being of the U.S. economy. Basically, this means if you are a purchasing agent for a government organization you can purchase Hyperline Body Armor with no hassle.

III. Sizing

Hyperline Body Armor is available to fit a wide variety of sizes. Sizing is based on height and weight. Heights go from 5’2” to 6’6” and weights range from 100 lbs. to 300+. There should be a size to fit your, or a fit for every officer in you organization. Of course, we strongly recommend you watch our video on the proper wearing and fitment of body armor before ordering. If you get it and it doesn’t fit the way you like, Hyperline offers free size exchanges for 30 days after your purchase.

Hyperline Body Armor: Product Offerings

Hyperline Body Armor is available in a number of configurations to meet you exact needs. Due to its thinness, lightweight, and flexibility without sacrificing ballistic protection, Hyperline is suitable for everything from concealment to duty use.

Concealable Hyperline is our minimalist option. The body armor is the same, excellent Hyperline Body Armor that we put into all our other options, but the carrier promotes concealed wear under minimal clothing, including a simple t-shirt. The carrier is compatible with all other Safe Life Defense ballistic panels but lacks pockets, MOLLE webbing, and other features that would hinder concealment. This is the best option for the concerned Citizen or plainclothes police officer.

Tactical Hyperline is designed to be worn as a tactical vest. While slightly bulkier than our Concealable offering, it does provide low-profile pockets for Level IV plates. The Tactical line offers generous MOLLE webbing for the attachment of pouches and tactical gear, as well as a large Velcro panel for mounting ID patches, and a drag handle in the back.

Hyperline Body Armor is also available in a Uniform Style profile for police officers, security guards, and other uniformed personnel. The Uniform-style vest is available in a tactical and non-tactical variant, the Tactical Uniform variant having MOLLE webbing. A First Response Vest is also available that is appropriate for fire fighters, paramedics, and other first responders. Again, it has the same protection level as all other Hyperline Body Armor products but it has pockets for radios, tourniquets, and other items, as well as reflective, high-visibility strips.

Hyperline Body Armor is also available as components. We offer Hyperline Backpack Armor that is intended to be placed in the back panel of a backpack. This is an outstanding, low-profile, emergency option for students and other people who don’t wear body armor but carry a backpack daily. You can also purchase Hyperline Ballistic Panels separately. This is a good idea if you have your own armor carrier. Hyperline Side Armor panels are also available to increase the side protection of our ballistic vests.

Hyperline Body Armor:Warranty and Guarantees

Hyperline Body Armor: A Guide

At Safe Life Defense, we stand by our products and our customers with the best service. We truly see our body armor and plates as an investment, because it saves peoples lives. That’s why we happily offer 3 warranties to our customers.

First and most importantly is our Incident Guarantee. In the unfortunate event that you are shot while wearing a bulletproof vest from Safe Life Defense, we will replace the vest at no cost to you. All that is required of you is that you provide a police report and the vest is within its five-year warranty period.

Safe Life Defense also provides a general warranty on Hyperline Body Armor. This is a five-year warranty on our ballistic panels and plates against defects in materials and workmanship. We also offer a two-year warranty on carriers. There is also the Fit Guarantee: we will exchange your vest within 30 days of deliver (provided it is in original condition) if it does not fit.

Go for the Gold & Shop Hyperline Body Armor today!

If you are a citizen concerned about your own safety, you may have some questions about the purchase of body armor. We have some good news for you: the sale of body armor to the general public is perfectly legal. There is no law preventing civilians from buying body armor, and the possession of body armor by law-abiding Citizens is legal in all 50 states. If you have further questions, contact our customer service team and we will be glad to help you.

While Hyperline Body Armor may not be the cheapest body armor on the market, it’s clear the price is well worth it compared to competing offers. Hyperline Concealable retails for $1,098 to $1,178 depending on size, and outperforms other comparable body armor systems in every conceivable category. This is high quality body armor with hyper performance.

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